Katrina Razon believes in the power of self-love—and so should you. Be kind to yourself and your skin by using FillMed kits, which are now available on The Belo Shop!

Self-care is now of utmost importance, and it's amazing how Dr Vicki Belo has put the revolutionary beauty line FillMed within reach. Today, local clientele may finally make use of FillMed's four-step, multipurpose booster kits which they may purchase from The Belo Shop. These luxurious self-care kits are made to bring out the beauty from within—literally and figuratively.

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"Our society loves to focus on self-consciousness," said entrepreneur and yoga mentor Katrina Razon. "Think about the last time you looked [in] the mirror. Did you say something nice about yourself?" Katrina's question prods deep into the minds of many, particularly those who have pledged to care for their skin on a daily basis.

Caring for the skin is one of the most important ways to practise self-love. You can do so by trying FillMed's four-step booster kits which use effective ingredients to give you the confidence to seize the day.

The most powerful hydrating and plumping serum, the FillMed Hydra-Booster, is included in the four-step Hydra BOOST Skin Perfusion Kit. It's an effective hydration moisturiser as it contains 2.5 per cent hyaluronic acid which is known for holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water within the cells. To have improved skin hydration and radiance, moisture retention and protection against irritants and pollution, use the serum with the FillMed cleansing oil, perfecting solution and glycopeel mask. Ceramides also help form the skin's barrier and retain moisture.

The four-step Balance BOOST Skin Perfusion Kit consists of the FillMed cleansing oil, perfecting solution, glycopeel mask, and the FillMed Balance-Booster which has 2.4 per cent lactic acid, 2 per cent salicylic acid content, and zinc gluconate content. The Balance-Booster is designed to accelerate the skin's exfoliation and renewal process all while diminishing stubborn spots and blemishes. It also purifies the skin and leaves it with a mattifying effect.

Included in the Bright BOOST Skin Perfusion Kit is the FillMed Bright-Booster which is made with a combination of acids to make the skin appear healthier and more luminous with its 10 per cent glycolic acid and 2.5 per cent phytic acid content. It also reduces brown spots and prevents the formation of new spots when combined with the FillMed cleansing oil, perfecting solution, and glycopeel mask. 

If you've been looking to repair your skin's moisture barrier, restore its tone and radiance, and encourage its natural hydration process, then try the HAB5 Hydra Skin Perfusion Kit. It consists of the FillMed cleansing oil, perfecting solution, hydration serum, and glycolic acid mask. The ingredients in these products help reduce roughness and dullness while improving the skin's hydration levels. Some key ingredients are gluconolactone, which gently exfoliates, and hyaluronic acid which moisturizes the skin.

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The BD-Balance Skin Perfusion Kit will restore the equilibrium of your skin. It comprises of FillMed cleansing oil, perfecting solution, balance serum, and glycolic acid mask which can alleviate various skin issues to allow you to go bare-faced. This multi-purpose kit has key ingredients—including the anti-acne and antibacterial agent salicylic acid—that help reduce pigmentation and blotchiness and will help you achieve an even-toned complexion. 

Having bright, glowing skin is made possible with the P-Bright Skin Perfusion Kit. Simply use the FillMed cleansing oil, perfecting solution, brightening serum and glycolic acid mask to reduce pigmented spots and combat dullness. Its core ingredients are Phytic acid and Vitamin C which exfoliates and brightens the skin—finally diminishing pesky blemishes.

The C-Light Skin Perfusion Kit can enhance skin radiance and help give you fresh, rested and youthful skin. The four-step kit contains FillMed cleansing oil, perfecting solution, and glycolic acid mask which can get rid of tiredness and dullness. The Vitamin C serum, however, illuminates the skin while gluconolactone gently exfoliates it to make the skin appear softer.

The firming and lifting serum, FillMed cleansing oil, perfecting solution, and glycolic acid mask in the AA-Lift Skin Perfusion Kit helps tighten and lift droopy, saggy skin. Enjoy having youthful and healthy skin by using this four-step kit as it is designed to reverse signs of ageing, especially when it comes to skin laxity, with ingredients like collagen, elastin peptides and Xylose.

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"When we become kinder to ourselves, then it [will show up] on our faces, on our bodies, and the way we handle [the] challenges in our lives," Katrina continued.

Like Katrina, be kind to yourself and your skin. Only then can you gaze at yourself in the mirror with newfound confidence and beauty that is more than skin deep.

Purchase the FillMed booster kits at The Belo Shop: shop.belomed.com.

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