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Who doesn't love Japanese? Find out where to get the best Japanese food, for every mood

At the core of Japanese cuisine is an unwavering dedication to top-tier ingredients, treated with the utmost respect to bring out its best qualities. Embolden this with a unique commitment to sincere hospitality, and it's easy to understand its irresistible allure. Thankfully, a healthy sum of chefs and restaurateurs have committed themselves to bringing this philosophy to the Philippines.

If you're on the hunt for the freshest sushi, most indulgent ramen, or the crispiest tonkatsu in the country, you're in luck—here are the best Japanese restaurants in the Tatler Dining Guide 2022:

This list is in alphabetical order.

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1. Chino

Location: BGC

Known for: one-of-a-kind creations that blend the flavours of Japanese and Mexican cuisine with each bite—think spicy tuna tostadas, soft shell crab tacos, and Wagyu California burritos. Chino's extensive drinks selection is not to miss either, tequila and kakuhi included, of course.

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Tatler Asia
Chino Tuna Tataki
Above Chino's tuna tataki

2. Ippudo

Location: Pasig City

Known for: crave-worthy bowls of ramen with perfectly bouncy noodles and expertly-made broth flown in from Japan. Whether you opt for Ippudo's classic shiromaru, modern akamaru, or spicy karaka varieties, you'll surely leave will a happy belly. Make some room for their impressive side dishes too, such as the gyoza and aburi sushi rolls.

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Tatler Asia
Above Ramen from Ippudo

3. Kazunori

Location: Makati City

Known for: an omakase experience that leaves diners in awe at the expertise of chefs Kuramuri and Saito. Lauded for their quality sushi, Kazunori's omakase only uses the freshest seasonal ingredients available. For a more casual meal, explore the delightful a la carte menus, which range from sushi to soba, sandos to donburi.

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Tatler Asia
Kazunori Omakase Sushi Take-Out Special
Above Kazunori's omakase sushi take-out special

4. Keizo

Tatler Asia
Above Sashimi from Keizo

Location: BGC

Known for: unfussy Japanese food served in a hole-in-the-wall setting. A testament to the timelessness of Japanese cuisine, Keizo is a delicious ode to the classics, be it straightforward sushi or hearty bowls of delectable gyudon.

5. Kimpura

Tatler Asia
Above Sushi from Kimpura

Location: Makati City

Known for: a mouthwatering teppanyaki selection, best enjoyed at the misono table for a front row seat to some culinary theatre. Crisp yet tender tempura is another highlight at Kimpura, which has amassed a loyal patronage for five decades and counting.

6. Maisen Tonkatsu

Location: Taguig

Known for: crisp tonkatsu in a range of yummy iterations. Enjoy Maisen's signature item the traditional way with rice and fresh shredded lettuce, within a fluffy sando, or blanketed in comforting curry gravy. 

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7. Mecha Uma

Location: BGC

Known for: a tasting menu by Mecha Uma's head chef Bruce Ricketts that flaunts the culinarian's creative mind. For a truly sensorial and interactive experience, be sure to grab a seat at the counter. 

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Tatler Asia
Mecha Uma
Above A dish from Mecha Uma

8. Mendokoro Ramenba

Location: Makati City

Known for: perhaps the richest bowls of ramen around, which earned Mendokoro Ramenba a notorious following. While the lines may be intimidating, the popular shoyu ramen, indulgent super chashu ramen, and unique karai tokusei tsukemen are well-worth the wait.

Tatler Asia
Mendokoro Ramenba
Above Shoyu ramen from Mendokoro Ramenba

9. Minami Saki by Astoria

Tatler Asia
Minami Saki by Astoria
Above The big sushi boat from Minami Saki by Astoria

Location: Pasig City

Known for: a colourful range of sushi in various formats, especially the smokey aburi sushi. If you're after a truly show-stopping dish, look no further than Minami Saki's big sushi boat.

10. Miyazaki Gyu

Tatler Asia
Miyazaki Gyu
Above Luxurious Miyazaki Wagyu at Miyazaki Gyu

Loaction: BGC

Known for: exquisite Mizayaki Wagyu, lauded for its sumptuous melt-in-your-mouth character. Enjoy it as beef sushi, in shabu-shabu, or as a simple yet luxurious steak. Better yet, put your faith in the hands of Miyazaki Gyu's discerning chefs with an omakase meal.

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11. Nikkei

Location: Makati City

Known for: lively Japanese-Peruvian dishes that marry the flavours and techniques that hallmark both culinary cultures into one refined restaurant. From the ceviche selection to the delectable mains, all the way to the cocktails, Nikkei will delight with its inspired treats.

Tatler Asia
Nikkei Seared Tuna with Sea Urchin Risotto
Above Nikkei's seared tuna with sea urchin risotto

12. Nikkei Nama Bar

Location: BGC

Known for: the vibrant cuisine you know and love, enlivened in a bar setting with robata items and other specials unique to Nikkei Nama Bar. Come for happy hour and bite your way through the collection of dishes great for sharing, sake sangria in hand. 

Tatler Asia
Nikkei Nama Chirashi
Above Nikkei Nama's chirashi

13. Nobu Manila

Location: Parañaque City

Known for: internationally celebrated dishes from the mind of celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, like the famed black cod miso. Whether you've booked for an intimate date night in the floating cabanas, a large family get together in one of the private rooms, or simply wish to take your seat at the bar, you're in for a sophisticated evening at Nobu.

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14. Ogawa

Tatler Asia
Above A sushi platter from Ogawa

Location: BGC

Known for: authentic Japanese food, plain, simple, and oh-so-good. If you're on the hunt for a no-frills meal that celebrates the cuisine's greatest hits, Ogawa is the place for you.

15. Senju

Tatler Asia
Senju Salmon Sashimi
Above Senju's salmon oyako don

Location: Mandaluyong City

Known for: magnificent sushi, teppanyaki, udon, and more, all the way to the sake range. As Edsa Shangri-La, Manila's dedicated Japanese restaurant, Senju promises a delightful gastronomic experience.

16. Sugi

Location: Makati City

Known for: traditional Japanese food in a humble and cosy setting that allows the dishes to speak for themselves. Family-owned since 1983, Sugi keeps customers coming back for more with personal service and reliable dishes.

Tatler Asia
Above Sushi from Sugi

17. Tsukiji

Location: Makati City

Known for: the best, freshest seafood, straight from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Fish Market. This dedication to quality extends well beyond Tsukiji's sushi offerings, with Wagyu steaks that may just compete with steakhouses around the metro.

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Tatler Asia
Above Sushi from Tsukiji

18. Umu

Location: Makati City

Known for: delicious dishes across the many facets of Japanese food. Sushi, teppanyaki, udon, sukiyaki—dive into one and feast on all it has to offer, or graze across Umu's extensive menu; the choice is yours.

Tatler Asia
Umu Sukiyaki
Above Umu's sukiyaki

19. Yabu: House of Katsu

Location: BGC

Known for: irresistibly golden and crisp katsu designed in partnership with chef Kazuya Takeda, who holds a Michelin Bib Gourmand star for his speciality in the dish. Explore Yabu's chicken, fish, and prawn katsu dishes, or find comfort in the infallible tonkatsu.

20. Yakumi

Location: Parañaque City

Know for: an extravagant all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch that lets you curate your own gastronomic adventure. Enjoy fresh oysters and sashimi, sinful steaks and foie gras, and beautifully crunchy tempura to excite the senses. Treat yourself to Yakumi's whimsical dessert bento to top it off, and swing by the candy cart to bring home some goodies, too.

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Tatler Asia
Yakumi - Maguro Carpaccio
Above Yakumi's maguro carpaccio

21. Yamazato

Location: Pasay City

Known for: omakase dinners and thoughtfully-curated teppanyaki sets, great for easy, elegant meals—simply sit back, relax, and indulge. From the tableware to the interiors, the service staff's kimonos to, of course, the authentic Japanese dishes, Yamazato effortlessly transports guests to Japan. 

Tatler Asia
Yamazato Autumn-Winter Kaiseki
Above Yamazato's autumn-winter kaiseki

22. Yayoi

Tatler Asia
Yayoi Mix Toji Teishoku
Above Yayoi's mix toji teishoku

Location: Makati City

Known for: bang-for-your-buck sets that don't leave much to be desired. Yayoi celebrates the beauty of teishoku, which are at once generous yet well-balanced with steamed rice, miso soup, vegetables, pickles, and your dish of choice. Juicy karaage, luxurious unagi, and flavoursome sukiyaki are just three of the many options to choose from!

23. Yurakuen

Tatler Asia
Above Sushi selection from Yurakuen

Location: Manila City

Known for: superb Japanese cuisine that stays true to its roots, executing the classics to a T. Dine in one of Yurakuen's private dining rooms or find some zen energy in the scenic hall with floor-to-ceiling windows. 

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