This home-grown passion project by an entrepreneurial mum has turned into a full fledged micro-bakery!

Did you know that everything that comes out of The Daily Knead kitchen is made without any preservatives or extenders? For Franchesca Herring, The Daily Knead’s head-baker and mum-in-charge, making healthy and top-notch bread for her three boys was of utmost importance to her.

“My love of baking started at a very young age. I used to sell baked goods in school, I even joined bazaars to sell sweet treats. More than just the eating and tasting part, I really love the process. It’s quite therapeutic,” shares Franchesca, who is not ashamed to say that she has no professional training as a baker.

What can you find at The Daily Knead? From sourdough, brioche, Hokkaido milk loaves, muscovado chocolate chip cookies to babkas, and even pancake batter, this micro-bakery has definitely spread its wings.  

Despite being born during quarantine, sisters Franchesca and her sister Francine Gacrama have executed a stylish brand that serves up baked goods to be proud of. “I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I am a mom of three boys,” says Franchesca. “Before the ECQ I had quite a bit of 'mom-guilt' as I struggled to find the time to spend with my kids. Life has a funny way of making things work out. When the pandemic hit, and we were forced to stay home, I finally was able to spend time with the kids and create delicious food in the kitchen with them,” she continued.

Franchesca tells me that thanks to her children, The Daily Knead was born! With no formal training, but quite a bit of experience in the school of home-cooking and baking, this super-mum made her passions come to life after the pandemic forced her to close her furniture store-cum-cafe: Artesania Lifestyle Cafe. 

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As time flew by, demand grew and Franchesca was faced with the happy problem of figuring out how to scale up. Her marketing and brand-oriented sister, Francine, jumped on board to help elevate The Daily Knead. Francesca also pulled in reinforcements for the kitchen with chef Dame Mielle de Vela who was the chef at their now-closed cafe. While Francesca still bakes with him for The Daily Knead, it has proven to be a good decision to have chef Dame step in to helm the kitchen. These days she spends more time with the day to day operations of her now micro-bakery. “It used to be just me and my trusty KitchenAid in the bakery.  We have now expanded to a team of six just to be able to accommodate all the order of our clients!”

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