Tatler Dining reveals the Tatler Dining Guide 2022 - read on to find out what's new and what to expect

Tatler Dining is thrilled to launch the 2022 Tatler Dining Guide! As many of you know this annual release was previously titled the Best Restaurants Guide. Now, region-wide in all Asian countries that have Tatler, we are proud to reveal our new rebranded title. The book is called the Tatler Dining Guide; it has a fresh new look and is stronger than ever! This year we are thrilled to spotlight 193 must-try restaurants and honour a select few with some special awards.

The past two years have been devastating for the F&B industry and thus we chose not to publish a guide for 2021. This year we came to the decision that the Tatler Dining Guide will not be produced in the same way it was in the past, due to the circumstances. Flipping through our pages you will notice that there are no longer dine-in reviews, but instead, you will find write-ups describing each sought-after eatery and why one should dine there. Despite not being able to do dine-in reviews, we have produced a thorough guide full of information about the incredible restaurants in the Philippines. The 2022 guide was compiled with the help of our voting and reviewing panel, filled with industry leaders and discerning foodies, along with the Tatler editorial team.

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This year, we sought to celebrate restaurants and bars that have been the most innovative, resourceful, industrious, consistent, and delicious. The importance of the dining experience has never been more underscored than during these past two years. We experienced the loss of our favourite eateries and realised exactly how integral the F&B industry truly is to our happiness. As Filipinos, we do not eat to live, but live to eat. Pampering others, gathering with friends and family, plus exquisite food are part of who we are and what we love.

Yes, things have changed in the industry, for diners, and with our habits, but our need for one another remains, only now more pronounced. Restaurateurs, chefs and bar-owners have definitely proven that they are resilient, passionate, and optimistic; despite the hardships they have innovated, created, and continued to serve—doing what they do the very best of. When we could not be together, making memories over shared tables, they brought happiness into our homes.

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To have observed loyal patrons unwavering in their continued support, and the powerful return of diners flocking back towards the dine-in experience was nothing short of a beautiful thing. So, now that new life is being breathed into the country’s dining establishments, and the future is looking brighter, bolder, and more exciting, we eagerly anticipate experiencing all that the dining community can offer.

The Tatler Dining Guide is Co-Presented by HSBC. Supported by Santa Ana Gin.


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