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Toothsome paella, crisp cochinillo, refreshing sangria, and luxurious jamón—what's not to love about Spanish food?

Spanish food holds a special place in our hearts (and stomachs) for different reasons. For some, it is the food that our families would gather around every Sunday, reminiscent of childhood memories shared over plates of steaming paella. For others, it encourages a festive gathering where bowls of gambas and salpicao run endlessly out of the kitchen, and carafes of sangria never run dry. No matter the reason, we can all agree on one thing: Spanish fare is undeniably delicious. 

Indulge in ever-vibrant Spanish cuisine at these 15 destinations—the best Spanish restaurants in the Tatler Dining Guide 2022:

This list is in alphabetical order.

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1. Bar Pintxos

Location: Makati City

Known for: sophisticated bites of traditional and modern pintxos, from the classic salmon with goats cheese and caviar, to the indulgent ternera y foie with tenderloin and foie gras. Vibrant tapas, rotating specials, and spirited beverages add to the excitement, making Bar Pintxos the ideal setting for catch-ups with friends between potent sips and decadent bites.

Tatler Asia
Bar Pintxos
Above Ternera y Foie from Bar Pintxos

2. Barcino

Location: San Juan City

Known for: a lengthy portfolio of familiar Spanish eats, including a generous collection of paella and sangria. Great for big groups, there's a tantalising dish or two for everyone at Barcino—don't miss out on happy hour, either.

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Paella mixta from Barcino
Above Paella mixta from Barcino

3. BCN by Las Flores

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Pulpo asado from BCN by Las Flores
Above Pulpo asado from BCN by Las Flores

Location: BGC

Known for: inspired takes on the classics, marrying Basque cuisine with global techniques and borderless flavours. From the crab and uni paella to the morcilla (blood sausage), foie gras, onion jam, and pan de sal pintxo, BCN by Las Flores invites a vivacious, devil-may-care evening, fortified by its extensive wine, cocktails, and gin and tonic selection.

4. Bueno Tapas and Wine Restaurant

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Bueno Tapas and Wine Restaurant
Above Dishes from Bueno Tapas and Wine Restaurant

Location: Pasig City

Known for: uplifting dishes reflective of the executive chef's travels throughout San Sebastian. Graze your way through the Bueno Tapas and Wine menu or indulge in hearty dishes like arroz meloso de rabo de buey (oxtail in creamy risotto), estofado de res (braised beef stew), or the one-of-a-kind pasta creations on offer.

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5. Cirkulo

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Paella Valenciana from Cirkulo
Above Paella Valenciana from Cirkulo

Location: Makati City

Known for: comfort food that spans generations. A timeless choice for Sunday lunches and milestone celebrations since 1995, Cirkulo remains a reliable favourite for its delicious dishes and the heartwarming nostalgia that coats every spoonful. 

6. Enye by Chele Gonzalez

Location: Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Known for: a delectable celebration of Spanish cuisine and its storied past in Filipino history. Enye features traditional plates that chef Chele González believes are best left untouched, as well as innovative dishes that showcase the quirky chef's bravado.

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Cebu lechon tacos from Enye by Chele Gonalez
Above Cebu lechon tacos from Enye by Chele Gonalez

7. Hola Bombón

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Jamón pintxo from Hola Bombon
Above Jamón pintxo from Hola Bombón

Location: Makati City

Known for: fan-favourite dishes reimagined in a playful pintxos bar set-up. Hola Bombón beams with a youthful atmosphere, an energetic hub where afternoon drinks might quickly turn into a rambunctious feast, signature cocktails in hand.

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8. La Pícara

Location: BGC

Known for: offbeat creations that blur the lines of Spanish cuisine. With kimchi croquetas, Wagyu fondue, and even chilli crab paella enlivening the tropical-chic restaurant, La Pícara doesn't take itself too seriously and invites its diners to follow suit. Snack on their funky dishes and sip on delectable Spanish wines as you watch the sunset on the spacious balcony.

9. Las Flores

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Chicken and pork paella from Las Flores
Above Chicken and pork paella from Las Flores

Location: BGC

Known for: beloved Spanish picks with contemporary flair. Opening in 2013, Las Flores soon became a regular haunt among fervent foodies thanks to dishes like mini hamburgesas de Wagyu (Wagyu sliders) and conos de tartar de salmon (salmon tartar cones).

10. Pablo Bistro

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Goat cheese and mixed greens salad from Pablo Bistro
Above Goat cheese and mixed greens salad from Pablo Bistro

Location: Makati City

Known for: light bites ideal for a leisurely feed, including a slew of tapas, cheese and Iberico platters, and paella for one. A neighbourhood deli-bistro in the heart of Salcedo, Pablo beams with a cosy charm, great for intimate get-togethers.

11. Rambla

Location: Makati City

Known for: mouthwatering tapas that blend delicate flavours with decadent indulgences, plus abundant paella and succulent meats to top it all off. Oft-revisited for dishes like air baguettes with truffle cream and salmon or beef tenderloin bites with pate and apple purée, Rambla is a loungey, relaxed locale, ideal for sangrias and gin and tonics—both of which they are known to do well, too.

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12. Terry's Bistro

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Black paella from Terry's
Above Black paella from Terry's Bistro

Location: Mandaluyong City

Known for: reliable Spanish dishes by chef JC de Terry, and top-quality ingredients items from the in-house deli. A consistent favourite among experienced gourmands, Terry's Bistro continues to win over new patrons, 22 years later.

13. Tomatito

Location: Taguig City

Known for: showcasing the festive Spanish culinary tradition that is tapas. Though the generous mains are well-worth a try, Tomatito is a colourful study in the art of enjoying tapas: indulging in a little bit of everything, over hours of vibrant chatter and bottles of vino.

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14. Txanton

Location: Makati City

Known for: a passionate dedication to Spanish wine and prized jamón. Txanton guides its guests through an exquisite tasting of Spain's renowned cured meats, including variants of jamón and chorizo, skilfully paired with the selection of wines from their impressive selection.

15. Txoko Asador

Location: Makati City

Known for: mind-boggling twists on the familiar, along with precious classics given a refined touch. Must-try dishes like pan con tomate and patatas bravas are reimagined to engage both the mind and the senses. Yet, mains like the paellas, callos, and grilled tomahawk showcase the kitchen's mastery of traditional techniques. Together with its expertly-curated beverage list, this skill and vision makes Txoko Asador well-deserving of Tatler Dining's Best New Restaurant Award for 2022.


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