Ridduan Ismail

Creative director, Topboi Citizen

Photographer and creative director Ridduan Ismail prefers minimalist looks in neutral colours

More affectionately known as TTFGA (Tukang Tangkap Foto Gembira Anda, which translates to “your happy photographer”), Ridduan Ismail started off his career as a photographer, specialising in street photography. His keen eye for visuals and sharp sense of style eventually led to him becoming the creative director at Topboi Citizen, a modelling agency he co-founded that caters to brands that are looking for male models. He also frequently dabbles in fashion design, styling, curating and modelling himself.

“My personal style right now is pretty much subtle, my looks are very minimalist—I normally opt for black, white, grey or a neutral colour. It’s like a combination of ’90s Jil Sander mixed with ’90s Calvin Klein. If I would like to go with something more daring, I would pick a bright satin shirt, just like the good old days of Gucci when Tom Ford was around,” shares the Kelantan-born creative.

Outfit: Gucci | Jewellery: Panthère de Cartier

“Fashion makes me want to experiment but as I grow older, I like to tone it down a little.”

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