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Strawberries shine as the highlight of these decadent desserts

Strawberries are used throughout various cuisines to create or elevate desserts. We've created a list of seven unique strawberry desserts to try in the Klang Valley.

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Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar's Signature Rose Lychee Cloudcake

This popular cafe and dessert bar in Taman Paramount is no stranger to delectable cakes. Fluffed's Signature Rose Lychee Cloudcake is their best-selling item, and for good reason. Available both sliced and whole, the cake is as light and airy as the name suggests. The delicate flavours of rose and lychee are perfectly complemented by generous slices of strawberry and fresh cream between the layers.

Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar | 55, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya | +6012 730 1310 | Tuesday-Sunday, 12:30pm-10:30pm


Châteraisé's Rich Strawberry Mont Blanc

This Japanese patisserie offers some of the most aesthetically pleasing desserts imaginable including the Rich Strawberry Mont Blanc. Unique to Châteraisé, this dessert consists of white chocolate mousse and white chocolate cereal pearls coated in fragrant strawberry cream. At the centre is framboise jelly that adds a refreshing sourness to the sweetness of the dessert. Châteraisé also has a plethora of other strawberry desserts ranging from cake to jelly, so be sure to explore all offerings.

Châteraisé | Multiple locations

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Kenny Hills Bakers' Strawberry Tart

Kenny Hills Bakers is dedicated to using only fresh ingredients in their pastries such as the delicious strawberry tart. A golden, flaky crust is filled with custard and topped off with sweet candied strawberries, making the perfect afternoon treat to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Kenny Hills Bakers | Multiple locations  

Mykori Dessert Cafe's Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori

The famed Japanese shaved ice dessert is available in strawberry cheesecake flavour at Mykori cafe. Made with shaved milk ice, cheesecake and creme chantilly before being topped with strawberry puree, this dessert is the ultimate refresher. For a simpler and less creamy option, Mykori also has a strawberry yoghurt made with shaved yoghurt ice and strawberry puree.

Mykori Dessert Cafe | Multiple locations

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Halo Doughnut's Strawberry Kiss

Halo Doughnut in Gasket Alley specialises in artisanal doughnuts that come in a variety of unique flavours such as Strawberry Kiss. This doughnut is filled with chunks of strawberry with anise before being coated in citrus sugar. 

Halo Doughnut | Lot 15 -3B, The Gasket Alley, 13, Jalan 13/6, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya | Monday and Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm

Malaysia Cooking Academy's Ichigo Daifuku

Malaysia Cooking Academy's Ichigo Daifuku is simply heavenly. The relatively simple delicacy consists of handmade Japanese mochi wrapped around red bean paste and a whole strawberry. Be sure to try this with some matcha tea.

Malaysia Cooking Academy | Kapitan Hill @Cempenai Parc, 12, Jalan Chempenai, Bukit Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur | +6012 325 8861 

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Kooky Cream's Strawberry Shortcake

Kooky Cream's strawberry shortcake is popular with their regulars. It consists of spongy vanilla cake between layers of French vanilla cream and strawberries. You can visit the cafe and enjoy a slice of cake with speciality drinks, or even order whole cakes online for special occasions.

Kooky Cream | Multiple locations 


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