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Let's be honest, banana bread is having a moment. The sudden surge of posts on social media has shown how people are putting a spin on the classic baked good. Below are five easy ways for you to take your banana bread up a notch.

1. Chocolate Overload

Everyone's favourite sliceable snack, banana bread with chocolate is a classic pairing beloved by many. Add a chunk of chocolate to your mixture for that rich flavour. If you don't have any chocolates on hand, Nutella works great too. It's moist, easy, and sweet. Get the recipe here.

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2. Go Nuts

If you love to have your banana bread with crunchy elements on it, spice up your recipe with the addition of nutty flavours for that hearty and sumptuous meal. You can opt for the most common nuts (such as walnut), but you can swap it with other kinds too (such as almonds or even plain peanuts). Toast nuts to enhance its distinct flavour profile before tossing it on your batter. Get the recipe here

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3. Fruity Elements

This flavour-packed recipe is perfect to have at any time of the day. Elevate your banana bread by adding fruits to contrast the sweetness of the bananas, as fruits give a subtle tartness to it. Add fresh or dried fruits to give texture to the bread. Not only is it moist, but it's also bursting with freshness. Get the recipe here.

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4. Vegan

You can always opt for the guilt-free classic banana recipe and substitute basic ingredients with your preferred kind. To add more flavour, try mixing in some powdered cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves for a hint of warmth and spice. Get the recipe here.

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5. Keep it cheesy

A dessert bliss. Get onboard the cheesy bandwagon and get the best of both worlds with this winning combination of banana bread and cream cheese. Try recreating the cheesecake stuffed banana bread on your next baking session if you're craving for some dessert-like goodness. Get the recipe here

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