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JW Marriott’s Cantonese establishment shows promise in solid execution in Cantonese fare, with innovative pairing of premium ingredients and concepts to expand the scope of the traditional cuisine

Tatler Says

Recently refurbished, the new Man Ho has stepped up its game in more ways than one. Chef Jayson Tang has hit his stride as the accomplished driver of the culinary team, ensuring that the quality of the classic Cantonese dishes are upheld and then some. Only in his early thirties but boasting years of kitchen experience, Tang isn't afraid to take risks and push the boundaries a little with traditional recipes, and so you'll find whimsical touches such as a trio of appetisers that highlight the icons of Hong Kong: signature char siu, along with a delicate roasted crispy suckling pig "sandwich" with foie gras, and a tiny orange-hued cuttlefish stuffed with preserved vegetables in a nod to local Chiuchow culture. Indulge in the slow-cooked soups such as milky fresh fish soup with fish maw and assorted seafood, which boasts incredible depth of flavour from quality ingredients given their time under fire. Or try elegant creations such as oil-poached garoupa fillet with seaweed sauce, served on beautiful crockery inspired by lotus leaves.

What To Order

  • Baked whole dried South African abalone puff, wild mushrooms is beautifully-crafted with a rich buttery shortcrust and embellished with a warm, braised abalone.
  • Steamed egg with flathead lobster, dried fish roe and saffron matches meaty crab claw with a creamy egg yolk sauce, enriching the seafood dish packed with umami.
  • Braised pork belly in sweetened vinegar sauce is a beautiful revamp of the classic pork knuckle in sweetened vinegar sauce, where a tangy black vinegar sauce cuts the richness of the Japanese pork. 

Tatler Tip

Aside from chef Jayson Tang's reinvented Cantonese cuisine, Man Ho's homely dishes such as scrambled eggs with prawns and double-boiled soups are nourishing hidden gems that whet appetites.