Cover Here are the best places to eat Korean fried chicken in Hong Kong (Photo: @unclepadakhk/Instagram)

Looking for the perfect companion to a cold beer on a hot summer day in Hong Kong? Head over to one of these restaurants serving the best Korean fried chicken in town

Korean fried chicken seems like a staple food in any Korean household as much as kimchi. We constantly see it make an appearance in various Korean dramas from The King: Eternal Monarch to Crash Landing On You.

It also feels like the ultimate comfort food, whether it's the meal you need after a long day of work, the go-to choice while chatting with friends or the perfect companion to a cold beer on a hot summer day in Hong Kong.

This classic Korean food is different from your regular fried chicken and well-loved for its distinct crunch and juicy, succulent taste with every bite. And with the popularity of Korean dramas, the triumph of Parasite and Minari and the continuous rise of BTS on the global stage—so is the love for Korean food.

Read on to find the top restaurants serving the best Korean fried chicken in Hong Kong whether you're looking for the original flavour, spicy ones or something more unique.

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Dodam Chicken

This Korean fried chicken restaurant has been in the fried chicken game since 2017, serving delicious cheese chicken that packs a punch. The restaurant uses 27 different herbs and spices during the marination process so you know some major TLC is put into their fried chicken offerings.

Those who love cheese should go for the double cheese fondue chicken which is covered in mozzarella cheese and homemade cream cheese. The chef's recommendation, dodam maekom cheese chicken is for those who can take the spice. Alternatively, you can opt for the yami yami sweet and spicy chicken instead if you want something sweet but still has a little bit of spice.

Dodam Chicken, Shop 18A, 18/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, +852 2333 8365

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Outdark originates from Busan, South Korea so you know you're munching on authentic Korean fried chicken. The two branches in Hong Kong, in Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, are the first branches outside of South Korea.  Outdark is well-loved by Korean locals and is famous for the Korean fried chicken available in various flavours whether it's the original one, honey garlic or sweet and spicy.

If you're looking for side dishes to go with your finger-licking fried chicken, they also have delicious pancakes and spicy rice cake. The name Outdark is a combination of two words in Korean, au and dalg, with the latter having the same pronunciation as chicken.

Outdark, H8, 8 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 2722 0831

Outdark, 615 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, +852 2892 0877

Chicken Hof & Soju

At Chicken Hof & Soju, you'll be spoiled for choice at its wide range of fried chicken dishes, taking up an entire first page of the menu. Whether you're looking for the original flavour, the classic sweet and spicy or something more refreshing like the chicken with grated cheese, they seem to have it all.

This family-run restaurant is also one of the long-standing Korean restaurants in the city, opening its door in its flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui and expanding to Wan Chai and Mong Kok.

Chicken Hof & Soju, various locations across Hong Kong

Hansik Goo

Hansik Goo is helmed by celebrated chef, Mingoo Kang, the culinary talent behind Seoul's restaurant, Mingles. This collaborative restaurant with ZS Hospitality is inspired by the concept of family meals and taking a youthful, creative approach to communal meals while still keeping traditional Korean flavours.

While the Korean fried chicken isn't the main dish here, it's still equally as delicious. The tender, succulent meat is made to a crisp, complete with a yuzu-glazed exterior. It's the perfect add-on to other Korean dishes.

Hansik Goo, 2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2798 8768

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OBP is the newest Korean spot in the city, spearheaded by Korean-American beverage director, Daniel Eun. This new Korean bar is inspired by the iconic alcohol houses (sool-jip) in South Korea. The name, OBP stands for Old Bailey Pocha, referring to its location in Central and pocha, the tent bars and vendors in South Korea. It boasts an extensive food menu by former Jinjuu chef, Junwoo Choi with Eun taking over the cocktails.

There's definitely a lot on offer here but one can't miss the moreish boneless fried chicken that goes well with the restaurant's offering of Korean alcohols ranging from classic soju, makgeolli to jaju (a spirit distilled with honey and black pepper) or bokbunja-ju (a fruit wine made from Korean black raspberries).

OBP, 3–5 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong

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Uncle Padak

Uncle Padak might be easy to miss due to its small size but if the crowds outside the restaurant in Sai Ying Pun tell you anything, it's that this place is worth lining up for. The restaurant takes pride in its non-greasy fried chicken recipe, something that its loyal diners just keep coming back to. Its signature dish, The Padak is deep-fried boneless chicken served with rice cakes and dumplings on top, complete with sauce (of your own choosing).

If you're pressed for time, don't worry. Uncle Padak has fried-to-order chicken that's available for both takeaway and delivery, ensuring that you'll get your hands on its coveted fried chicken.

Uncle Padak, Shop D, 53-65 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, +852 2117 9792

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Yadllie Plate

While restaurants on this list are Korean by heart, nothing seems more authentic than Yadllie Plate as it sources all of its chicken directly from South Korea. With international travel restrictions on hold, this is the next best thing to a truly authentic Korean fried chicken. Besides its famous chicken though, their sauces are also directly made from Jeju vegetables and 20 types of natural ingredients.

There's a lot on offer here but first-time diners can try the ultra-famous Daegu spicy chicken, savoury honey cheese chicken or the signature Yadllie chicken. We also suggest ordering some dishes on the side, the unique carbonara rice cake is one that you shouldn't miss.

Yadllie Plate, 11/F, Mega Centre, 1 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, +852 2360 0233

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So far, all the venues we've listed are what you would expect a typical Korean restaurant to look like: K-pop songs blasting left and right and no-fuss wooden booths. Those on the hunt for a place that's more stylish and sleek can opt for Moyo, which is conveniently located next to PMQ. Moyo feels like the perfect place for friends to chill after work and true to that, the restaurant's name Moyo, means to get together or gather in Korean.

The restaurant is founded by three Italy-born and raised Korean friends who are now offering a mix of Korean-Italian dishes, which may hit Vincenzo Cassano's nerve (Song Joong-ki's Korean-Italian character in Vincenzo is known for his love of Italian food). Bite into their boneless and juicy Korean fried chicken that comes with four dipping sauces. Those who want an extra kick can opt for the fried chicken balls that have been marinated in spicy gochujang sauce. 

Moyo also has an outpost in Hong Kong's trendiest new food hall, Basehall that serves fried chicken and rice which you can get in soy or sweet-spicy sauce. Delish!

Moyo, 36 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2858 2777

Bib n Hops

Bib n Hops puts a spin on classic Korean offerings and gives them a twist, especially the signature Korean fried chicken. It's a humble portion of crispy boneless chicken served with a sweet curry sauce. We also recommend the kimchi carbonara and hops salad. Located at 33 Tong Chong Street, this Korean restaurant boasts a spacious outdoor patio as well as an indoor dining room.

The name, Bib n Hops, is a play on the Korean staple dish bibimbap, while the hops refer to the ingredient commonly used in brewing beer and bib is what babies wear when they eat (or adults can wear it too because some dishes are just mouthwatering).

Bib n Hops, G/F, 33 Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2882 9300

Mamalee Market at J.A.M

J.A.M (Joint Asian Market) is the first elevated Asian food hall in Hong Kong, offering authentic Asian culinary fare and groceries. One of the brands you should look out for is Mamalee Market, a Korean home-style deli helmed by chef Song Ha-seul-Lam, previously the culinary director at Mingles in Seoul.

Indulge yourself in homestyle Korean cooking including its Korean fried chicken. Now, that's some finger-licking goodness from the first international outpost of Mamalee Market.

J.A.M, lobby, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong

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