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Merienda at 3, happy hour at 5. These delicious snacks will make the time go by so much faster between the two.

I'm not too big on alcohol but I admit: these days, I need a drink. Thankfully, I don't have to reach into my liquor cabinet just yet. These lovely desserts from Manila bakers and creators are the perfect substitute (or companion) for an afternoon drink. Check them out below!

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The Drunk Baker

The Drunk Baker's strawberry rum cream cheesecake is a delicious melange of flavours and textures. Beautiful strawberries are placed atop a bed of rum-soaked cream cheese; the fruity, tart flavours of the berries complement the mellow sweetness of the cream perfectly. Meanwhile, the cake, moist and flavourful, provides a wonderful base that's reminiscent of lazy Sunday afternoon teatime. 

Those looking to enjoy an alcohol-free cake will also be able to customise their icing to be plain cream cheese (without the rum!).

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Maricar's Chocolate Cakes

You may have seen Maricar's chocolate cakes before—their iconic gold tin boxes are a pioneer of the tin cake craze. The cake itself is insanely rich, with all the sophisticated flavours of red wine and dark chocolate. Its moist base is famous around the Metro—topped with a thick chocolate icing swirl. 

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Flour Pot Manila

love mangoes—as our national fruit, I believe it's only right that we infuse it into more desserts. Luckily, Flour Pot Manila seems to agree. Meet their Mango Paradise cake, which features layers of vanilla sponge cake upon layers of cashew meringue torte. Brushed with mango rum soak, each layer is bursting with tropical sweetness (or maybe that's the buttercream?). Herbs, fruits, and custard crown this mango masterpiece—all of which are sourced locally and sustainably. 

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My Cookie Lab

My Cookie Lab has some pretty adult takes on childhood favourites. While crinkles were a great treat during recess, this bakery's recipes seem better fit as happy hour desserts. Their intriguing flavours include Bailey's crinkles, Tequila Rose crinkles, and Kahlúa crinkles—all of which are as sweet as they are sinful. 

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Tipsy Cream

We scream for ice cream, as long as it's tipsy. Tipsy Cream offers a wide variety of cold, sweet treats, incorporating everything from mojito mixtures to brandy bases. Refreshing to a fault, customers can choose from fun flavours both ice creams and sorbets such as bourbon custard with bacon bits, pistachio whiskey, sangria sorbet, and calamansi mojito. 

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This bakery is no stranger to whimsical desserts, toying with innovative creations like cookie cheesecake bars and bibingka burnt cheesecakes. However, their bourbon-infused tres leches, dubbed the drunk leches, is an absolute must-try. With a milk and bourbon-soaked sponge, a generous spread of chantilly cream, and a toothsome salted caramel bourbon to top it all off, this boozy cake packs a delicious punch.

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