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Looking to stay active amidst Covid-19 induced gym closures? We found the best outdoor in-person and at-home workout classes offered by Hong Kong gyms

After two years of the pandemic, we’re no stranger to at-home workouts and WFH setups. Due to the latest wave of coronavirus, gyms have been forced to shut once again and many of us are back to the early days of our Covid-19 routine: working from home, Zoom meetings and streaming Youtube for at-home workouts. Currently, group gatherings in public places are capped at two, effective from February 10. Masks are also required for outdoor exercise and in country parks. 

If you’re finding it hard to find motivation, however, numerous Hong Kong gyms and studios are now offering online or in-person outdoor fitness classes. From online yoga classes, to outdoor CrossFit and boxing classes, here are the gyms in Hong Kong that will keep you feeling healthy throughout lockdown. 

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Kita Yoga

After ending their Upper House residency last October, Kita Yoga has moved completely digital, offering live classes as well as pre-recorded classes under their monthly subscription programme, Kita TV. The first month of subscription is free for the new customers, which means you’ll be able to try out as many classes as you desire and find your favourite yoga teacher at Kita before committing to another month. 

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Coastal Fitness

Coastal Fitness, North Point’s CrossFit gym will be running outdoor group classes starting from January 14. Offering both morning classes as well as evening ones, start your day with a sweaty workout before a long day of WFH. 

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Strength Culture

For strongman, Olympic weightlifting and other fitness workouts, Strength Culture will be hosting outdoor training sessions at Central ferry pier 9 throughout the gym ban. They’re also looking into organising a potential beach workout—those of you who are keen to workout on the beach, head over to their Instagram post to learn more. 

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Lights Out

Lights Out, Sheung Wan’s boutique boxing studio will be offering Youtube workout videos, as well as in-person park workouts. Priced at HK$700 per session, you can bring along one to two friends for a personal training session, or simply box on your own with a trainer. 

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Warrior Hong Kong

Warrior will be offering one-on-one or small group muay thai training while gyms are closed. Depending on your choice of instructor, prices start from HK$600 for one-on-one personal training, HK$650 for groups of two, or HK$700 for three. 

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House of Fitness

While you’ll be saying goodbye to House of Fitness’s usual darkroom and upbeat atmosphere for the time being, you’ll still be able to get a good sweat going with their 60-minute high-intensity park workouts. Using mats, elastic bands, light dumbbells, and kettlebells, you’ll be working on your endurance and work to strengthen your core during these workouts. Private booking for up to four people is available, or sign up for small group workouts on Eventbrite

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Trybe is currently offering a variety of workout options for you to stay active during lockdown. Every day, the gym will be running one free online class through Zoom—if you’re not able to attend the daily workout, you can also find the daily programming in Trybe’s community Whatsapp group. In addition to the Zoom classes, online and outdoor private training sessions are also available around Kennedy Town or Sun Yat Sen park. 

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From strength and cardio, yoga, hiking to running, as well as different MMA workouts, Hybrid has been offering outdoor fitness classes at Central Pier 9 and Tamar Park. While the workouts are only open to hybrid clients, the run club, hike club and mobility and yoga IG Live sessions are open to the public. 

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Hit PT

Hit PT is currently offering outdoor personal training and outdoor group training sessions in Central. The gym's trainers have even moved plenty of weightlifting essentials and equipment to the outdoor space to help elevate your workout, from squat racks, dumbells, kettlebells and more. 

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