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Mon – Fri 12:00-14:30
Sat – Sun 11:30-15:00

Lung King Heen is a timeless restaurant, a reminder of the grandeur and the possibilities of Chinese fine dining; a must go for visitors or repeat occasions

Tatler Says

With the slew of accolades Lung King Heen has been receiving, the restaurant maintains an impressive standard for Chinese fine dining. The decor could probably use a bit of an update, but somehow the muted warm tones seemingly disappear, giving way to focus on the Victoria Harbour view and the food. With a menu as heavy as an encyclopaedia, dishes offered represent a range of classic and contemporary takes on Cantonese cuisine. For a true look at Chinese culinary skill and finesse, we recommend jumping straight to the soups and ordering the chicken potage. Fine-sliced strands of chicken add elegant texture and the impressively thick, velvety soup paves the way for the remainder of the meal. The wok-fried prawns with organic black garlic and dried chilli consists of large meaty prawns with a bite that reflects a powerful dose of wok hei. The black garlic is of particularly good quality, offering a fruity acidity that balances the dish. While Chinese desserts may not be a preference for everyone, they shouldn’t be missed, as the delicately sweetened soups offer a nice balance to a savoury, umami meal.

What to order

  • Superior Chicken Pottage, perhaps a meal in itself, the rich soup showcases exquisite craftsmanship in Chinese haute cuisine.
  • Crispy Chicken with Sesame in Lemon Sauce is a unique interpretation and fusion of lemon Chicken and sesame chicken; while not a traditional dish, the chicken filets are juicy and the sesame batter enrobing the meat is light and crispy.
  • Chilled Mango and Sago Cream with Pomelo comes hidden with a surprise mango pudding base, further concentrating the flavours with a slightly sweet and acidic balance.

Tatler Tip

While Chinese cuisine is notoriously difficult for small groups or solo diners to enjoy, Lung King Heen offers half portions for most dishes enabling diners to experience a greater range of options.