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Evoking the philosophy of ‘beauty in simplicity’, these jewellery brands are embracing the minimalist aesthetic in their handcrafted pieces that will add a luxurious elegance to your outfit of the day

The story was originally published on September 27, 2021, and updated on September 28, 2021.

As fashion trends continue to change and evolve at a rapid pace over time, most of us will find that investing in high-quality, minimalist jewellery is a worthy endeavour because simple and modest designs will never go out of fashion.

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With the timeless elegance and perennial nature of minimalist fine jewellery, these luxurious yet conservative designs can easily match most outfits and clothing combinations—be it fancy dresses or a simple tee and jeans—and they also add a classy and effortless sparkle to your humble everyday wear whenever you feel like adding a little something to your daily fashion statement.

Adding to their appreciation of minimalism and beauty in the world, these brands also champion sustainability and conscious production of their jewellery pieces, where recycled and responsibly sourced materials are used.

Here are some minimalist jewellery brands for you to add to your discreet luxury routine.

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Alice Made This

Alice Made This is a brand that focuses on precision jewellery for both men and women, where they work with engineers and artisans to combine the precision of engineering with the beauty of hand work to create unique accessories and jewellery for customers to gift, own and enjoy. As a brand that loves to explore different techniques in jewellery making such as working with their Aerospace factory that usually makes aeroplane parts, using post-production techniques like blasting, and utilising artisan techniques in their patina process, they aim to add a personal touch and individuality in every one of their pieces.

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Monica Vinader

This well-loved minimalist jewellery brand celebrates female empowerment and the feminine experience as it designs jewellery that not only look beautiful in its modesty, but they also play on the experience of every young girl with their Fiji Chain Friendship Bracelet which combines the luxurious aesthetic with the nostalgic reference to our childhood. Handcrafted with exceptional craftsmanship, the brand designs jewellery that only uses recycled gold vermeil, sterling silver and sustainably sourced natural gemstones, diamonds and pearls—which pays homage to the Earth that raised us.

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Based in Brooklyn, this inconspicuous jewellery brand celebrates feline beauty and gentleness in their minimalist creations such as their Kitten Mitten in yellow gold—which adds a subtle, elegant glamour and Cleopatra flair to your everyday look. They are also known for collaborating with various in-house artisans and independent designers like Erica Weiner, Wwake, and Kataoka, and they make sure that all the materials they use are ethically sourced and conflict-free in the name of sustainability.

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This jewellery brand wants to combine minimalist beauty with finesse and style, and they seek to do it all with sustainability and responsible sourcing in mind. Their diamonds are sustainably grown in a zero-emission foundry that is powered to the fullest by the renewable energy of the Columbia River in the Pacific West of America, and the craftsmanship by their in-house Belgian master cutter—Jeremy Barninka—is evident in their creations as the diamonds are cut and polished into shapes of brilliance, scintillation and fire, and then they are set into solid gold.

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Based in New York City, Wwake believes in making unostentatious jewellery that reflects the beauty of the earth and nature with the finest materials such as opal, conflict-free diamond and gold being used in their products. With a thoughtful balance of tension and scale, the brand re-contextualises jewellery into unexpected arrangements and modern silhouettes. Their ethos focuses on breaking traditional conventions in jewellery art with a selection of jewellery that is defined by their signature contour shapes, unexpectedly light stone arrangements, and other-worldly stones.

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Jennifer Meyer

Established in Los Angeles, California, this handcrafted fine jewellery brand is founded on the idea that jewelry could be more than an accessory—where each design is intended as a seamless extension of the person who is wearing it, and each piece acts as a symbol of luck, celebration, love and a way to reflect on the important milestones in one’s life. Handmade by master jewellers who share a commitment to quality and a passion for innovation, their pieces like their large turquoise marquise necklace, this brand focuses on putting effortless style, culture and sophistication in the unique stones and diamonds they use.

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