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Few places can beat Hong Kong when it comes to Chinese fine dining. Whether you’re looking for the best barbecue pork or Peking duck, Cantonese classics or reinvented favourites, these restaurants tick all the boxes with consistently well-executed dishes, the finest hospitality and polished settings

1. T’ang Court

Must-try dishes: Baked stuffed crab shell with crab meat and onion, stir-fried diced Japanese Wagyu beef with spring onion and wasabi, and sweetened almond cream with egg white 

It’s not difficult to see why T’ang Court in the Langham Hotel Hong Kong remains a three Michelin-starred restaurant in 2019—for the fourth year in a row. The burgundy carpet and velvet curtains, plush chairs and Chinese art all play a part, but it is the Catonese cuisine finely executed by chef Kwong Wai-keung and his kitchen crew that makes a dining experience at this restaurant truly unforgettable. 

Whether you opt for the creamy baked stuffed crab or the stir-fried diced wagyu beef with a hint of wasabi, it’s unlikely for any item on the menu to disappoint. The desserts are just as delightful—save room for the traditional baked sago pudding filled with lotus seed paste.

2. Yan Toh Heen

Must-try dishes: Yan Toh Heen Superior Dumplings, fried rice with crab claw in fish bouillon

The newly renovated two Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant of the InterContinental Hong Kong is a treat to visit. While it’s been relocated to the lower level of the hotel, the restaurant location boasts stunning harbour views with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow ample natural light to flood the elegant dining room. Themed with the restaurant’s iconic jade green, the interior is designed to resemble a jade jewellery box, where Its culinary treasures await to be discovered. 

At the kitchen helm for more than three decades is chef Lau Yiu-Fai, a master of traditional Cantonese cuisine. Dim sum is his forte—the “Yan Toh Heen Superior Dumplings” and braised whole abalone crispy taro net are his creative take on the classics, with a luxe update using premium ingredients. 

From the a la carte menu, every dish is prepared with meticulous details, delivering exceptional flavour and texture with creations such as the meltingly tender wok-fried wagyu and the rich fried rice with crab claw in fish bouillon. For dessert, the “Basil Dragon Pearl” served with ginger ice cream never fails to impress. 

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3. Summer Palace

Must-try dishes: Double-boiled bean curd with sea cucumber in bouillon, baked fried rice with eggs, diced chicken, and morel mushrooms in truffle pesto cream sauce

It’s with good reason that Summer Palace remains one of the city’s best staples for traditional Chinese fare. The long-standing establishment has been awarded one Michelin star for eight consecutive years, championing authentic Cantonese favourites with simple flavours and fresh ingredients. 

Start with a hearty double-boiled bean curd soup with sea cucumber, which has intense flavours in the clear broth. For mains, the pan-fried diced Kumamoto wagyu beef with sliced brown garlic served in a crispy nest is a contemporary offering that showcases the culinary team’s mastery with premium ingredients. Be sure to round off the meal with the chilled sago cream with mango juice and pomelo—a well-executed classic delivers just the right amount of sweetness. 

4. Tin Lung Heen

Must-try dishes: Barbecued Iberian pork with honey, double-boiled chicken soup with fish maw in baby coconut, and steamed crab claw with egg white in hua diao wine

Looking for a great place to delight the Chinese food enthusiast? Tin Lung Heen is another Cantonese gem to excite even the most discerning diner with its premium dishes, wine selection and impeccable service.

Perched on the 102nd floor at The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, the magnificent harbour view from the floor-to-ceiling windows alone, is almost enough of a reason to dine at Tin Lung Heen.

The restaurant features an extensive Cantonese menu packed with delicacies such as signature Peking duck and nourishing chicken soup with fish maw in baby coconut. Each dish is served with attention to detail, pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

5. Lung King Heen

Must-try dishes: Wok-fried prawns with organic black garlic and dried chili, steamed star garoupa fillet with ginger and spring onions in bamboo basket, and Lung King Heen fried rice with assorted seafood

The three Michelin-starred establishment may impress with its panoramic harbour views at first, but it is chef Chan Yan-Tak’s consistent fine Chinese fare and warm hospitality that keeps guests returning for more. 

The menu at Lung King Heen features seafood signatures such as wok-fried prawns with organic black garlic and dried chili, and steamed star garoupa fillet with ginger and spring onions in bamboo basket—both are classics reinvented without a hint of oiliness commonly found in Chinese cuisine. 

There’s also a Well Feeling menu that provides healthy options selected by certified nutritionists, which all deliver uncompromising flavour with nutrition from quality ingredients. 

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6. Man Wah

Must-try dishes: Crisp Peking duck, hot and sour soup with fish maw, and wok-fried lobster with scrambled eggs and Osmanthus from Chef Wong’s Specialities Menu

Man Wah is often described as one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful dining spaces for exquisite and authentic Cantonese specialities. The design of the restaurant oozes luxury with its gold-plated ceiling lamps and walls adorned with silk paintings, where diners will be able to enjoy scrumptious dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere.

As well as serving signature dim sum delights during lunch, Man Wah also takes pride in its regional favourites such as the crisp Peking duck and the classic hot and sour soup from their highly sought-after dinner menu.

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7. Man Ho

Must-try dishes: Char siu (barbecued pork), baked whole dried South African abalone puff with wild mushrooms, and fresh fish soup with fish maw and assorted seafood

Located at the five-star luxury hotel JW Marriott is the newly refurbished Cantonese establishment, Man Ho, where guests will find traditional fare crafted with an innovative twist served in a stylish setting.

When you step into Man Ho, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous floral motifs and sculptures. Unlike any typical Chinese dining room, the interior of the restaurant also features two handmade luxury Chinese Cloisonné enamel walls that artfully depict the beauty of spring and autumn with seasonal flowers.

Here, guests can expect a wide array of classic Chinese food interpreted with new methods and premium ingredients, including homemade dim sum and Chinese barbecue dishes.

8. Mott 32

Must-try dishes: Barbecue pluma Iberico pork deep fried rice dumplings 

Tucked in the bank basement in the heart of Central, Mott 32 prides itself on recreating Chinese classics with a touch of modernity. The signature dishes are mainly Cantonese with some Beijing and Sichuan influences. Designed by world-renowned interior designer Joyce Wang, the space is dimly lit with bamboo armchairs, blue and brown leather seats and wooden panels placed throughout the dining room. 

The barbecue pluma Iberico pork with yellow mountain honey, which has to be pre-ordered in advance, is one of the best in town. Using traditional roasting methods to give the pork a lovely smokiness, the barbecue chefs demonstrates masterful command of flavours with premium ingredients. From the autumn and winter seasonal menu, order the the deep fried rice dumpling served in a broth with diced Australian wagyu beef and wild vegetables. 

9. Golden Leaf

Must-try dishes: Steamed fresh crab claw with minced ginger and rice wine, braised whole South African abalone, and golden leaf sautéed fresh asparagus with bamboo piths

It’s impossible to talk about high-end Chinese restaurants without mentioning Golden Leaf at Conrad Hong Kong. Decked out in posh furniture and golden lamps along with a high ceiling, this restaurant has a comfortable and warm ambience that makes it a perfect place for intimate gatherings.

Led by the experienced executive chef Tony Wan, Golden Leaf serves up reinvented Cantonese classics with an emphasis on seafood dishes and hearty braises, where diners will be impressed by how the restaurant bridges traditional recipes with modern flavours.

For a special occasion, opt for the exclusive Albert Bichot wine pairing menu, which highlights the finest Burgundy wines complete with authentic Chinese cuisine. 

10. Spring Moon

Must-try dishes: Pan-fried bird nest with crab meat and egg white, fried Australia lamb fillet with Sichuan pepper and pan-fried chicken fillet stuffed with minced shrimp and crab roe sauce

A firm fixture in Chinese fine dining, Spring Moon is a one Michelin-starred establishment within The Peninsula Hong Kong. The interior evokes the spirit of a 1920s Shanghainese dining room, appointed with red rugs, teak floors and stained glass windows. 

Staying true to the traditions of Cantonese cuisine, the kitchen is helmed by new Chinese cuisine executive chef Lam Yuk Ming, who harnesses classic Cantonese cooking styles contemporary presentations to bring out the best of every ingredient. His signature includes flaming drunken Kuruma prawn which utilises rose liquor and Chinese herbs to pair with the sweetness of the prawns, as well as the poached sea conch in cordyceps soup and poached spotted garoupa in chicken soup—both are incredibly comforting for the colder months.

Don’t leave without enjoying some tea masterfully brewed by Spring Moon’s tea master, who also performs a table-side tea ceremony for diners. 

11. Xin Rong Ji

Must-try dishes: Wild-caught yellow croaker from the East China Sea, sautéed rice cakes with cuttlefish and ink sauce, and steamed buns with pork lard filling

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of Wan Chai, Xin Rong Ji is an elegant Shanghainese restaurant which offers Chinese fare with a strong focus on fresh vegetables and seafood. On arrival, you’ll find yourself surrounded by framed calligraphy, beautiful dried flower arrangements and bonsai plants which evoke comfort and a sense of nostalgia.

Be sure to check out Xin Rong Ji’s “recommended seasonal specialities” menu. Their chefs are dedicated to handpicking the season’s best yields to craft dishes that allow their natural flavours to shine.

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