These fashion darlings and mavericks on Asia’s Most Stylish 2022 amplify their point of view on the visual platform of Instagram

On Instagram, the most followed honourees of Asia Most Stylish 2022 amplify their point of view, remixing looks from the runway or introducing new ideas for style. The most successful, however, are creators who lift the veil, allowing people to peek into their lives beyond the gloss of fashion. Whether they post a well-produced image or a small moment in their day, the social media stars on this year's list are always engaging. 

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Sofia Andres, Philippines (9.9 million followers)

Sofia Andres draws nearly 10 million followers on Instagram. Her immense popularity on the platform may be attributed to how the 24-year-old actor chronicles not only her looks (say, this hot pink slip dress with a pale blue mini bag, above) but also her life as a mother to her daughter Zoe. This approach parallels her point of view: that fashion is about expression and freedom. Outside of style, Andres expands her reach as an entrepreneur with a personal care line named after her daughter. 

Read Sofia Andres’ full profile here.

Jenny Tsang, Hong Kong (300,000 followers)

Leave it to style creator Jenny Tsang to wear the chicest outfit while grabbing a drink. Spotted on a clip on her Instagram, where she has 300,000 followers, Tsang wears an ivory top with an asymmetric cutout with high-waisted, medium-wash jeans and pointy flats. The social media star chronicles her adventures in style, attending fashion shows around the world in, for example, a midriff-baring pullover with a denim skirt; or enjoying a seaside vacation in an all-white look punctuated by nautical stripes. Fans of Tsang can emulate her style with her clothing brand byTsang.

Read Jenny Tsang’s full profile here. 

Ridduan Ismail, Malaysia (46,500 followers)

Known as TTFGA (Tukang Tangkap Foto Gembira Anda, or “your happy photographer”), Ridduan Ismail is the creative director of modelling agency Topboi Citizen. His aptitude in photography is reflected in his elegant feed, which features fashion images of himself and Topboi models in the quiet colours that Ismail prefers. The fashion insider currently subscribes to a palette of black, white and grey, and so we see him looking achingly cool as he plays with shapes in a ribbed grey vest paired with black trousers or grey sweats tucked into white socks

Read Ridduan Ismail’s full profile here. 

Elly Hsu, Taiwan (197,000 followers)

Sixteen-year-old Elly Hsu describes her Instagram account as a personal blog. And so, in between the glossy snaps of Hsu collaborating with fashion brands and magazines are stories of a young girl growing up. Here is an enormous insect crawling on her face captioned, “Will it be a good day tomorrow!!”, and there is a slideshow of her and her mother (and TV host) Dee with hopes of unchanging love. Enamoured with her tomboy style and fresh-faced beauty, her audience often makes Hsu’s posts go viral

Read Elly Hsu’s full profile here.

Farah Quinn, Indonesia (1.5 million followers)

With a cooking show shown throughout Southeast Asia and a pastry business that offers Indonesia’s lapis legit, Farah Quinn shares her love for food with 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The celebrity chef, who has a degree in pastry arts from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, is equally at ease in chef’s whites as she is in, say, a tea-length dress with a geometric print for New York Fashion Week. Notably, she and her daughter Amaira are often seen in matching outfits while in the kitchen, at golf, by the pool and on horseback. 

Read Farah Quin’s full profile here. 

Jing Boran, China (676,000 followers)

Apart from starring in blockbuster dramas and movies such as Monster HuntTime Raiders and Us and Them, actor Boran Jing is noted for his style, which has made him a favourite of popular and luxury brands. The 33-year-old celebrity is currently a spokesmodel for retail giant Uniqlo, beauty brand Shiseido and French powerhouse Chanel. The actor has also lent his voice to the cause of sustainability, donating pieces for the ULIO: The Sustainable Fashion Exhibition held in Shanghai in 2022. 

Read Boran Jing’s full profile here.

Kim Lim, Singapore (352,000 followers)

The globetrotting Kim Lim has tried many beauty innovations around the world, and now shares her knowledge through her beauty empire comprised of aesthetic clinic Illumia Medical, medispa Illumia Therapeutics, scalp centre Papilla Healthcare and skincare brand Illumia Skin. When not juggling her entrepreneurial endeavours, Lim can be seen enjoying the best of fashion (“I’ve always worn whatever I wanted, regardless of what people think”), wearing an unabashedly pink look for her birthday and a two-piece Vera Wang tulle confection for her wedding solemnisation. 

Read Kim Lim’s profile here.

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