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Some of the finest things in the world don't have to last a lifetime; sometimes they only last seconds, especially when savoured by a sweet tooth

There is one sure-fire way to know if a chocolate bar is really good: when you hope and pray that each bite doesn't bring you closer to its sweet finish. Have you ever noticed that with truly great chocolate, each morsel is so intense it seems almost disrespectful not to close your eyes and shed a little tear? 

Besides its captivating sweet and bitter taste, there are plenty of reasons why chocolates are thought by many to be the perfect dessert; they are found to have high levels of antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals and reduce the risk of having heart diseases and cancer. Some studies also suggest that these little snacks have the power to lower cholesterol levels and even alleviate stress.

In a world where it's almost sinful to hate these little brown treats, there are businesses and people who have made it their life's work to make the finest chocolates. We list out the world's most luxurious and expensive chocolates to help you build that must-try bucket list. 

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1. Knipschildt La Madeline au Truffe

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First on the list is Knipschildt's La Madeline au Truffe which was recognised by Forbes as the "most expensive chocolate in the world." The base of this is extravagant treat is made of 70 per cent Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil, and vanilla. If you think that's all, wait until you see the truffle rolled in fine cocoa powder! 

Price: USD 25000 (about PHP 1,287,000)

Important note: This product only has a seven-day shelf life, because of this, it can only be shipped via Next Day Air Saver.

2. Delafee Gold Swiss chocolate with an antique gold coin

There is nothing else that spells luxury than scrumptious chocolates wrapped in edible 24 karat gold. Each box of Delafee Gold Swiss chocolate comes with an antique gold coin from the Swiss central bank, a lovely 1910 memorabilia that you can keep, trade, and collect.

Price: CHF 470.00 (about PHP 26,152.67)

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3. To'ak Dark Chocolate Guyasamin - Duality Blend

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To'ak has some of the world's best-tasting chocolates; one of their products is the To'ak dark chocolate Guyasamin–duality blend which was inspired by the late Oswaldo Guyasamin, Ecuador's most celebrated artist.

Price: USD 450 (about PHP 23,166)

Tatler Trivia: A lot of people in Ecuador consider Oswaldo Guayasamín a national hero. His legacy includes the completion of the chapel La Capilla del Hombre which pictures the plight of indigenous peoples in Latin America.

4. Marie Belle 100pc Cien Chocolate Ganache Blue Box

There are many things in the world we're not sure of, but we are very certain of this: one chocolate is not enough to satisfy your cravings. With Marie Belle's chocolate ganache blue box, you get a hundred treats. Made from the finest ingredients and culinary practices, each piece boasts an iconic design and taste.

Price: USD 290 (about PHP 14,292)

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5. Maison Debauve & Gallais, Le Royale 54

The Maison Debauve & Gallais Le Royale 54 is an assortment of chocolate full of varying flavours. Each piece offers a different and long-lasting taste that lingers on your tongue. Get this box and enjoy a variety of fine-grained pralines and smooth ganaches with melting centres and contrasting blends.

Price: USD 285 (about PHP 14,671.8)

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6. Richart Signature Palets d'Or

Not many can rival the taste of Richart's signature Palets d'Or. These small yet irresistible sweets feature a soft and silky ganache made from Bresse and single-origin cocoa from Peru, with edible gold. In picking up each piece, you'll immediately notice the intense aromatic notes of cocoa with a hint of tartness. 

Price: USD 27 per piece (about PHP 1,389 per piece)

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7. Voges Chocolate Meditation Collection

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Voges has named this product "meditation" for a reason. If you want to heighten your eating experience, grab this chocolate box and follow the steps the brand has prepared

  • Close your eyes and shuffle the deck of cards provided. Tap into your intuition and think of the areas in your life that need more clarity. 
  • Select your card; each one is paired with one chocolate to eat and a crystal to hold.
  • Meditate using this collection daily for 40 days.

Price: USD 110 (about PHP 5,663)

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