Stylist Evon Chng shares the details behind the socialite’s all-pink, TikTok-ready outfit

What does one wear to a candy-themed birthday extravaganza? Society darling Kim Lim found the answer in a simple motto: think pink.

Over the weekend, the billionaire heiress took over The Barracks Hotel Sentosa and transformed it into a Kandy Karnival, where her friends and family celebrated her and son Kyden’s birthdays. The pastel-coloured spectacle, brought to life by The Wedding Atelier, included an ice cream cart, carnival game stalls and a 30-foot-tall Pokémon bouncy castle.

Lim fit right into the saccharine setting with her pretty-in-pink outfit, put together by fashion stylist and BeastCorp founder Evon Chng.

“Kim wanted an adorable and sexy vibe, and we streamlined it down to a cute, Y2K baddie style after discussing with [hair stylist] Ryan Yap and [makeup artist] Shaun Lee,” shared Chng. “Think of a rebellious Barbie having a birthday celebration.”

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Above Lim’s heart earrings were a nod to Megan Fox’s look in ‘Jennifer’s Body’ (right) (Photo: Instagram / Kim Lim)
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Above (Photo: Everett Collection)

On her moodboard, Chng pinned a photo of Japanese-American model Devon Aoki, whose baby face belied her character’s fearless attitude in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Also referenced: a Steven Meisel photograph of Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Carla Bruni in Chanel skirt suits, and Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body. Everyone is in pink, of course.

Those inspirations translated into Lim’s coordinated outfit: a blush pink cut-out top, matched with a strappy miniskirt from Superdown. Following the rules of tonal dressing, Lim also opted for a pair of chalk-coloured boots from homegrown fashion label Charles & Keith. The cherry on top was a shearling pink Chanel bag from the pre-fall 2022 collection, pulled from Chng’s closet.

In short, Lim’s outfit ticked all the boxes of what Gen Zs—and, consequently, celebrities—wear today.

“I spent a lot of time on TikTok doing research for [BeastCorp] the digital agency I work in and I wanted her to look like one of the girls on the app, repping hyper-femininity over the ‘girlboss’ look,” explained Chng.

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Above Photo: Evon Chng
Tatler Asia
Above Photo: Evon Chng

Indeed, one can trace TikTok’s fascination with all things girly to the recent revival of 2000s trends. Lately, that obsession has also spawned the Barbiecore trend, which is inspired by the Mattel doll that is a Y2K fashion icon in her own right. The all-pink look, championed by everyone from Megan Fox to Dua Lipa, has been seen on red carpets and the front row at fashion shows, but perhaps it has never been more dress-code-appropriate than at a birthday bash filled with kids.

In fact, Lim’s playful party look captured the intentions of her Kandy Karnival. Instead of solely celebrating her and her son’s birthday, the socialite also opened up the event to underprivileged children from selected charities to let them join in on the fun. With the exception of the Chanel bag, Chng also chose to dress her in more accessible fashion brands—instead of the luxury labels that no doubt fill Lim’s wardrobes—to reflect that.

“Sometimes people forget that she’s only human and she only wants to use her influence to do good and give back to society,” said Chng. It sure doesn’t hurt that Lim looks great while doing so.

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