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Need some workout motivation? A personal trainer could help keep you accountable and push you towards your fitness goals

After a year of Covid-19, gym closures and social distancing regulations, most of us have experienced the pandemic weight gain. In September last year, a local survey found that 60 per cent of citizens have turned towards food during the pandemic for happiness, while 41 per cent of Hong Kongers did not exercise during that time period. 

To help you shed off the pandemic weight gain and have you feeling your best, we’re listing the best personal training gyms in Hong Kong. Whether you’re a seasoned gym enthusiast looking for someone to keep you accountable and level up your workout routine, or a gym newbie looking for more guidance and structure, personal training offers personalised exercise and dieting plans that will suit your goals. 

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1. One Personal Training

One Personal Training is a Hong Kong and Singapore based gym that helps you achieve your dream body in 12 weeks. With a whole feed of transformational before and after photos on their site and social media channels, you’ll be inspired to start documenting your fitness journey before you even sign up. 

The gym will first pair you with one of their trainers according to your goals, passions and personality, followed by body fat modulation and fitness assessment to build a programme suited to you. Afterwards, the real work begins through PT sessions, regular check-ins, and a brand new nutrition plan. Every two weeks, your trainer will also reassess your progress and tweak your training and diet accordingly to make sure you’re continuously improving further. 

One Personal Training, 5F, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 24225516; One Personal Training, 11/F, World Wide House, 19 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 24225516;

2. Limitless Health

Founded by Tricia Yap, the girl boss serial fitness entrepreneur who previously founded Bikini Fit and Warrior Academy, Limitless Health & Fitness is Yap’s new personal training and functional medicine gym. 

Specialising in women’s health and strength coaching, the gym uses a health-centred approach to help people transform their bodies. They also host workshops on health-realted topics such as a gut health and fat loss, as well as emotional recovery during the pandemic.

Limitless Health, 12/F, 86-90 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 9534 7978;

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3. The Gym

Soho’s boutique training studio, The Gym is more than just a pretty face. This sleek gym is equipped with state-of-the-art gym equipment, as well as recovery facilities such as an infrared sauna and a cryo ice bath—the perfect post-workout treat after a tough personal training session. 

The gym offers tailored one-on-one and two-on-one personal training from its team of seven trainers. All coaches are from different backgrounds, from rugby, bodybuilding, to Muay Thai, helping you achieve your fitness goals no matter what it is. They also offer small group, high-intensity training classes, regularly, 

The Gym, 1/F Garley Building 45-53 Graham Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2562 2322;

4. Hybrid Gym Hong Kong

Hybrid’s personal training goes beyond just a PT session. Their personal training programme begins by evaluating your physical performance—testing out your joint ranges of motion, dynamic and global movements for injury prevention, ability to build muscles and strength while fixing body imbalances. Then, you’ll be led to conduct a lifestyle assessment to analyse your nutrition, physical activity, stress levels and lifestyle factors to plan a programme fit for your daily life. A body composition assessment and analysis will also be conducted to help identify how your body stores fat and see whether you have any hormonal issues, high-stress or lifestyle factors that may affect your health. 

After understanding your day-to-day life, a coach will help you plan a bespoke nutrition and training programme. The standard programme runs for twelve weeks which involves three training sessions a week to help keep you on track with your progress. 

Want to mix up your workout routine? Hybrid also offers a wide range of group classes such as MMA, wrestling, BJJ and more. 

Hybrid Gym Hong Kong, 13/F, Entertainment Building, 30 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 5240 9918;

5. Strength Culture

Specialising in a number of different strength training methods such as powerlifting, strongman and kettlebell training, Strength Culture offers both group classes and personal training memberships. 

Choose from their three personal training programmes: six-week Lean & Strong, nine-week Sculpt & Shred, and twelve-week Sculpt & Shred, or opt for a drop-in PT session to begin with. The programmes are split into several phases to help maintain body composition results for the long run. Putting an emphasis on teaching proper technique for fundamental exercises, as well as smart eating, even the shortest six-week programme will be able to equip you for future gym sessions on your own. 

Strength Culture, 1/F, World Wide Commercial Building, 34 Wyndham Street Central, Hong Kong,​ +852 5548 3571;

6. HIT Personal Training

Opened last year, HIT Personal Training is a boutique gym that concentrates on personal training. Clients are offered a free consultation to understand their current lifestyle habits, followed by a full-body analysis, nutrition planning and personal training sessions. Regular check-ins through daily Whatsapp messages, email updates and official weekly check-ins will be conducted between you and your trainer where you’d get your full body fat analysis, body weight and pictures to record your process.  

HIT Personal Training, 2nd Floor, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2116 4637;

7. Maximus Studio

Spanning over 3,600 square feet, Maximus Studio is a personal training-focused gym in Sheung Wan. With a team of knowledgeable personal trainers that can assist in your training, physiotherapy, nutrition plans, as well as full transformations, Maximus’s team of trainers will help you reach your goals no matter if it’s to cut down holiday weight, or to improve your sporting game. 

Maximus Studio, 8/F, 69 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 9094 5689;

8. Ultimate Performance

At Ultimate Performance different training approaches for men and women are used as the two genders have different levels of muscle mass and key hormonal output. The twelve-week muscle-building programme includes everything from full diet and nutrition planning, supplements and workouts, turning you into your strongest self. 

Ultimate Performance, 3/F, Unicorn Trade Centre, 127 Des Voeux Road, Hong Kong, +852 2798 9000;

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