Cover Channel your inner Beth Harmon with these chess sets (Photo: Courtesy of MoMA Design Store)

Finished watching The Queen's Gambit and ready to get your own chess set? We're rounding up the best luxurious options to get you started

Hot on the heels of Netflix's The Queen's Gambit, chess is having a revival––or, at the very least, a highly piqued interest in those that never played the game before. And perhaps there's no better time to get started on your journey to the world of chess than now when most of us are staying home during the pandemic.

From binge-watching the latest shows on Netflix to making Dalgona coffee, chess is the newest craze to keep us occupied during lockdown. It's safe to say that The Queen's Gambit checked mate us. And we're not the only pawns—Google searches on "how to play chess" have soared at an all-time high.

Whether you're a chess prodigy like Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), or a complete novice when it comes to the game, we've rounded up the best luxury chess sets you can get your hands on.

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Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver and 24k Gold Vermeil Chess Set

This luxe chess set from Tiffany & Co. has been meticulously handcrafted by the brand's master artisans. Made using sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil and wood, it's inspired by the classic chess board reimagined into an elegant design. The chess pieces champion the hallmark of creative aesthetic that Tiffany is well-loved for. To top it off, the set is housed in a sterling silver box with a satin finish.

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Keith Haring Chess Set

For a fun and modern game of chess—a contrast to the ones used in the show which is set in 1960s—this Keith Haring-inspired chess set has been adapted from some of his most beloved works. The set is shaped after his sketches featuring pawns made of Haring's barking dogs and castles shaped like men with their arms in the air. Made from lacquered wood by toy firm Vilac, the unique chess set is a great companion to any artwork or pieces in your home.

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Royal Selangor War of the Rings Chess Set

Fans of Lord of the Rings will be geeking over this chess set from Royal Selangor. The exquisite collector's piece is perfect for displaying but also a wonderful gift for any fantasy fanatic. The chess pieces are of signature characters from the film series including wizards, hobbits and dragons alike. The board's polish wood base offers the best possible backdrop for a chess game.

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Jonathan Adler Acrylic Chess Set

A piece of art first, and a chess set second is the only way to describe this acrylic chess set by Amerian brand, Jonathan Adler. The shiny acrylic, which will leave anyone in awe, is inspired by the glamour of 70s Halston both in colour and in the oversized cubist chess pieces.

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Purling London Stone Chess Set

Purling London is a brand loved by royalty, renowned interior designers and chess Grandmasters alike––so it comes as no surprise that a Purling chess set is a must. Their collection of time-honoured chess sets showcases the tradition and exquisite craftsmanship of the brand and this chess set is no exception. Crafted from Italy using nature alabaster, the pieces are made from solid mineral that was dried over several days to give its unique colour and polished for sparkling lustre. A choice fit for a king.

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L'Objet 24k Gold Stone Chess Set

Who says you have to choose between entertainment and asethetic? L'Objet's chess set is the best of both worlds. Featuring 24 pieces and a folding box, this chess set is made from wood, resin, marble and 24k gold. It boasts both elegance and chicness with its classic black and white colours topped with gold in the chess pieces. It's the ideal companion to cure your quarantine blues. 

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Harry Potter Chess Set

Rejoice Potterheads because this chess set is a magical take on the classic game complete with pieces taken from the book and film series. It also recreates the final challenge from the first instalment of the film with 32 intricately detailed pieces. 

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Umbra Buddy Chess Set

True to its name, this chess set playfully integrates the iconic Buddy character from Umbra. Made of ashwood border framing the metal board, it contrasts with the pieces that are lustrous, bold yet also welcoming in their design. The striking difference between the pieces and the border is a real visual eye-candy and will surely elevate the interior of your home.

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