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The fusion of luxurious chocolate and toasty hazelnuts is an internationally beloved pairing. Although gianduja has long been a part of Italian cuisine, the chocolate-hazelnut spread craze really took off with the introduction of Nutella in 1964. Now, the pantry staple is enjoyed in a variety of delicious treats, from croissants to cupcakes—celebrate the indulgence that is Nutella and try out these nine Nutella-filled desserts in Metro Manila.

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1. Stoned Chocolates

Oozing with indulgent Nutella, the croissants from Stoned Chocolates are all but irresistible—especially when briefly toasted to entice a warm, gooey centre and buttery, crisp layers. A picture truly speaks a thousand words, and in the case of these viennoiseries, they whisper: yes, you deserve this.

Order from Stoned Chocolates here.

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2. Wildflour

A go-to for treats sweet and savoury, Wildflour offers an ever-growing variety of bakes to soothe any craving. Among their newest creations are the Cremadettes, a collection of caramelised puff pastries in an assortment of fillings like dulce, coffee, and of course, Nutella. Bite through the crisp sugary shell to find a generous pocket of Nutella in its rich centre.

Order from Wildflour here.

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3. Homemade by Roshan

Roshan Samtani’s homemade desserts are well-loved among sweet-toothed circles. Next to her signature and classic cakes, her range of cookies is perhaps the most popular. Like all her creations, the Nutella chocolate chip cookie is loaded with the freshest and finest ingredients—in this case, the dough is enriched with the sinful chocolate-hazelnut spread, with Ghiradelli chocolate chips mixed throughout.

Order from Homemade by Roshan here.

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4. Apéritif

If you’re on the hunt for a show-stopping cake or simply wish to treat yourself to a decadent, chocolate-filled dessert, the Nutella Tsunami Cake from Apéritif ticks all the boxes. Fit for eight Nutella-loving persons, the cake is a layered creation of chiffon chocolate, chantilly, and Nutella pudding. Get your cameras ready for that momentous pull—it’s an Instagram-worthy sight indeed.

Order from Apéritif here.

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5. Cupcakes by Sonja

The beloved gianduja combination gets an extra nutty twist with these peanut butter Nutella cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja. The solo treat boasts a peanut butter cake base, a luscious Nutella centre, and a Nutella buttercream frosting that is to die for. Coming from a reliable shoppe for cupcakes in every flavour under the sun, you can be certain this is a sure-fire hit.

Order from Cupcakes by Sonja here.

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6. Mo' Cookies

Once a poorly-kept secret tucked away within The Mess Hall at Karrivin Plaza, Mo’ Cookies is now a fan-favourite among cookie monsters throughout the Metro. The time-tested selection of “bigger-than-your-palm” cookies are worthy of any bucket list, beyond just the classic chocolate chip (among the best you can find, with that crisp-yet-chewy texture you know and love). For instance, Nutella-lovers will adore the dark chocolate crinkle, dusted with powdered sugar and stuffed with sweet, sweet Nutella.

Order from Mo' Cookies here.

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7. M Bakery

Banana, chocolate, and hazelnut—a match made in heaven. Whether you opt for one of their grand cakes or snack-friendly cupcakes, the chocolate hazelnut banana cake from M Bakery is a harmonious marriage of the three flavours. Starting with a banana cake studded with chocolate chips, the cake is then filled with Nutella and topped with a Nutella buttercream.

Order from M Bakery here.

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8. Bungalow

Babka grew to become quite the trend in the past couple of years, but bakeries like Bungalow prove it‘s here to stay. Since opening in 2019, Bungalow quickly became an Alabang staple for all sorts of baked goods (doughnuts, most especially), and they've only continued to expand their repertoire. The Nutella babka is one such addition, a soft, twisted loaf with schmears of Nutella braided throughout.

Order from Bungalow here.

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9. A Mano

Rockwell’s ever-popular Italian haunt has not one, but two Nutella-filled desserts to choose from. For a more familiar delight, order A Mano's torta al cioccolato e Nutella, a classic Nutella chocolate cake with double cream. For one with a more surprising texture, try out the focaccia di Recco con Nutella, a Nutella-filled Ligurian flatbread.

Order from A Mano here.


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