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Order for yourself, your friends, or the whole family and dig into some crispy golden goodness

Crispy, crackling, juicy, deep-fried and dreamy–there truly is something magical about a great bite of fried chicken, isn’t there?

Sometimes the cure to a hard day is a great meal (it also happens to be the ideal present after a spectacular day). On either occasion, a gorgeous, oily, crunchy and succulent bite of fried chicken can more often than not, does wonders for the soul, if not the body.

Treat yourself to one of these 15 restaurants and let us know what you think:

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1. Chef Carlo's Country Fried Chicken

For a classic, country-fried chicken, look no further. From fried chicken to chicken burgers and curly fries, this spot is a must for your list, thanks to chef Carlo Miguel. Every piece of chicken is boneless too, so don’t be afraid to really dig in.

Tatler Tip: this cloud concept is open 24/7

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2. Fireside and Kettle

Both Fireside and Kettle (sister establishments) serve up some mouthwateringly good comfort food and have perfected their fried chicken. We recommend that you also order their cornbread doughnuts (they are truly sinful, but worth every bite).

Tatler Tip: their trays are perfect for family gatherings.

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3. Nono’s

Chicken and waffles with some sticky syrup has long been a classic, and for good reason. Who doesn’t love the sweet and savoury mix? Visit Nono’s or order for delivery to indulge in this brunch (or any-time-of-day) favourite.

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4. Tetsuo

This Japanese haunt in Poblacion, Tetsuo, serves up crispy fried chicken with a buttermilk brine, and boneless bite-sized karaage prepared with a soy marinade. Their interpretations of these Japanese staples come with house gravy and a unique blend of spices.

Tatler Tip: if you are a fan of spicy food, try their Hot Chicken menu item made with a California Reaper blend.

5. Khao Khai

Another Poblacion favourite, Khao Khai, specialises in chicken—Thai chicken to be exact, so much so that its name actually means chicken rice. Their Bangkok-inspired fried chicken is not what you’d expect of an American country-fried meal but it sure is spectacularly tasty. With less breading, but more marinade and spices, each bite packs a juicy, tangy punch that keeps you coming back for more.

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6. Tipsy Pig

At this gastropub you will find some beautifully fried chicken and chips along with a plethora of other comfort food. Tipsy Pig’s thick-cut chips are a potato-lover's dream. 

7. Mimi and Bros

Try their best-selling Mimi’s fried chicken for a mouthful of some crackling golden breading, or some caramel fish sauce wings if you’re interested in having a new sticky zingy bite for a change of pace. 

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8. Tipple Café

With chef Francis Lim at the helm, you can be sure to get a solid, scrumptious bite of food. Try his fried chicken from Tipple Café and treat yourself to a decadent mouthful.

9. Aguirre Fried Chicken

Led by chef Mikel Zaguirre is Aguirre Fried Chicken, where you will find something you don’t see every day: a whole fried chicken. Yes, that’s right. Whole. This bird has been battered and gorgeously goldened up to a perfect crisp. Not only is it mighty tasty, but this order is definitely Instagram friendly.

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10. Miam Miam Chicken

Miam Miam Chicken (of Aleanza Institute with chefs Rob Pengson and Collen Sia) introduces their take on a classic Thai fried chicken. Order some gai tod chicken wings and see first-hand how mesmerising they are. With a dash of nam prik pla dip or sweet chili sauce, you are in for a treat.

11. Bad Bird

This concept by Low Brow focuses on crunchy, succulent fried chicken with crave-worthy Asian twists. Their umami bites feature Korean and Japanese flavour profiles and can be enjoyed alone, or with rice.

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12. Birdhouse

A brand by the Relish Group (also behind Wee Nam Kee), Birdhouse is known for fusion fried chicken. This is the group’s second home-grown brand, and is one that takes pride in their unique approach to this iconic comfort food. Here you can try Asian inspired flavours and even an exotic mac and cheese fried chicken.

13. Wildflour

At Wildflour, order yourself their chicken and biscuits and revel in the buttery goodness of every bite of their immaculately made biscuits. The order comes with a bacon cream gravy and a honey dipping sauce to complement the crisp chicken skin. However, at the bottom line, the true star of the dish is their decadent classic country biscuit.

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14. Katherine’s Café

For cereal-coated fried chicken, head on over to Katherine’s Café. You can have this crispy indulgence with waffles or garlic fried rice–take your pick and enjoy!

15. Blake’s Wings

At Blake’s, you will be treated to an array of decadent wings dressed in a variety of tasty irresistible flavours, from honey to garlic, a spicy barbecue, and even truffle.

Tatler Tip: their potato wedges and shrimp popcorn are worth ordering too.


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