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Elevate your evenings (and afternoons or brunch-hour mornings) with delightful pours from these 14 wine shops - without even having to leave your home.

Nowadays, it feels like time stands endlessly still and the world's come to a dreary halt - but that doesn't mean the vino has to stop pouring. By now, you’ve probably found your favourite take-out joints. But have you found the perfect bottle to go with it? Explore the wonderful world of wine and have your picks delivered to your doorstep with these 14 wine shops.

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1. Cork Wine Bar & Shop

Located in The Fort, Cork is a stunning wine shop, enclosed in glass, with towering ceilings, and sophisticated interiors by Casanova Interior. It is known to house top shelf labels from esteemed vineyards, and proudly works towards their dream of elevating wine culture in the Philippines. Not only do they serve exquisite pours but Cork is also a prime dining destination too. 

2. Wine Story

Wine Story brings wine lovers to the enthralling world of fine wine. They are a luxury wine retailer in the Philippines, founded in 2010 with the vision of making wine culture a part of people's everyday lives. While browsing through Wine Story's roster of whites, reds and roses you will find only the finest wines that money can buy. They have an impressive and extensive collection of French wines, sourced from vineyards in Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne. Education is important to the brand and their goal of making wine more a part of people's worlds. They have articles and guides on their website that teach readers about pairings, wine history, vineyards, and the very basics of wine. 

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3. Premium Wine Exchange (PWX)

Whether you’re a casual wine enthusiast or an experienced restaurateur operating the country’s finest establishments, you're likely familiar with Premium Wine Exchange (PWX). For AMI Tastemaker Jojo Madrid, who co-founded the enterprise, it’s all about putting the customer first. “We guarantee that every customer is absolutely satisfied with the product he or she purchased from our store”, says the 2021Tastemaker, proudly sharing that the entire PWX staff is either “WSET certified or undergoing certification”. Rest assured you’ll be well taken care of at PWX.

Shop PWX here.

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4. has one of the largest collections of wine in the country, representing the globe’s most well-known wine regions and their most sought-after varieties. Apart from the broad selection of wine - as well as the liquors, pantry staples, and bar essentials also available on their website, shopping from has the added benefit of attractive, competitive prices. 

Shop here.

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5. Wine Drop

The best wines come from passionate, knowledgeable wine connoisseurs, and the team behind Wine Drop certainly fit the bill. After establishing AWC Philippines - a local importer and distributor specialising in family-owned wineries from around the globe - these winos set on a mission to “share [their] passion for wine and food with [us], while guaranteeing that the wine [we] are about to take a sip of was curated especially for [us]”. 

Tatler Tip: need a bit of wine wisdom before you order? Browse through their blog for the lowdown on pizza pairings, wines for the summer, and more educational tidbits, or contact them directly for some expert assistance.

Shop Wine Drop here.

6. Ralph’s Wine and Spirits

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Ralph's Wine & Spirits Offiical Facebook Page
Above Photo: Ralph's Wine & Spirits Offiical Facebook Page

With a shop around every corner, Ralph’s has undeniably become a go-to spot for picking up wine and spirits throughout the metro and beyond. Thankfully, the reliable retailer also offers delivery services, making a haul from Ralph’s that much easier - simply visit their website and browse through their bountiful collection to have your next sip delivered to your door.

Shop Ralph's Wine and Spirits here.

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7. Bacchus Épicerie

Bacchus is a cherished gastronomic treasure for discerning foodies, importing some of the world's best premium ingredients, luxe kitchen equipment, and of course delicious wine. Helmed by wine expert and 2021 Tastemaker Alex Lichaytoo, gourmands can shop worry-free from Bacchus’ sprawling selection knowing they’re in for great picks, no matter the price point.

Tatler Tip: beyond their brilliant wine portfolio, Bacchus’ wines are extra valuable because each outlet is fitted with a temperature-controlled room that keeps the bottles at their optimum temperature. In addition, their in-house sommeliers are well-trained to help guide you to your next purchase, whether you’re looking for something with a specific flavour profile, something to match your meal, or open to something completely new.

Shop Bacchus Épiecerie here.

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8. Wine Depot

Be it through virtual tastings or handy pages that delve into taste profiles and food pairings, Wine Depot is dedicated to helping you discover your own wine preferences - a key insight that acts as your north star when lost in a sea of unfamiliar bottles. Get acquainted with your palate’s preferences with the store’s impressive collection, grouped by taste profiles and food pairing for greater convenience.

Shop Wine Depot here.

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Wine Depot Official Facebook Page
Above Photo: Wine Depot Official Facebook Page

9. Txanton

Glasses of fine wine, ribbons of mouthwatering jamón, an assortment of decadent Spanish cheese, and rich, indulgent chocolates - sounds like an ideal Tuesday night if you ask me. Curate your own epicurean experience and browse through Txanton’s selection of gourmet goods, which include everything you need for a delicious night in.

Tatler Tip: not sure what to buy? Gift yourself one of their ready-made gift boxes (or better yet, one of their exquisite executive suitcases) for special evenings made easy.

Shop Txtanton here.

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10. Don Revy

Although Don Revy is smaller and younger than others on the list, the speciality store uses this to their advantage. Positioning themselves as a boutique brand, they take pride in offering a younger, fresher selection of wines and spirits waiting to be discovered and certainly worthy of a sip (or a guzzle). Their portfolio is “not mainstream nor overrated”, taking on the noble challenge of “being a catalyst that brings about a global perspective and experience to our customers.” Bottom line: if you’re on the lookout for lesser-known wineries, Don Revy is the shop for you.

Shop Don Revy here.

11. Manila Wine

Seeking out a comprehensive, all-encompassing wine experience? Manila Wine has you covered. Between concierge services that cater to your every need, virtual and in-person wine appreciation workshops, and of course, a stunning selection of wine varieties from Aglianico to Zinfandel, the brand is committed to cultivating your love of wine.

Tatler Tip: Manila Wine also offers private wine appreciation workshops for parties of two to 14 where they guide you through five different varietals while teaching you all about the wine-making process and the different types of wine.

Shop Manila Wine here.

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Theme Photos \ Unsplash
Above Photo: Theme Photos \ Unsplash

12. Estate Wines

Visit Estate Wine’s website to read through some of their helpful blogs, which includes a quick read that pairs bottles from their selection with delicious dishes from Savage, The Black Pig, and more. 

Tatler Tip: Looking for a hard-to-find label? Shoot them an email - they’ll see what they can do.

Shop Estate Wine here.

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Tatler Asia Official Facebook Page
Above Photo: Official Facebook Page is the perfect starting point for anyone looking for an easygoing introduction to wine or to deepen their familiarity with all things vino. Their curated selection celebrates quality wine from boutique wineries around the world, spanning approachable entry-level bottles to special-occasion labels. 

Tatler Tip: check out their glossary of must-know wine terms to guide you as you browse.

Shop here.

14. Happy Living

This retailer is all about bringing you essential pours that make for a happier life - namely, beautiful bottles of wine. Established by a family of wine enthusiasts, Happy Living showcases skilled winemakers from some of the globe’s best regions, taking you on a delicious trip around the world with every sip.

Shop Happy Living here.

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15. Terroir Wine PH

If you’re on the hunt for the next big name in wine, look no further than Terroir Wine PH. The local wine importer and distributor is “geared towards bringing wines from rising star producers across the world to introduce to our market”, highlighting the talents of smaller, boutique and family-owned wineries.

Shop Terroir Wine PH here.

16. La Bodega

Emboldened by his desire to share his love of vino, Alfonso “Almond” Javier presents a portfolio of wine that is comparably humble yet remarkably considered. Representing renowned regions from France, Argentina, South Africa, and many other essential locales, the selection from La Bodega is a sincere demonstration of wine’s diversity.

Tatler Tip: shopping at La Bodega is an exceptionally personal experience, adding great value to every bottle you open. Whether you’re unsure about which bottles give you more bang-for-your-buck or need some assistance in pairing wines for your upcoming feast, just reach out - Almond will happily lend you a hand.

Shop La Bodega here.

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