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Beat the heat this summer with a pint (or a gallon) of your favourite ice cream flavours!

One of life's simplest joys is getting to eat ice cream. Amid all the heat (and chaos) of our tropical country, eating ice cream has become a form of self-care—and one we all deserve to indulge in every once in a while. If you're confused about which flavour to get, or where to get it from, don't worry! Here is our definitive list of where to get delicious ice cream around the Metro. 

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Carmen's Best

Every pint is pure indulgence with Carmen's Best. This homegrown brand uses milk sourced from their own farm to ensure quality in all their pints. Their flavours, which are influenced by Western factors, are a homage to the founder, Paco Magsaysay's, travels. Choose from their bestselling Hokey Pokey flavour (vanilla-based ice cream with honeycomb candy) to butter pecan and even Vietnamese coffee! 

Check them out here.

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Everyone seems to be showing off their Kurimu pints lately! This Japanese inspired brand offers authentic tasting Asian flavours that include black sesame, red bean, kinako canilla, and their latest flavour, chai Latte (with whom they've partnered with Jacob's Well for). Although these flavours sound fairly straightforward, each pint offers complex hints of various ingredients, all of which are sourced from Filipino craftsmen and artisans. A perfect way to celebrate local, while also being reminded of your favourite international desserts. 

Check them out here.

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Manila Creamery

Are you a fan of Filipino flavours? If so, grab a pint of your favourite ice cream from Manila Creamery. Try their Tinutong Na Kanin (rice) flavour or travel back into your childhood with the Choc-nut gelato. Grab these flavours fast, as some of them—like their bohemian kamote cue flavour—could be limited edition! 

Check them out here.

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For good old-fashioned, hearty ice cream, visit Farmacy. Get their flavours for yourself in a pint, or even to share with a full gallon! More traditional ice cream eaters are likely to enjoy their wide range of classic offerings that include no-fail flavours such as strawberry, chocolate, and even ube. Meanwhile, those searching for more complex tastes can lean back on exciting menu items such as apple pie, lemon blueberry, and moonshine. 

Check them out here.

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Papa Diddi

Papa Diddi's wide menu of flavours extends over various taste profiles—so no matter what you're craving, you're sure to find it here. There are fruity flavours such as Jackfruit Madness and Honeyed Mangood (Mango), but there are also those which are perfect for coffee and chocolate lovers. For example, their Kafe Kalinga, which relies on the bold flavours of arabica coffee mixed with condensed milk. Tablea de Cagayan is another noteworthy name on the menu, incorporating ingredients from Papa Diddi's own hometown from Region 2. Of course, let's not forget specialties such as brazo de mercedes and toasted sunflower seeds, both of which have made it far as Papa Diddi's All-Time Favourites.

Check them out here

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The Lost Bread

The Lost Bread is ahead of the curve when it comes to creating and collaborating with our favourite brands. Recently, they'd teamed up with Lily's Peanut Butter to give us a rich, sweet ice cream flavour based on this family cupboard staple. Other exciting (and heartwarming) flavours include mango graham, brown sugar milk tea, and campfire s'mores. 

Check them out here

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Merry Moo

Merry Moo has always been known to create fun, family-friendly flavours such as Milo and Cheesy Mamon. For a time, their candied bacon flavour was definitely the talk of the town. But now, we're most excited for their limited edition Floppy Ears ice cream. Co-created by Poblacion staple, Run Rabbit Run, the Floppy Ears cocktail ice cream is inspired by the bar's signature tipple that's made with fresh basil, lemon juice, dry gin, and cucumber bitters. Taste it in ice cream form for a double indulgence that will make happy hour even happier!

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Check them out here.

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Carousel Creamery

Evenings at Greenhills are never complete without a quick stop at Carousel Creamery, the ice cream shop that's most famous for their hundred and one flavours. While we can't list down every single flavour they have, we can tell you that each of them is as delicious as it sounds from matcha mochi to eggnog and Cranberry Crack Pie. Even the more outlandish flavours—such as Cough Syrup—are worth a try! 

Check them out here

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Milky Way Cafe

Milky Way Cafe brings Filipino nostalgia into our homes with delightful ice cream flavours. They even have a panocha ice cream flavour, which we're sure your parents will remember from their childhood years in the 70's. Ube, avocado and cheese are other flavours we'd recommend you try, although we'd also be lying if we didn't say that the most exciting thing on their menu has got to be their Halo-Halo Kit, which makes six servings. It includes one gallon of ube ice cream, as well as everything else you need such as red gulaman, green gulaman, sweet white and red beans, macapuno, and the like.

Check them out here

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If you're one to love weird (yet delicious) flavours, then by all means, order a pint from Sebastian's Ice Cream. They're probably best known for their inspired Valentine's Day menu, which includes this ampalaya flavoured dessert. But that's not all that's tempting with them, as their ice cream cakes are also noteworthy for making us drool. Check out their Lemon Drizzle ice cream cake or their Calamansi leche flan torte for a truly indulgent treat. 

Check them out here

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Tipsy Cream Manila

Alcoholics and non-alcoholics can find common ground at Tipsy Cream Manila. While the brand offers non-alcoholic dessert flavours, such as choco peanut butter, they're most famous for their wide range of tipsy selections. We love the sound of their bourbon custard with candied bacon ice cream, as well as their pistachio whiskey, and strawberry vodka flavours. 

Check them out here

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Crem Gelato

Creamy goodness for your eyes and your tongue—this is what Crem Gelato promises with every pint. The decadent gelateria makes small batch gelato that's as tempting as it sounds. While they offer more traditional Italian flavours such as Crem Vanilla and Sorbete de Limone, Crem Gelato is also known to experiment with tried and tested Filipino favourites. Check out their Merci Cheese and Basque Burnt Fior for a truly fulfilling summertime indulgence. 

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Bungalow Café & Bakery

Bungalow Café & Bakery continues to impress with every offering, be it pastries, brunch fare, or ice cream. Their menu of frozen flavours may be leaner than the creameries on the list, but they showcase a mix of cult classics like espresso and strawberries & cream, as well as more inventive creations like pastillas and earl grey - each of which is sure to keep you scooping for more. They also have some of the thickest, largest milkshakes around, from mangoes & cream to oreo hazelnut.

Pre-order pints of their ice cream on their website.

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Auro Chocolate

That's right - the internationally-acclaimed award-winning Philippine chocolatier also has its own line of gelato. Co-founded by Gen T Honouree Mark Ocampo, the premium chocolate brand explores the world of frozen desserts with flavours like hazelnut stracciatella, salted caramel with chocolate-covered cacao nibs, and vegan chocolate. For those who prefer their ice creams in bar form, Auro also has dark-chocolate coated pops among their "quarantreats".

Order their gelato and other Auro products, here.

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Super Scoops

Super Scoops' vegan ice creams prove that plant-based food really can pack a punch. With fun, indulgent flavours like coffee cashew crumble, choco brownie madness, and almond cookie dough, these coconut-milk based ice cream alternatives will undoubtedly win you over. In addition to being gentler on the stomach, these pints are also a more sustainable option (using organic coconut sugar rather than regular cane sugar), and helps support our local coconut farmers.

Order these super scoops at The Superfood Grocer.

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