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Although restaurants are now open for dine-in, these Hong Kong meal delivery plans can work wonders with satisfying your cravings or helping you stay on track with your fitness goals.

1. Eatology

With Vincent Leroux, the former executive chef at The St. Regis Hong Kong, as its culinary director, Eatology offers a number of premium meal plans that take inspiration from a wide range of global cuisines. All of the meals are designed, tested, and approved by registered dieticians and nutritionists and can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans, or be entirely tailor-made to suit your requirements.
The plan: Eatology offers a range of plans to choose from, including Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Lighter Delights, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Asian and even specially designed fitness plans such as the F45 Challenge and Optimal Performance plans to align with your fitness goals. You can choose the number of calories and meals desired for each meal plan using an online tool. Just some of the worldly dishes on offer include Hawaiian sesame crusted tuna with smashed avocado, marinated corn-fed chicken breast in walnut miso, and Thai basil beef larb salad.

Delivery options: Orders are processed within a day and can be delivered within two days of ordering, with delivery starting from 7am daily.

Price: Prices vary depending on plan chosen and length, but start from around $323 per day.

2. Nosh

Nosh’s meal plans have been developed especially for delivery, with the brand also having a strong focus on sustainably, using biodegradable packaging for all of its products. Choose between the Nosh signature plan, the Nosh veggie plan, Nosh flexitarian menu, Nosh Keto and the Comfort Food which use premium and sustainable ingredients to help you stay fit and achieve your nutritional goals.
The plan: Nosh delivers a breakfast, lunch and dinner straight to your door from Monday to Friday, with diners able to choose between the “Balanced Diet” or the “Lose Weight” goals for both meat and non-meat eaters. For those following the non-vegetarian plan, “Build Muscle”, “Gain Weight” and “Get Lean” fitness goals are also available––with the calories, protein carbs and fat for each dish clearly listed.

Delivery options: Order before 9am on Saturday for daily delivery between 7am and 9am the following week. For a Tuesday start, order before Monday 9am. 

Price: Prices start from around $145 a day, depending on which plan, fitness goal and amount of days chosen

3. EatUP

EatUP is Ultimate Performances answer to meal plans, which promises to offer a convenient and sustainable dieting tool, that features healthy, satisfying and delicious meals. The plans have been developed by Personal Trainers and the UP In-House Professional Chefs to create delicious and nutritious meals that enable your diet to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.
The plan: Packages can be ordered for 5, 10, 20 or 60 days and include a variety of macro-calculated meals to suit your needs; including allergies, personal preferences and fitness goals.

Delivery options: Orders must be placed by 11pm every Thursday, for delivery from the following Monday morning. A minimum order of five days is required.

Price: Packages start from $1,000 for five days, including two small meals per day, but varies depending on the chosen plan and length 

4. Paleo Taste

Gluten-free, dairy-free and designed by a certified nutritionist, all meals at Paleo Taste are catered to the nutritional needs of each individual, whether you’re looking to bulk up, get lean or improve athletic performance. 
The plan: Meal plans are available to suit Paleo and Keto diets, as well as offering calorie-controlled plans. Diners can choose between lunch and dinner every day, or simply order selected meals.

Delivery options: Orders must be placed before 10pm on Sunday for the following week. Delivery is available twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Price: Prices vary according to package.

5. Bain Marie

Created by a chef and a nutritionist, Bain Marie is a sustainable meal plan delivery service that is zero-waste and plastic-free. Instead, meals are delivered in glass jars that will be collected by the company the next day for further use. 

The plan: Bain Marie offers four meal plans: The Balanced Diet, which helps with weight maintenance; Light Diet, for weight loss; High Energy, for building muscle and strength; and Vegetarian. Each meal plan comes with two levels of calorie options for you to choose from. 

Delivery options: Order before 5pm for next day delivery. 

Price: Prices start at HK$460 per day for three low-calorie level meals or HK$250 per day for two. High-calorie plans start from HK$290 per day for two meals and HK$380 for three meals.

6. Food Folk

Food Folk's founder, Marilyn Santiago set up Food Folk to help bring real food to Hong Kong's busy professionals.

The plan: Offering a healthy-to-home meal plan that follows a standard balanced diet with plenty of sustainable proteins, healthy fats and whole grains; or a Powersize plan that's more suited to highly active individuals, choose from a seven or five-day plan of either two or three meals a day. You can also order for the entire family through the site. 

Delivery options: Meals are delivered three times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except for the five-day single lunch and dinner plan that's delivered twice a week. 

Price: The lunch and dinner five-day plan begins at HK$800.

7. Mealthy Food

Suited for regular gym-goers who are hoping to become more disciplined with their diet, Mealthy Food is a result-oriented meal prep service that aims to help you build muscle and lose fat through its meal plans. 

The plan: Choose from twenty or forty meals under the Swallow (weight loss) or Eagle (muscle-building) schemes per two weeks. Four different meal plans are available: standard, low carb, vegan to keto. 

Delivery options: Meals are delivered twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Customers will receive their first delivery on Thursday for payments made on Sunday and Monday before 6pm. While customers orering on Tuesday and Wednesday before 6pm will receive their first delivery on the following Monday. 

Price: Twenty meals for two weeks under the low-carb Swallow plan will cost you HK$1,700, while the eagle scheme for the same amount of meals will cost HK$1,900.

8. The Big Things Kitchen

The Big Things Kitchen has been gaining increasing attention since the opening of its Jardine House location. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of washoku, meaning "the hormony of food", the company offers Japanese fusion comfort foods such as bentos boxes with fresh flavours, techniques and more. 

The plan: The Big Things Kitchen does not offer fixed meal plans but you can order for pick up or delivery if you're located in Central or Wong Chuk Hang. 

Delivery options: Order through Deliveroo for door-to-door delivery, or opt for pick up by contacting them through Whatsapp. 

Prices: Bento box prices start at HK$168

9. Nutrition Kitchen

Founded by a team of certified personal trainers, all Nutrition Kitchen meals are tailored for fitness goals with high-protein, low-carb and reduced-calorie options. The presentation is simple and efficient, and there's a clear breakdown of ingredients, calories and macronutrient contents of each meal. Nutrition Kitchen now offers a vegan meal plan that combines the health benefits of a plant-only diet with punchy flavours, in dishes like miso roasted eggplant, mushroom meatballs in Spanish olive tomato sauce, and spinach and artichoke tofu frittata.

The plan: Nutrition Kitchen delivers two to three meals per day, plus a snack, with diners able to choose between the “I want to lose weight” and the “I want to build muscle” plans. Those following the plan can also choose between small or regular balanced or low-carb options to suit how active their lifestyle is. 

Delivery options: Order before 12pm on Friday for daily deliveries between 6am and 10m the following week

Price: Prices start from around $75 a day, depending on which plan, portion size and amount of days chosen

This article was originally published on November 7, 2016 and was updated on June 7, 2022


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