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Take a moment away from all the fuss from the outside world. Follow these nine helpful tips to start practising self-care at home:

Just for a moment, forget about everything happening outside your door and allow yourself to breathe because keeping your mental health in check is just as important as keeping fit amidst a pandemic. As we're all required to self-isolate to stay safe, we may be susceptible to grief, anxiety, and depression.

Stress caused by these troubling times has even affected others' way of life. Many have found it difficult to concentrate or get a good night's sleep. Some have noticed changes in appetite and interests. Unfortunately, many have also lost interest in hobbies they enjoyed in the past. Given that mental health interweaves our emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing, it's wise to start practising healthier ways to prevent or appease stressful times.

1. Stick To A Routine

Consistent self-care is a must to see results. Create a routine that will make you feel good in the morning and that you can easily stick to within the next few days. You may either include practices that will help you get up in the morning and motivate you to get through the day. Naturally, you'll feel much better knowing that you have a stable and consistent routine day by day.

2. Sleep For Hours Without Guilt

We all have responsibilities to take care of, but without proper sleep and good health, it would be quite impossible to carry out our tasks the right way. Clear your head and dedicate eight or nine hours of sleep once in a while. Make things extra fun by spoiling yourself with new comfortable pillows and duvets, scented candles to light up, and a warm cup of tea before taking a rejuvenating sleep.

3. Limit Scrolling Through The News

It's important to get ahead of the news especially during these times. But it also wouldn't hurt to lay off doomscrolling for a while. Refrain from browsing through a string of bad news as it can harm you emotionally and psychologically. Instead, scroll through feeds that radiate positivity, and you'll notice how easy it is to absorb and release good energy around you.

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4. Don't Succumb To Emotional Eating

Don't be too hard on yourself and munch on your favourite snacks. However, you should also know your limits. Avoid overeating, especially when you're not hungry. Some call this emotional eating, which happens when a person tries to cope in response to a particular situation such as an on-going pandemic. To avoid this, you must learn what triggers this. Easily distract yourself by doing chores, reading a book, or exercising. You must also remind yourself to keep having a balanced diet.

5. Try Out A New Makeup Look

We're all stuck at home, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up, apply make-up, and feel gorgeous. Look up makeup looks that you've always found creative or challenging then try to recreate what you've found. Don't be afraid to make mistakes—you're home, anyway! If you're up for a bigger challenge, apply different makeup looks every other day and create a compilation of some of your best looks.

6. Meditate Before Bed

It might be difficult to catch some sleep lately. But it's not at all impossible to return to your usual sleep schedule. To help you calm down and fall asleep, try meditating or practising yoga. This can clear your mind and relax the body, eventually getting you sleepy. 

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7. Indulge In Cooking Recipes

We've seen how people have cooked and baked their stress away during the pandemic. That's because this pastime usually can help relax an individual. If you usually cook at home, try out something new by cooking a new recipe you've always wanted to do. For those who are doing kitchen duties for the first time, bake something exciting and easy that you can share with the rest of the household. Don't put too much pressure on the process and remember to have fun with it!

8. Plan A Travel Itinerary

Whether you dream of returning to Paris, Lake Geneva, Batanes, or even Bali, you can plan out the ultimate itinerary of your ideal vacation. Think of destinations that you wish you've visited before the pandemic began, tourist spots you could have travelled to, and food you could've tried. Once the pandemic rolls out, you'll have made a detailed and unique itinerary—one that's special and will remind you that you've made it through all this time.

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9. Check On Yourself And Others

Don't forget to check on yourself. How are you feeling lately? Have you been eating right? Have you been getting enough sleep? Observe your state and don't be afraid to pamper yourself from time to time. While putting yourself first is necessary, it would also be helpful to check up on your loved ones. Call friends you haven't talked to in a while, reach out to people you don't usually talk to, or even strike a conversation with your family.

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