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Serving up Basque cheesecake, scones, bagels, fruit tarts and more, these are the best Instagram bakeries and cake shops to follow and order from in Hong Kong right now

Quarantine life and social distancing have made many of us turn to sweets, pastries and all kinds of homemade food for comfort in these uncertain times. While we’re missing the good old days when we can visit our favourite bakeries with friends and enjoy the fresh-from-the-oven loaves together, there’s a plethora of local online bakeries are still up and running to keep everyone satisfied at home with their scrumptious creations. 

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful cake to upgrade your next celebration, or simply want to indulge in some pastries and sweet treats, these are the best Instagram bakeries and cake shops in Hong Kong that deserve a spot on your radar. From freshly baked scones to fluffy chiffons and Instagrammable cakes, there’re lots of confectionary options to entice us in the city. 

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It’s been a year since Basque cheesecakes gained momentum alongside other pandemic food trends such as the Dalgona coffee and sushi bake—and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Recognised for its incredibly creamy texture and blackened top that gives a caramelised flavour, this iconic cake is a heavenly creation that will even delight people who aren’t that into dessert. 

Some of the city’s most scrumptious Basque cheesecakes are served right here at Hemma—a local bakery that boasts in using the finest ingredients—such as premium Japanese eggs and a generous amount of vanilla, to offer a distinctly rich flavour profile. Aside from the classic one, a wide range of flavour options including matcha, earl grey tea, Oreo cookie, rum and raisin are also available here.

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If you’re looking for delicious scones to complement your afternoon tea or brunch party, your search ends here. Baki.eee is a small local business which specialises in freshly baked scones that caters to both the classic and contemporary taste. Apart from crowd favourites such as the classic buttery flavour and Uji green tea, you can also choose from a multitude of unique flavours including hojicha with fig, black truffle, Lotus Biscoff, earl grey tea and Valrhona chocolate with sea salt and caramel. Made with top-shelf ingredients such as flour and milk sourced from France and Japan, these treats are baked fresh upon ordering that can be easily reheated in the oven, microwave or air fryer to enjoy.

Drooling already? Follow them on Instagram and stay tuned for updates on the next online group-buying date! 

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Patisserie La Lune

Patisserie La Lune is best known for their egg lava custard mooncakes, but one shouldn’t overlook their delicious baked goods, including cookies, palmiers and house specialty—sweet crisps. Choose from classics like matcha and chocolate cookies, signature palmier, or get experimental with the dark chocolate, yuzu and raspberry crisps. Dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients and developing refined recipes for their creations, you can expect nothing less than freshness and deliciousness at this homegrown bakery.

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Lo Chen Bakery

Lo Chen Bakery prides itself in using a simple but refined recipe and a range of high-quality ingredients, including Japanese flour, fresh eggs, milk from Australia, as well as sugar from Korea to produce chiffon cakes that not only provide a wonderfully moist, fluffy texture, but also an exquisite taste with just the right amount of sweetness. They serve a wide selection of flavours, including black sesame, matcha, earl grey tea and chocolate, which are available in individual slices or can be enjoyed as a whole cake with your friends. 

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Grandma’s Scones

If premium scones is what your tummy’s calling for, this ever-popular bakery will have your cravings sorted. Packaged decently in an Insta-worthy box, their scones are not only aesthetically pleasing but also delicious, which come in a myriad of flavours including black sesame with red bean mochi, rum and raisin, matcha with black sugar mochi, sea salt caramel chocolate, to name just a few. If you are keen to try some creative flavours and combinations, they also offer Baileys and Lotus Biscoff, pineapple and sea salt black truffle scones.  

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Monsoon Bagel

Incredibly popular with food lovers looking for scrumptious baked treats, Monsoon Bagel is one of the most creative when it comes to their bagel fillings. On their menu, you’ll find a wide range of sweet and savoury options such as blueberry jam with yoghurt, chocolate, triple cheese and spicy tomato with bacon and more. If you can’t decide what to try, opt for their special mini sets and get yourself a little bit of everything.  

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Jovial Patissier

Wave goodbye to the plain, mass-produced cakes with Jovial Patissie’s creations. This homegrown bakery is one of the very labels in Hong Kong that offers letter birthday cakes, which are all elegantly crafted with dried flowers and dainty homemade macarons that would impress the guests at any party.

There’s a creative range of designs and flavour combinations to suit all celebrations—whether it’s the fancy Tiffany Blue cake layered with mascarpone cream and homemade blueberry jam, or the stylish black and white variety made with dark chocolate and brownie—every cake is a masterpiece of its own that guarantees an exquisite taste. Besides alphabets, customers can also choose to have their cakes crafted in numbers or heart shape. 

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Brekkie Lab

As the name suggests, each breakfast treat offered by Brekkie Lab is guaranteed to be an apt reflection of tried-and-true-recipes. Specialising in an extensive range of homemade vegan pastries, such as scones, pound cakes, cinnamon rolls and bagels, the bakery also has a reputation for offering flavours that far exceed the classics. From the hojicha Nutella wheat bagel, to Lotus Biscoff pound cake and coffee vegan peanut butter dark rye mantou, everything here is freshly made upon order, using no preservatives or additives. A real heaven for brekkie lovers.  

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Bakery Donutb

It wouldn’t be right to talk about the best homemade baked goods in town without bringing up Bakery Donutb. Known for its innovative approach to sourcing baking ingredients, the shop offers an assortment of canelés, scones and bagels that come with various unique fillings, such as spicy chicken with kimchi and cheese, apple and cinnamon, hojicha yoghurt with chocolate and more. Whatever you fancy, be sure to also try their house special taro mochi sandwich—an aromatic, well-textured creation that will turn any frown upside down. 

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Koke Lab

Koke Lab has garnered legions of followers since it entered the local online bakery scene since 2018, and it’s not difficult to see why it became one of the city’s most sought-after vegan pastry shops on Instagram: not many brands would bake with the environment in mind. Featuring dairy-free recipes and exquisite designs, their cakes, which are packaged with non-plastic and recyclable boxes, will delight your tastebuds as much as your eyes. Try their limited-edition strawberry soymilk cream cake, or go for the more unique flavours such as peanut banana hojicha and caramel hazelnut coffee.

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It’s not easy to find good canelés in Hong Kong, but Endorphins is here to solve that problem. Their very popular canelé features an evenly-caramelised crust that strikes the perfect balance between crunchy and delicate, which also has an alluring vanilla aroma and a tender, honeycomb-like interior that is as close to perfect as you get. Choose from the original, matcha or hojicha flavours. The bakery offers an enticing range of bagels and dacquoise, too. 

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Shall Make Cake

The aesthetic of Shall Make Cake’s feed screams everything from #foodporn to #instafood. This popular home bakery’s assortment of colourful tarts is exceptionally impressionable and each flavour seems to deserve a photoshoot and a cup of premium tea (or coffee) to complement. Offering an extensive range of options ranging from earl grey mochi and caramel banana, to strawberry, mango and purple sweet potato with cheese, you’ll be spoiled for choice here.

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Brickery Bread

For health eaters with a craving for pastries, Brickery Bread is the place to be. The brand has made a name for itself with its superb bagels, which are all made with oil-free, low-sugar and preservative-free recipe, allowing you to indulge without the guilt (or the gain). Their bagels have a softer, more chewy texture than the usual one, which come in an array of flavours such as garlic and chives, squid ink and double cheese and crispy bacon and seeded mustard. For those with a sweet tooth, opt for flavours such as honey and walnut, blueberry, and earl grey with mango, which are all equally impressive. And if that’s not enough, keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming new flavours as they also regularly update their menu.

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Wondering where you can get your hands on these Insta-famous, cake-like cookies? Cookiesm is the brand to know. Offering some of the most indulgent cookie flavours in town, the brand is best known for the classic chocolate chip variety, which features a crispy crust and a chewy centre with chunks of dark chocolate to offer amazing mouthfeel from each bite. Their hazelnut and milk, peanut chocolate and matcha flavours are heavenly, too.

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Anyone who is a fan of mille-crêpe cakes will love xlxlxlxl’s cake rolls. With over 27k Instagram followers, xlxlxlxl is a popular bakery shop that serves up a mouthwatering selection of thousand-layer cake rolls, which includes everything from the classic choices such as green tea, honey and matcha to more innovative ones like taro, Ovaltine and white coffee. While their cake rolls are the star of the show, you can also find a range of beautiful customized cakes that are perfect for all kinds of celebrations.

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Another Story by Another Baker

Crafted with top quality and preservative-free ingredients, these pastel-coloured homemade macarons from Another Story by Another Baker are a real treat. Looking both pretty and delicious, each piece of maracon is made by hand in-house, which are offered in different creative flavours such as Thai milk tea, masala chai, strawberry cheesecake and lavender. They also do artsy cakes that are ideal for a special celebration. 

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Happy Roller

Happy Roller only has one thing on their menu—cake rolls—but it does deserve the right to be at the top of the “local bakeries to watch” list for its fluffy creations that come in a rich array of flavours. From matcha to mango and cheese and black sesame with mochi, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. Orders should be placed four days in advance and cake rolls are available for pick-up in Happy Cake Shop in Mong Kok. You can also visit the shop in-person and try your luck searching for the flavours you like.

Their cakes are currently sold out for February, so be sure to follow them on Instagram and stay tuned for more updates on the next batch.

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Redefine Bakery

While the market has begun seeing more and more cake shops offering extravagant-looking treats, Redefine Bakery sets itself apart with its unpretentious but still pretty and delicious cakes. Handcrafted from scratch using only premium gluten-free ingredients, every cake offered by the brand is guaranteed to delight dessert lovers. Their red velvet cake is a must-try, but you can’t go wrong with any of the classics here—including matcha and dark chocolate with sea salt caramel. 

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La Dacquoise

Helmed by reputed chefs Nicholas Chew and John Yip, La Dacquoise is a subsidiary of Guerilla Lab—a prestigious local private catering brand that dedicated to providing discerning diners with top-notch food and hospitality services. As the name suggests, dacquoise is this bakery’s real draw. Made in limited quantities weekly, their dainty creations are offered in various flavours including fresh Japanese strawberries, shaved salted yolk with pistachio nougatine, as well as kaya and walnut.

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Cake In A Cup

If creativity is the name of the game, then the fabulous cakes at Cake In A Cup will have you spoiled for choice. It has a wide selection of bespoke cakes that combine high-quality ingredients and unique designs—whether you’re looking elegant creations that decorated with colourful flowers and dripping, or something quirky that features generous toppings of candies and buttercream for the kids, they’ll have you covered. Oh, and did we mention that the shop also sells delicious cupcakes that are perfect for sharing with your loved ones? Their ondeh-ondeh cupcake is a best-seller!

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