Learn to make Chilled Yaki Nasu with Tomato Gelee, Gallagher Oysters with 7 Citrus Ponzu, and Torched Shimesaba from the acclaimed chef of Japas by Jeff Ramsey

Create immaculate Japanese flavours in the comfort of your own home with these exclusive recipes from ChefJeff Ramsey. Each of these dishes from the Japanese-American culinary maestro behind Kuala Lumpur’s Japas and Bangkok’s Kintsugi are relatively easy to make, and celebrate the culinary beauty of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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If you're ready, let's get started. 

Chilled Yaki Nasu with Tomato Gelee with Hamadaya Reduced Salt Shoyu

Makes 6 portions


Dashi (soup stock)

15g Sake

15g Sugar

15g Mirin

25g Hamadaya Reduced Salt Shoyu

150g Water

1g Dried Chili

3g Dashinomoto

Yaki Nasu (eggplant)

2 Long Eggplant

Vegetable Oil

Tomato Gelee

2 Ripe Tomatoes (350g)

5g Salt

3g Konbu Dashi Powder

14g Sugar

½ Tablespoon Halal Gelatine


6g Grated Ginger

Coriander or Herb Flowers

Sliced Okra


1.     Make the dashi by mixing the seven ingredients together in a bowl and chill.

2.     Cut some slits in the eggplants, rub with oil and grill over hot coals to cook and char the skin. Remove from grill, let cool for five minutes and then peel skin.

3.     Cut eggplant into 3cm long pieces and put them into the chilled dashi to marinate for minimum one hour. 

4.     Make the tomato gelee by blending the tomatoes with the salt, sugar and konbu dashi.

5.     Strain the juice, and then using the same strainer with the tomato bits in it, strain again. The layer of tomato bits will act as a filter for clear tomato water. Chill it.

6.     Once cold, place in pot, add the gelatine, and stir.  Over medium heat, warm it while stirring until the gelatine is dissolved. Chill for four hours or until set.

7.     To complete the dish, strain the dashi and then place three pieces of eggplant on a shallow bowl, scrape out some tomato gelee and place on top of eggplant, garnish with herbs, flowers, sliced okra and a pinch of grated ginger.

Gallagher Oysters with 7 Citrus Ponzu


7 Citrus Ponzu (Japanese citrus sauce)

38g Orange Juice

6g Lemon Juice

4g Yuzu Juice

6g Calamansi Juice

12g Pink Grapefruit Juice

8g Honey Mandarin Juice

4g Lime Juice

Note: All juices to be freshly squeezed

30g Oyster Liqueur

13g Hamadaya Reduced Salt Shoyu

16g Shallot, Minced

12 Oysters


Sliced radish



1.     Shuck the oysters over a large bowl to catch all of the oyster liqueur, being careful not to puncture the oysters while shucking. Place all of the oysters in a separate bowl. 

2.     Strain the oyster liqueur through a paper towel or non-scented tissue. Reserve 30g for the ponzu. 

3.     Meanwhile, wash the oysters in running water along with the shells. Put the oysters back in their shells and keep in chiller until ready to serve.

4.     Make the seven citrus ponzu by combining all juices with Hamadaya Reduced Salt Shoyu and the oyster liqueur. If you don’t have enough oyster liqueur, add water to substitute.  Add the shallots, and let them marinate for an hour or more. 

5.     To serve, arrange the oysters on a bed of ice. Add a tablespoon of the sauce to each oyster. Garnish with some sliced radish and sorrel.

Torched Shimesaba with Hamadaya Reduced Salt Shoyu

Makes two portions



2 Mackerel Fillets

100g Rice Vinegar

30g Flaky or Coarse Salt (eg. Maldon or Murray River)


33g Hamadaya Reduced Salt Shoyu

2 Wedges of Lemon


10g Grated Ginger

13g Toasted Sesame Seeds

20g Myoga, Chopped

35g Kaiware Sprouts, Chopped

10g Spring Onion Greens, Chopped

5g Shiso, Chopped

7g Shio Konbu, Chopped


1.     Defrost and remove the pin bones of the mackerel. 

2.     On a tray, sprinkle a layer of salt and place the fillets skin side down on the tray. Sprinkle an even layer to fully cover the flesh side of the fillets. Place tray in chiller for 20 minutes. 

3.     Rinse mackerel under running water and rub with hands for 15 seconds each to remove excess salt. 

4.     Place vinegar in a container the length of the fillets and place the fillets inside to marinate.  Leave in chiller for 15 minutes.  Remove fillets and dry with paper towels.

5.     To serve, peel back the outer skin of the mackerel from each fillet with your fingers.  Slice the mackerel on a bias aiming to get 12 slices from each fillet.  Place each fillet on a plate.

6.     Torch the fillet until it looks browned but not burnt. Combine all garnish ingredients together and place all over the mackerel. 

7.     Evenly pour the Hamadaya Reduced Salt Shoyu over the fish and zest some lemon skin on top before squeezing the juice over the garnishing.

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