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Move over, naked cakes! As far as trendy desserts go, these are the biggest contenders in town

This article was originally published on June 1, 2021 and updated on August 23, 2022.

Embellished with silky piped buttercream, pastel brushstrokes and cursive wording, minimalist Korean- and vintage-style cakes have taken over Instagram. If you've been obsessed with such cakes, yet realise the challenges that come with making your own, reach out to these home bakers who deliver to customers in the Klang Valley.

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1. Real Sweet Treats

A self-proclaimed fan of anything sweet, Renee Tan, the baker behind Real Sweet Treats, designs and bakes an assortment of intricately piped tarts, cookies and cakes. Initially starting her business as a creative escape, Tan is a fan of bold flavours and textures in her craft.

Its signature designs prove popular and its mini cakes are now one of Real Sweet Treats' most popular items, along with its designer tart boxes. 

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2. LinLin Cake Shop

Founded by Charmaine Wong in November 2020, LinLin Cake is best known for serving retro cakes. Each unique design is informed by the customer's preference as well as Wong's artistic flair. Thanks to her creative skills and knack for keeping up with and creating her own cake design trends, LinLin Cake has rapidly become one of the most prominent home bakers in the area. 

Not only are these cakes pleasing to the eye, but they are also made with high quality ingredients and time-tested recipes. Based in Kota Kemuning, LinLin Cake delivers to addresses in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, although self-collection is also an option.

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3. Ophelia Bakes

Founded by married couple Aiman Asyraf and Nabila Asyiqin in July 2020, Ophelia Bakes initially started with minimalist Korean-inspired cake designs, but started to develop their own signature style inspired by vintage aesthetics.

'Ophelia' refers to a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and fittingly so—the home bakers' intricate, delicate cakes look like they come straight out of a fairytale. The couple firmly believes that cakes equate to art; their latest cake design, pictured above, represents a Victorian flower vase.

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4. Lilian’s Homemade Cake

Self-taught home baker Lilian Lee started Lilian's Homemade Cake with her daughter. The family enterprise is known for their fluffy and delicate chiffon cakes made without artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. The cakes are expertly iced and decorated using only dairy whipping cream, making it light, creamy, and silky. 

The bestselling flavour, hōjicha chiffon is also Lee's personal favourite, and was inspired by her daughter’s love of hōjicha lattes.

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5. The Comelbakes

Established in 2019, The Comelbakes has become one of the more popular home bakers in the Klang Valley area with its elegant and creative designs. Its offerings range from minimalist and simple hand-painted cakes to more elaborate floral and fondant designs. There are also mini cake sizes available, fit for smaller parties of four to five people. 

Having crafted cakes for weddings and branched into other desserts such as cake pops and tarts, The Comelbakes is a trusty baker to go to for any of your celebrations. 

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6. Dolce Zhra

Spearheaded by Nazurah Fauzi, Dolce Zhra specialises in custom cakes, great for any occasion. Though its catalogue mostly displays floral and fondant figurine cakes, Fauzi can make anyone's cake wishes come true, no matter the theme. 

Dolce Zhra is frequently seen constructing cakes for kids' birthdays, weddings, and even Mother's Day, so it'll have you covered for any and every upcoming occasions. 

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7. Cream On

When it comes to intricate designs and flawless execution, Cream On has really perfected its craft. Known for its royal icing cookies and minimalist cakes, Cream On specialises in artsy and delicious baked creations. For those who can't decide between cookies and cakes, why not get both? Cream On also offers cakes that are decorated with its colourful cookies. 

With its clean lines and accurate interpretations of clients' wishes, Cream On has made a name for itself in the local cookies and cakes industry.

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8. Llebeurre

For brightly coloured cakes with playful designs, give Llebeurre a call. This custom cake specialist offers a range of sizes and shapes to fit anyone's fancy. Most recently, Korean-inspired and buttercream figurine cakes have been its most popular orders, and not only does it deliver in design, it also delivers in taste.

Flavours range from the usual chocolate and vanilla to the more complex cookies and cream and Lotus biscoff. It also offers bento box cakes for those who are planning mini celebrations or want to surprise a friend with a solo-sized dessert. 

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9. Totem

Totem is all about the aesthetics, as its Instagram shows. From simple cakes with vintage buttercream edges to more colourful tiered cakes, Totem Bakes' cakes are pleasing to both the eyes and the tastebuds. Its flavours are just as creative as its buttercream designs, including a passionfruit cake with butterfly pea extract and a lavender earl grey cake. 

Totem has been commissioned to bake cakes for skincare and lifestyle brand Chuck's too, so you know it has nailed its cake making craft.

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10. Melurcakes

Yasmin Zulkefli started baking as a hobby in 2011, but her pastime turned full-time after she graduated in 2015 and founded Melurcakes. Customers have the option of four flavours and can liaise with Zulkefli on their cake designs; Zulkefli creates free-hand sketches of her cakes before baking them, and is extremely versatile with her designs, as you can see on her Instagram. 

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