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Tsim Sha Tsui
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Mon – Fri 12:00-15:00
Sat – Sun 11:00-15:00

The Chinese restaurant at Langham Hong Kong pushes envelopes with high standards and consistency through traditional Cantonese offerings

Tatler Says

T’ang Court’s modest entrance belies its status as one of the grand dining establishments at The Langham; it ultimately leads to a grandiose welcome into the Chinese restaurant, which spans two floors, with the lower level as the main dining room and the upstairs space featuring more privacy, as well as spacious private dining rooms for banquets and larger parties. Aiming to restore the glorious era of the Tang Dynasty, the Cantonese restaurant richly garnishes the space with prized wooden furnishings and soft earth tones, accompanied by Chinese art that’s displayed throughout. The expansive menu selection is one of many reasons Cantonese food lovers continue to return here. Expect a taste of the classics with just the right touch of originality and creativity, as demonstrated in dishes such as the baked stuffed crab shell with crabmeat and onion, the baked oysters with port wine and a reinvented sautéed prawn and crab roe with golden fried pork and crabmeat puffs. Service is attentive and keen to help. T’ang Court’s menu is available in multiple languages, too, making it a great fit for tourists from around the world.

What to order

  • Baked stuffed crab shell with crab meat and onion is a Cantonese classic, and T’ang Court’s version is packed with crabmeat with the sweetness of onion lingering on. The breadcrumb coating with superb and golden brown.
  • Baked oyster with port wine brings much surprise. The oysters are lightly battered and deep-fried until crispy before they are tossed with a port-wine glaze and baked. Despite a crusty exterior the oyster stays creamy and cooked until just right in the middle.
  • Sautéed prawn and crab roe with golden fried pork and crabmeat puff is a reinvented classic, where the pork and crabmeat puff are beautifully made, sandwiched with thin pork lard and deep-fried until wafer-crisp. The prawns with crab roe are exceptional, with just the right doneness to the fresh prawns.

Tatler Tip

Guests who wish to have more privacy can opt for the restaurant’s upstairs dining space, where banquette seatings are more spacious and ambience more intimate.



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