Put your diets aside for the Year of the Pig is just around the corner, and enjoy these sumptuous reunion dinner set menus crafted by talented chefs. Here are 10 to get your mouth watering

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Nothing is more luxurious than the Deluxe Fortune Set curated by executive Chinese chef Lee Hiu Ngai. He goes straight to the good stuff with a combination of crispy suckling pick imaginatively paired with minced Spanish mackerel; pan-fried goose liver served alongside roasted duck; and crystal steamed dumplings packed to the brim with fresh mushrooms and black truffles.

Pace yourself for this is only a preview of more delicious dishes to follow. You still have the double-boiled chicken broth studded with fish maw, scallops and mushroom, and the decadent wok-fried Australian M9 wagyu beef drenched in black pepper sauce, to name a few. Top up for the prosperity lou hei with a zingy homemade passionfruit sauce.

Available from February 5 to 19.


Harbourfront and Sentosa
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Executive chef Leong Chee Yeng felt very inspired to welcome the Year of the Pig, so he created six menus to cater to all diners. Those looking to indulge should choose the eight-course Grand Fullerton Golden Feast; Leong only uses luxurious ingredients like lobster, suckling piglet, and caviar to whip up delectable creations.

Take, for example, the Gold Rush yu sheng; finely cut pink radish is artfully arranged to resemble a pig before it’s decked with lobster, Australian abalone and Norwegian salmon. If that’s impressive, wait until you taste the deep-fried Chilean seabass doused in a sweet-and-sour hawthorn sauce, and the slow-cooked pig tongue and tripe in a hearty chicken and pork bone stock, with a drizzle of Hennesy XO.

Available from January 21 to February 19.

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Silk Road Restaurant

What we like about the Reunion Dinner offerings here is the variety of options; everyone is welcome for it has vegetarian, halal and Chinese sets.

But those without dietary restrictions should opt for the latter, which includes the indulgent Auspicious Reunion menu complete with all the Chinese New Year favourites. After the prosperity salmon yu sheng, a fitting start to a bountiful new year, you’ll be satiated with the braised pumpkin soup peppered with superior fish maw and dried scallops; and wok-fried wasabi prawns mixed with crispy potatoes. For even better luck, don’t skip the braised seafood ee-fu noodles with mushroom and conpoy.

Available on February 4, 5.30-7.30pm and 8-10.30pm.

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Summer Pavilion

A meal at Summer Pavilion is always a delicious treat, especially now that it’s during Chinese New Year. We have to thank Chinese executive chef Cheung Siu Kong for that, who wants us to welcome a brand new year with full and satisfied stomachs, thanks to his creative set menus.

The eight-course menu commences with this upscale stunner—the crisp suckling pig skin, black caviar and jellyfish yu sheng, followed by hearty soups of Australian lobster chunks soaked in a thin but flavourful lobster stock loaded with asparagus, carrots and egg white strips, and poached Iberico pork glutinous rice dumpling and cabbage in a milky superior stock. Rounding off the stellar meal is the chilled bird’s nest with sweetened pear.

Available from January 21 to February 19, with two seatings available.

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Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

There’s a good reason why you should be excited about Masterchef Ng Wai Tong and his team’s festive offerings. On the top of our list is the signature prosperity salad—a delicious choice of Alaskan king crab or hamachi prepared “soon tak” style.

Thankfully, it’s light and healthy so you won’t feel guilty digging into more filling options such as the Longevity Poon Choi. It remains our favourite for a reason; one pot gives you three layers of supreme ingredients including whole abalone, sea cucumber, scallops, and roasted duck. It will be a merrier feast if you opt for the various set menus, combining perennial favourites like the roasted whole boneless suckling pig, steamed live soon hock and braised whole abalone.

Available from January 21 to February 19.

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Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Nothing would make you happier than this Chinese stalwart’s Blissful Banquet menu, an impressive eight-course menu that commences with the salmon yu sheng elevated with an edible gold leaf.

The chefs continue to captivate your senses, first with a gigantic barbecue platter heaving with glazed barbecue pork loin, roast duck and crispy roast pork. Also dig into a treasure pot full of abalone, prawns, roast chicken and pork, before closing the meal with a refreshing mango pomelo sago with dragon fruit.

Available from January 14 to February 20.

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Jiang-Nan Chun

The exquisite interior is already a draw, what more if you pair it with executive Chinese chef Tim Lam’s six-course Chinese New Year menus? You can’t go wrong with the yu sheng tossed with hand-shredded vegetables, fresh Australian lobster and abalone, complemented with homemade condiments and sauces.

It sets the stage for the rest of the delicious dishes to come; like the wok-fried Boston lobster frenched in a savoury black bean sauce, as well as the braised six-head abalone beautifully matched with dried lobster and black moss.

The set menus are available from January 21 to February 19.

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There’s a big chance that you’ll have too much pen cai or Buddha Jumps Over The Wall during this period. So if you feel like having something different, you can always head to Folklore where chef Damian D’Silva has prepared a Peranakan-style feast, a collection of his late grandmother’s recipes to tuck into.

Start with the DIY popiah set, a delicious ensemble of hand-cut vegetables, sliced eggs, prawns peanuts, chilli and a sweet-savoury sauce, wrapped in popiah skins. This isn’t enough to satiate the family, so why not toss in the Garang Assam with you tiao and Peranakan mee siam?

Available from February 4 to 19.

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Min Jiang and Min-Jiang at One-North

The Chinese New Year deserves a celebration fit for royalty; it’s the Year of the Pig, after all, so what you’ll get is a pork-centric menu worth savouring. After ushering in a bountiful year with the Prosperity ‘Fa Cai’ yu sheng, dig in to crowd favourites of deep-fried pork knuckle with a crisp skin that crackles with every bite, and the slow pork ribs coated with honey butter.

If you want to mix it up with some poultry dishes, the double-boiled whole chicken stuffed with bird’s nest and duck foie gras dumplings and Fortune Delight crispy ‘Heung Song’ duck with glutinous rice are also excellent choices.

Available from January 18 to February 19.

Min Jiang at One-North

Other Areas
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Man Fu Yuan

Executive chef Eric Neo and his team have done outdone themselves again, with eight auspicious Chinese New Year menus made for family celebrations. Attract all the luck from the fortune yu sheng, included in the prix-fixe menu; it’s a glorious ensemble of abalone, Hokkaido scallops, slivers of salmon and crisp pork crackling—showered with a zingy apple sauce.  

Save space for other highlights which include the double-boiled chicken consommé speckled with fish maw, bamboo pith, and cordyceps flowers, and braised corn-fed yuen chicken elevated with soya sauce and rose dew wine. Make sure luck sticks throughout 2019 by ending the meal with the glutinous rice dumpling.  

Available from December 26 to February 19.

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