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Don't let Hong Kong's dinner ban stop you from spending a romantic date with your significant other this Valentine's Day. Get creative with these fun at home date ideas

With Hong Kong's extended ban on dinner dine-in service and continued social distancing measures in place, some of us may be stuck in a rut especially with both Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day on the horizon. But just because restaurants can't welcome you for dinner, doesn't mean it's time to skip out on a romantic date night during the month of love when there are so many things that we can opt to do at home instead.

To help you get creative, we've listed some date night ideas you can do with your significant other right at the comfort of your home.

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Enjoy virtual art tours

With travel cancelled and museums and galleries closed, exhibitions and tours have moved online––which is great news for those looking to get a culture fix at home. Ditch the long lines and spend the night "touring" around different museums, from New York, Paris to Hong Kong. You and your partner can discover and admire numerous art pieces from different eras and artists.

While a number of museums are now offering virtual tours, some are trying to be a little bit more innovative. The Met Unframed uses 5G and augmented reality technology to fully immerse viewers and also has interactive games on the table. Even fashion brands such as Gucci has launched a virtual tour of its garden in Florence.

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Bond over cooking

Dining out may be your go-to option for a date especially with Hong Kong's two table restriction that seems to be perfect for couples but cooking a meal together might actually just be better. Besides spending the time together, it's also a great way to show off your cooking skills.

Or if you're a novice, you can learn from one another and pick up a new skill instead. Challenge yourselves by trying out new dishes or even recreating your favourite delights for an added layer of fun. A number of Hong Kong's prominent F&B figures and chefs have launched their own cookbooks that you can try with your significant other.

From Add Oil which supports Hong Kong's F&B industry, Provenance a plant-based cookbook by chef Peggy Chan, chef ArChan Chan's debut cookbook which is a love letter to the city or the E-cookbook from the Peninsula, whatever you choose, you can rest assured that all will be helpful in your date night menu.

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Feast on takeaway food

If you're not up for cooking, no problem––there are loads of takeaway options to choose from with curated Valentine's Day takeaway menus available too. Restaurants are offering more hero dishes that are just as delicious as what you could get from dining in, and by ordering takeaway, you're essentially also helping the struggling F&B businesses.

Complete your takeaway dinner date by ordering from one of these alcohol delivery services that will bring the bar to you. How about cheese to go with your wine? Finally, a date isn't complete without delectable desserts including vegan-friendly ones as well as highly Instagrammable ones. If you really want to surprise your S.O., you can even order a Korean cake that you so often see on Instagram.

Want to start the next day with a good meal, you'll be spoiled for choice at the breakfast delivery options. Who said takeaway service won't give you a full course meal?

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Host a game night

No doubt, playing a game is a fun activity to do together, but it's also a great stress reliever. Cast away those quarantine blues and choose from classic two-player games like classic Scrabble, good ol' Monopoly, nerve-inducing Jenga or if you'd like your try your hand as the next Beth Harmon, chess is also a great option.

But as they say, the more the merrier. You can also try having a double (or multiple) date using Skype or Zoom and play Pictionary or charades together with your friends. If tech-savvy is more up your ally, then consider video games, where you also have an array of options to choose from.

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Sweat it out together

With gyms still closed, we're left with working out at home. Don't let it be a solo activity. Make your date more fun and healthy by doing cardio workouts together. Fulfil those fitness goals and stay in shape even while at home.

There are tons of different exercises to choose from such as dancing, rope skipping, and push-ups. Or transform simple household chores into workout sessions which could be a fun workout activity to do together. You can also sign up for regular online workout classes or try fitness video games to keep your heart pounding. For something a little milder, you can also just do yoga to help ease your mind.

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Create your spa or meditation space

Home is the best place to rest and relax. Recreate your own spa experience with your special someone in a more intimate set-up. Lighten up the ambience with scented candles or a diffuser, drop your favourite bath bomb, prepare those essential oils, and sip on a glass of sparkling champagne or wine.

Alternatively, you can also turn your home into a meditation sanctuary—something we all need especially during these troubling times. It's not such a bad idea to make use of this holiday break to reduce negative emotions and promote creativity. And the best part? You're doing it with the one you love. 

Not only are these great activities to spend together, but it also helps keep you energised and ready for the next day.

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Create your own makeshift cinema

Forget watching a movie from your laptop and bring the cinematic experience to another level.

You'll need a white wall to serve as the screen but if you don't have any, simply get large pieces of white cardboard. A white screen and mini-projector are easily available online. For the best viewing experience, blackout your windows too. And of course, don't forget the snacks.

Now, snuggle up and enjoy the night.

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Netflix Marathon

If all else fails, Netflix is always an option, especially how much the streaming platform has provided us with comfort and a sense of escape this year. If you've already seen smash hits Lupin, The Queen's Gambit and Bridergton, don't worry as there's a wide variety of genres available, including plenty of new shows added every month as well as new movies coming out every week.

Whether you're looking for intriguing documentaries, feel-good movies, Hong Kong titles, travel-themed shows, cult classics, reality shows, food-themed series, Japanese shows or simply bandwagoning on the rise of Korean cinema, there's always something for you. For Valentine's Day, plenty of romantic titles well as swoon-worthy Korean dramas are also on the cards.

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This article was published on August 20, 2020 and was updated on February 9, 2021.