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Who doesn't love a gorgeous, flaky, buttery, croissant—and with chocolate too?

The perfect chocolate croissant is hard to come by in the Philippines. We've looked. While trying to capture the same blissful bite from that side-street cafe, park vendor, or picture-perfect French bakery from nearly every city in France, we've hunted down some of the best croissant bakers. Allow every pastry flake and morsel of chocolate to enliven your mornings along with that cup of coffee, or put some pep back in your step during that afternoon merienda. 

See our top-list, here: 

1. Stoned Chocolates

Nothing's more tempting than Stoned Chocolate's version of a chocolate croissant. Filled with delicious Nutella, each bite offers indulgent sweetness, complemented by the impeccable swirls that make this pastry oh-so tempting. 

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2. Butter Boy PH

Butter Boy PH seems to have an intriguing line of croissants ready for their customers. There's red velvet, taro, almond, and more—but most importantly, there's chocolate. You can never go wrong with this classic flavour, so try it out today!

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3. Sweet Bella Desserts

Sweet Bella Desserts is on a mission to win our hearts. With an interesting menu that includes Nutella croissants and pain au chocolat croissants, there's no surprise why we—and their customers—love to get our hands on these. 

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4. Eric Kayser

Eric Kayser is famous for this flaky French pastry! Those who prefer a more traditional palate can try their almond croissant or cheese croissant. An ube variant is also available for those looking for more familiar flavours. However, we have to admit that their chocolate variants—chocolate and almond chocolate—are their pièce de resistance

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A Parisian staple, PAUL is one of the few bakeries known to serve authentic croissants. They have a chocolate-flavoured one, and an almond chocolate-flavoured one—both worth becoming your next breakfast favourite. 

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6. Bake House

A chocolate croissant from Bake House at Shangri-La The Fort is all we need. Hearty and delicious, it's the perfect way to start your day, cap off a meal, or even eat as a snack!

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7. Bungalow Café & Bakery

Since opening its doors to brunch aficionados in the south, Bungalow Café & Bakery has drawn a massive following with their monstrous smoothies, delicious savoury dishes, and of course their beautiful, decadent desserts. Their stunning selection of the French pastry is sure to impress, churning out variants like a hazelnut milk chocolate croissant, the beloved pain au chocolat, and many more, sweet and savoury.

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8. The Daily Knead

The Daily Knead has grown to be a strong competitor in our local bakery scene - and for good reason. The homegrown, quarantine-born brand whips up an astonishing array of baked goods, including traditional products like the Belgian dark chocolate pain au chocolat, and more innovative bakes like the pistachio interpretation with white chocolate, a pistachio cream, and chopped nuts for added texture.

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9. Baker J

Helmed by French pastry chef Nicolas Pasdeloups, Baker J at Crimson Hotel Filinvest seeks to recreate the allure of Parisian cafés through fine French food like croque monsieur, coq au vin, and prized baked delights. Their laborious pain au chocolat has about 80 layers in total, guaranteeing that buttery, flaky experience you look for with every bite.

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10. 28 Derby

In addition to brioche, bagels, and other essential bread, 28 Derby also rolls out crave-worthy sweets like the classic butter croissant and pain au chocolat. Looking for something more unique? Follow them on Instagram to stay updated with their latest bakes - they've also tried their hand other croissant variants, including one filled with a vibrant green matcha custard.

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11. Masa Madre Bakehouse

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's certainly the case with these snapshots of Masa Madre Bakehouse's perfectly golden pain au chocolat. Rightfully their best-seller, this laminated pastry boasts intricate layers of flaky dough, enveloping luscious chocolate within its tender, buttery interiors.

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12. Artisans Playground

From bagels, to sourdough, Hong Kong style sausage buns, to cookies and classic croissants, Artisans Playground is one home-cook who has gotten it right. Try their chocolate croissants which come in a box of four, or grab an assortment of bread to fuel all your cravings. 

13. Ijo Bakery

This Lipa based viennoiserie is no longer a well-kept secret. They are known to make phenomenal bread and dream-worthy pastries. Trust us when we say that a single order of their flakey, semi-sweet chocolate croissant is most definitely not enough. Make sure to order a box (perhaps, boxes) and treat yourself to a carb-fueled ride back home.


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