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These online purveyors of European and American cheeses will satisfy any sudden cheese cravings

For many of us, working from home means there are more takeaways and food deliveries for breakfast, lunch or dinner—but what about the hours in between? We love a good cheese board, putting together the best cheeses to enjoy with good wine.

This Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20, we’re listing 10 food purveyors with the best selections who make deliveries straight to your door for your cheese fix.

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1. The Cheese House Hong Kong

Founded by Antoine Zaruba, The Cheese House Hong Kong has one of the city’s most elaborate online cheese catalogues. The cheese shop covers premium curds from fresh to aged, spanning across continents including a selection of celebrated cheeses from Europe. Offerings from Cheese House Hong Kong are categorised into different sections, such as blue cheese, and milk from cows, goats, and sheep.

Cheese highlights: Aside from offering a monthly cheese selection curated by Zaruba himself based on seasonal availability, guests can anticipate celebrated bestsellers such as Stichelton blue, a raw milk blue cheese produced in Nottinghamshire; as well as Gruyère de la Vallée d’Aspe, a goat milk hard cheese with notes of fruit on the palate. Aside from well-sourced curds, The Cheese House also offers a homemade black truffle Brillat-Savarin, where the triple cream cheese is filled with slices of black truffles.

How to order: Cheeses are available for ordering online here

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2. Tipico Italian Grocer

Founded in 2019 by Italian chef Zeno Bevilacqua, Tipico Italian Grocer is more of an online supermarket, featuring Italian pantry essentials such as oils, vinegar, and pasta. The charcuterie section is modest but reliable, but it is their selection of Italian cheeses that has a reputation, which has managed to retain a strong fan base.

Cheese highlights: Aside from a handful of burrata and mozzarella cheese varieties, Tipico’s 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano as well as their La Casearia Carpenado taleggio DOP are the most popular among other cheese choices. Other rare varieties include raw milk Maccagnetta and Bostardo del Grappa, both unique varieties made popular by Tipico.

How to order: For more information, please check here.

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3. Food Origin

Similar to Tipico, Food Origin is an online grocer that offers an exceptional selection of meats, vegetables and delicatessen selections such as olives, cheeses, and cold cuts. One can find a great range of French cheeses, from hard to soft and a seasonal crop, among them many raw milk cheese varieties that are rarely found elsewhere.

Cheese highlights: Food Origin has also dedicated a specific section for pregnant cheese lovers, where pregnancy-friendly cheeses made with pasteurized dairy are presented. Notable highlights from the selection include an AOP-approved Chaource, a 12-month French Gruyere and an 18-month aged Swiss Gruyere Alpage.

How to order: For more information and arrangement for online order placements, please visit here.

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4. Mercato By Giando

The Italian marketplace is home to an impressive selection of Italian cheeses, particularly on fresh ones directly imported from Italy. The one-stop venue often features fresh, seasonal produce with a short window of availability, the website, however, is an excellent alternative for a quick grocery shopping experience.

Cheese highlights: Look out for fresh cheeses such as buffalo mozzarella and burrata, and a few unique ones such as burrata affumicata (smoked burrata) and stracciatella, the creamy hearts of the burrata cheese. The webshop is frequently updated but cheese stock tends to run low closer to the weekend.

How to order: Orders can be made with arranged delivery here. 

5. La Cremerie by LQV

With an excellent reach across Hong Kong, Paris, and Singapore, LQV is a gathering place for all things French, with a great selection of wines, charcuterie, and cheeses. Predominantly French by origin, their La Cremerie webshop offers excellent categories of cheeses, in particular the option to filter cheeses by way of pasteurization, or even more detailed with options to find soft cheese with different rinds. Each cheese is featured with a detailed description and ways to be served.

Cheese highlights: La Cremerie is a haven for cheese lovers and their selection is impressive. LQV’s cheese platters are also a popular choice for sharing, or for a very die hard cheese aficionado.

How to order: For online orders please check out the LQV official website here.

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6. Cheese Club Hong Kong

While the webshop tells us very little about Cheese Club Hong Kong, the cheese club shares a good amount of knowledge and introduction of cheeses on its Instagram account where new information of the monthly cheese group order will be updated. Each month, the monthly offer is featuring a special theme or highlights a producer, country or region to discover new products.

Cheese highlights: Guests can order and cheese and wine package which includes a selection of European cheeses with wines, or individual orders of specific cheeses from the main catalogue. They also recommend cheese and wine pairing every month based on their Cheese Master and œnologist recommendations.

How to order: For more information and order placement, please see the Cheese Club Hong Kong website.

7. Nuteese

Nuteese offers a unique line of aged plant-based cheese made from activated and fermented nuts developed by plant-based chef, Amy Elkhoury. What makes Nuteese different from others is that the ageing process is done in specialised cellars for 21 days. This process allows the texture to develop and flavours to intensify. The cheese on offer are made from all-natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives. Good news for those with dietary restrictions too as Nutese offers dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options.

Cheese highlights: Guests can order a range of flavours including Truffle Hunter, made from activated and cultured cashew that’s seasoned with black truffle and spices. Other flavours include Cam Meets Brie, a blend of camembert and brie made from the same traditional way as its French namesake.

How order: Orders can be made through their website here.

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8. Le Fromage by Ma

Those with dietary restrictions particularly ones that are lactose intolerant know the struggle of looking for cheese that they can eat. The good news is that the vegan-fine dining concept, Ma and the Seeds of Life is now selling dairy-free cheese at Le Fromage. The online and physical shop sells handcrafted dairy-free cheeses created by vegan chef, Tina Barrat.

Cheese highlights: There are more than 20 vegan-friendly cheeses available including truffle-flavoured Shamembert, peppercorn-studded cheddar smoked brie and Gorgonzola-inspired, North Pole Star.

How to order: Orders can be made through their website.

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9. Meat the Sea

At Meat the Sea, it’s all about sustainability. The European-style deli has its own supply chain from Europe, letting its diners taste the freshest ingredients. While Meat the Sea specialises in meat and seafood, they also have a fine selection of cheeses.

Cheese highlight: Meat the Sea has 55 types of cheeses to offer from black pepper goat, pecorino romano to truffle brie.

How to order: Orders can be made through their website. Delivery fee is free in all Central districts while a minimum of HK$800 is required for free delivery in other areas.

10. Feather and Bone

Feather & Bone is known for its meat selection but you’d be pleased to know that the restaurant also offers a range of cheeses. Their online shop offers not only meat sourced directly from Australian farmers but also a hand-picked selection of seasonal products from Europe and the US—including cheese.

Cheese highlights: There are five pages of cheeses that you can choose from on their online shop ranging from classic favourites to a mini cheese platter.

How to order: Orders can be made through their website.

This article was originally published on August 11, 2020 and was updated on January 20, 2022.

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