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Mon – Sun 12:00-14:00

Designed and dished to impress, Mott 32 never fails to deliver a truly memorable dining experience

Tatler Says

Theatrics play a major role in the Mott 32 experience, starting with the dramatic entrance—a winding journey down a mirror-clad spiral staircase brings diners to the basement of the historic Standard Chartered building, where they’re met with a large dining area lined with private dining rooms, an exposed kitchen and a dimly lit bar. The interiors are dark and moody, inspired by traditional Chinese hutongs and juxtaposed with pops of modern elements and artwork. The blending of old and new is consistent throughout, especially when it comes to the menu, which showcases the best of Chinese cuisine from various regions. Cantonese classics are particularly notable, such as the now world-famous Iberico char siu and the restaurant’s showstopper, applewood-roasted Peking duck, which must be ordered in advance. The dim sum selection is unapologetically indulgent, with offerings such as siu mai with Iberico pork, soft quail egg and black truffle, and Shanghainese xiao long bao with crab and caviar.

What to order

  • The barbecued Pluma Iberico pork is incredibly flavourful and tender – we guarantee you’ll order a second plate.
  • The Peking duck is a highlight and unlike any you’ve probably had before. It’s surprisingly not fatty, with perfectly crispy skin and succulent duck meat with a hint of smoky flavour.
  • Siu mai will never be the same after you taste chef Lee’s rendition, which features a soft-boiled quail egg wrapped in kurobuta pork and black truffle.

Tatler Tip

Be sure to pre-order Mott 32’s specialities like the Peking duck and Iberico barbecued pork to avoid disappointment.