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Turn your home into a meditation sanctuary with these essentials

2020 was the year where the whole world learnt to slow down. Mindfulness, kitchen experiments and Zoom happy hours replaced overscheduled weekdays and must-go parties as everyone tried to find the silver lining in the midst of chaos. According to a study done last year, meditation saw a 2,900 percent global increase, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

And it’s no wonder why—the benefits of meditation have been proven over and over throughout the years: from helping us increase self-awareness, to reducing negative emotions and promoting creativity in our daily lives, this simple yet magical wellness practice positively impacts both the mental and physical health of our body. 

With the uncertain times looming ahead of us in 2021, it seems like all of us can benefit from regular meditation practice right now. If you find it hard to incorporate meditation into your daily life, try dedicating a specific part of your home solely for your self-care and meditation practice. Much like the importance of work life balance during remote working, a dedicated meditation space could be the push you need to practice meditation more regularly. From meditation cushions, to aromatherapy eye pillows, we list out the best meditation essentials for you to deck out your meditation space.

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Meditation Guides

If apps such as Headspace and Insight Timer don't cut it for you, try meditation trainers such as Core and Muse.

Core is a meditation trainer that vibrates along your meditation sessions, guiding you through your breath and acting as a gentle reminder to keep you focused. The trainer not only provides guided meditation sessions and classes on sleep, stress and better relating, it also tracks your stress level through its ECG sensor—a sensor attached to the skin that checks your heart’s rhythm. 

If you’re looking for something even more hands-on, the Muse 2 is a multi-sensor device that you can wear around your head. Tracking your brainwave, heart rate, breathing and body movements in real time, it provides feedback to keep you motivated during your practice.

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Meditation Mat

Set the ambiance of your meditation space with a nice, cushy meditation mat that’s comfortable for you to sit or lie down on. A meditation mat gives you a bit of support if you choose to sit cross-legged, or cushioning if you feel like lying down. 

If you’re new to meditating, try out different positions to find out what truly works for you. While some people may prefer sitting on a chair, others may find meditating while lying down be the most comfortable, especially if you suffer from body pain that makes sitting difficult. 

Unlike yoga, where the thickness and material of the mat may affect the quality and flow of your practice, you’ll be in longer periods of stillness when you’re meditating, so don’t be afraid to choose a slightly thicker mat to provide more cushioned support.

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Meditation Cushion

If sitting on the floor in a lotus position results in cramping, slumping and heavy breathing, consider investing in a meditation cushion. Helping you lift your hips up while supporting your back, meditation cushions can help ease the physical discomfort of sitting still, helping you meditate for longer periods of time. 

Many regular meditators like cushions filled with buckwheat hulls as they give a more grounded feeling during your practice as it conforms to the shape of the body, providing better sitting support.

Singing Bowls

According to research, pleasant, natural sounds help us feel calm and safe, even promoting a tranquil state of mind. A quick search on Youtube or Spotify will reveal playlists of nature sounds for meditation. 

If you’ve been to any in-person meditation or yoga practices however, you might have come across healing singing bowls such as the Tibetan bowls or crystal healing bowls that produce relaxing, pure sounds and vibrations. Said to help improve emotional tension, promote relaxation and awake consciousness with their unique sound waves, these singing bowls could be a fun and effective addition to your meditation or mindfulness routine. Try using it during the start of your practice to set an intention, or to clear the energy of the room.

All Things Scented

Studies show that smell can trigger emotional memories, boost mood and work performance. Inhaling scents such as lemon, lavender and peppermint may even help get you out of a rut. Light a candle, turn on a diffuser or put on an aromatherapy eye pillow to activate all your senses.

Want to keep it simple? Rub a few drops of essential oils in the palms of your hands and inhale deeply for a quick aromatherapy fix.

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