Elly Hsu

Fashion influencer

The charming and beautiful fashion influencer has won the hearts of audiences of all ages

Elly Hsu is the eldest daughter of Dee Hsu, a famous TV show host in Taiwan. Although only 16 years old, she has become a favourite of the fashion industry in recent years with her tall, slender figure and her supermodel-esque figure. Having been featured in many fashion magazines and endorsed some clothing brands, Elly Hsu exudes confidence as strongly as her mother, earning her a reputation as the next It girl. Despite her beauty, tomboy style, and black outfits, she still maintains a childlike innocence. She is always down-to-earth and shares her life with the public, such as her quirky family life and her favourite anime. With her many charms, Elly Hsu has captivated the hearts of fans of different ages.



Did You Know?

Elly Hsu may look cool, but talking about anime makes her eyes light up. She even attended Comic Con to meet the stars of the anime world and purchase merchandise.

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