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We're on the hunt for the perfect egg tart—and have managed to find it in seven of these delightful bakeshops

I remember eating egg tarts as a child on Sundays. These were special treats, pastries that were brought out only feel-good days with the family. Egg tarts have remained a staple for many Filipinos, and to me, they are a personal favourite. Though its flavours are mild, it offers eaters a melange of textures that are sure to excite. From creamy middles to crunchy bases and exciting flavour additions, each of these egg tarts provides us with a taste of something nostalgic and comforting.

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Lord Stow's

We start the list off with a classic: Lord Stow's Bakery. This Macau bakery has found a home in the Philippines for over a decade now and is a childhood favourite of mine. Their signature Portuguese egg tart is rich and creamy, with a sturdy crust to complement the flavour. Perfect with a mug of coffee to enhance the mild yet dynamic nuances that come with every bite. 

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Egg Tarts MNL

Egg Tarts Manila shares their bold take on the eponymous pastry, filling each of them with a fun flavour that's sure to delight. In the heart of every tart is either ube, chocolate, matcha, or dulce de leche filling. Of course, an original version is also available for those looking for something familiar and comforting. 

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Tarts Tita

Looking for something savoury after your sweet treat? Try Tarts Tita. This small bakery is particularly famous among ube lovers—having egg tarts that come in ube, ube macapuno, and ube langka flavours. Aside from that, they're also the masterminds behind the intriguing chicken a la king tarts which are the perfect appetiser (or merienda) to complement your meal. 

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Baked Puff

Decadent, buttery pastries are the heart and soul of Baked Puff. This humble shop offers a variety of must-try treats, but today we have our eyes set keenly on their Portuguese egg tarts. Its generous filling is complemented by a crunchy crust made from dough that's been laminated perfectly! 

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GATS' Egg Tart

GATS' Egg Tarts are something to behold. Incredibly tempting, they come in two flavours: original, with milky white filling, and ube, with two layers of rich cream. Their ube variant boasts of a decadent ube filling, one we can't wait to sink our teeth into. Because the layers are evenly distributed on top of the other, each bite makes for a perfectly balanced flavour explosion!

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Yolk Goodies

We love exciting flavours, which is why Yolk Goodies gets a mention on our list today. Aside from their crunchy, creamy original egg tart, Yolk Goodies also offers sinful flavours that are worth the thrill. Matcha red bean egg tart, caramel mocha egg tart, Chocnut egg tart, and even lemon egg tarts! They've got it for all you adventurous snackers out there. 

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M&Jo Delights

M&Jo Delights incorporates plenty of love into their recipes. As a result, they have adorable egg tarts in a variety of flavours. From Nutella to matcha, to the ever-present original, each egg tart is made delicately to suit your tastes, without being too sweet. 

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