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Crispy, crackly chicken skin, surrounding juicy meat, nestled in fluffy perfectly chewy bread - what more can you ask for? Find out where to order the best fried chicken burgers and sandwiches by checking out this list

Burgers are simple meals that are grilled (or perhaps I should say fried) into our brains thanks to the comforting, scrumptious memories and happy moments we associate with each bite. Fried chicken burgers make no exception. That perfect crunchy seasoned skin, succulent chicken, sour hints of pickle or coleslaw, a certain tangy secret sauce, and pillowy buttered buns can truly ease troubles away and make you feel like a giddy child again. Hungry yet? Find out where to order the best fried chicken sandwiches here: 

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Known for crispy, succulent and darn good chicken sandwiches, Fowlbread won’t let you down. Head on over and get ready to satisfy any and all of your crispy chicken cravings. Their OG chicken sandwich comes with a thin crisp of fried chicken skin that you can layer into your burger for some mouthwatering crunchy goodness.

Tatler Tip: If you are looking for a veggie option, try their Scamwich. It's made with a delectable tofu patty that is so tasty, you won’t be missing chicken. It even comes with fried tofu skin in replacement of chicken skin.

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Shake Shack

Shake Shack has several chicken burger options on its menu aside from its go-to beef patties. There is a reason this brand is so loved worldwide; all of their burgers are juicy and seasoned to perfection. Their chicken meat is 100 per cent all-natural with no added hormones or antibiotics, is hand-breaded, and cooked-to-order. The chicken burger is served on a non-GMO Martin’s potato roll that comes with some buttermilk herb mayo too.

Check out their Instagram here.

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8 Cuts

The chick-wich burger from 8 Cuts of The Moment Group is definitely worth a try. Crispy, tender, and oh so crave-able, you can even choose from a selection of flavour-packed sauces too, like salt & pepper, buffalo, truffle honey, BBQ bacon butter, and garlic parm. Have some fun and enhance each and every bite.

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Their crispy chicken burger will quench your cravings in no time. Pound by FooDee Global Concepts from the Dee family promises a yummy, comforting meal. And, they deliver on that through this tasty dish. It comes with a tangy sweet-spiced sauce which gives the sandwich a little extra something special.

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This sandwich features a big chunk of boneless fried chicken that is coated with Gochujang’s homemade ssamjaang chili glaze, and served with fresh romaine lettuce and Kewpie vegetable slaw encased in a buttery brioche bun.

Tatler Tip: Pair this with their house cold brew lychee tea

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From The Moment Group comes Cuckoo. Fried chicken legs, wings and strips plus an array of crispy chicken burgers decorate its menu. The Cuckoo Chix Wich comes in a variety of flavours: savoury, buttery, mildly sweet, or mildly spicy.

Tatler Tip: You can (and probably should) also order a side of deep-fried chicken butts too (aka the Cuckoo fried butt bombs). Lastly, add some fried mac n’ cheese to your cart too, before checking out.

Check out their website here.

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Nono’s chicken sandwich is covered in a finger-licking sweet-spicy honey Sriracha glaze which adds a spunky kick. This burger comes with fries too! The crispy chicken fillet is topped with fresh coleslaw and comes between two beautiful oatmeal buns.

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Check out their Instagram here.

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Burger Beast

Chef Carlo Miguel whips up a mean chicken Caesar burger. Do you love Caesar salad? Do you love fried chicken? Well, put the two together and you are in for a serious treat. Doesn’t a perfectly crunchy yet moist piece of chicken drizzled with Caesar dressing, layered with bits of bacon and egg, all hugged together in a buttery bun sound so tempting?

Tatler Tip: If you want something a little more punchy, try their buffalo chicken burger. 

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Side Chick

Side Chick by Justin Golangco is known for their signature OG FCS (fried chicken sandwich). However they also whip up specials like their fillet-o-fish, avo katsu sandwich, curried chicken salad on rye, and a falafel wrap.

Tatler Tip: keep an eye on their Instagram for their menu frequently changes and they do sell out!

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