In today’s multitasking world, looking recharged is just as important as being in charge, according to this newly opened medispa that was founded by aesthetic doctors and backed by plastic surgeons

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Illumia Therapeutics, the latest hotspot on Orchard Road for transformative, next‑level facial and body treatments, then you are missing out on an opportunity that is hard to find anywhere else. The newly opened full‑service medispa allows you to address your beauty and wellness needs all in one place, with skilled experts and staff focused on providing a restful escape from your hectic schedule.

Founded by aesthetic doctors and backed by plastic surgeons, Illumia Therapeutics offers clients the star treatment whenever they visit. “The name ‘Illumia’ was chosen to signify that clients are at the centre of what we do. It all starts with ‘u’, the client,” says CEO Elizabeth Leong. All the treatments at Illumia Therapeutics are non-invasive, safe and clinically proven, and usually done one step at a time. “We believe in subtle tweaking, so our clients look fresher and more youthful in phases rather than doing too much at one go,” adds Leong.

We find out more about five treatments offered at the medispa.

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Hybrid2 Protocol

Every treatment combines at least two or more highly effective technologies, including stem cell therapy, to provide unparalleled results. Leong explains, “This proprietary combination approach is Illumia’s Hybrid2 Protocol. Different technologies target different skin layers—saving time and doubling results. We believe in visible changes with minimum effort at accessible prices that allow clients to get back to their normal routines immediately.”

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SkinBrite SERIES

One of its signature treatments is the LDM FaceRegen, which is under the llumia SkinBrite series of skin therapies. It is a favourite of brand ambassador and beauty connoisseur Kim Lim to maintain her velvety smooth, naturally clear and glowing skin. The treatment, which uses German technology based on dual-frequency ultrasound waves, increases elasticity for wrinkle reduction, enhances rejuvenation, resolves acne issues and softens acne scars.


The Illumia FaceLift series, on the other hand, adopts the Korean-styled face design technique that defines the uniqueness of the facial contours. Take the Illumia HyfuUltra treatment, for instance. It is a speedy face-lifting method using ultrasound waves to tighten the skin, minimise wrinkles and eyebags, and fill out sunken cheeks with lasting results.


The bestselling body treatments under the Illumia SlimScience series will surely appeal to modern urbanites. These include TeslaForte, a body treatment using revolutionary muscle‑building technology from Israel. It relies on functional muscle stimulation that is the equivalent to doing 20,000 sit‑ups to tighten and sculpt the core, abdomen and butt in one go. This way, achieving a firmer and more toned body is just a couple of treatments away.

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Another treatment worth highlighting is FioreCare, which makes Illumia the first in Singapore to introduce innovative vaginal health restoration to the market. The treatment utilises the Illumia Hybrid2 Multi-Polar RF (radio frequency) and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) for vaginal tightening, labia smoothening and the aesthetic improvement of the mons pubis area. 

Whichever treatment you choose as your introduction to Illumia Therapeutics, you can count on looking and feeling more uplifted than when you first arrived. And isn’t that experience alone priceless?

What their clients have to say...

Tatler Asia

“Beauty is having great skin that looks fresh all the time. I’ve always believed in investing in skincare rather than buying make-up.”

– Kim Lim, brand ambassador and entrepreneur

“I lead a hectic lifestyle, so it’s important for me to make smart choices when it comes to self‑maintenance. I believe in Illumia Therapeutics because of its Hybrid2 Protocol.”

– Xu Bin, brand ambassador and actor

Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

“I trust Illumia Therapeutics to take care of all my medical beauty needs. Its high-quality products and first-class treatments mean that my skin always gets the care it needs.”

– Sharon Tang, satisfied client

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