These new restaurants in Singapore are a feast for the senses with their stylish interiors

Additional reporting by Margaux Levy. This article was first written on February 16, 2022, and updated on November 21, 2022.

There’s no shortage of new restaurants to visit in Singapore—we're always spoilt for choice, with new openings adding to the diversity and vibrancy of the local dining scene. Besides delighting discerning palates with exquisite meals, these latest dining venues in our city-state are also cementing their gastronomic offerings with impeccably designed interiors.

Whether you’re seeking a new restaurant for a special occasion or you’re on the lookout for the latest trendy dining spot, these restaurants in Singapore are designed to impress.

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1. Col

Bringing the sophisticated taste and style from East London to Singaporean turf, Col offers chef-owner Colin Buchan's reimagined casual-meets-fine dining fare in the Keong Saik neighbourhood. Tapping on the design sensibilities of Jin Seow Studio, the ground floor of The Working Capitol—a pre-war biscuit factory turned co-working space—is transformed with an eclectic charm that blends both modern and industrial influences.

Effortless elegance is imbued into the entrance as double swing doors lead to a front bar with a show-stopping art-deco style mirror set and an emerald marble island countertop that dazzles through day and night. Raw concrete flooring is complemented with luxurious chocolatey dark wood finishes and leather banquettes in rich olive green and deep blue, made for cosy lounging and sipping rounds of martinis. This inviting setting can seat up to 50 guests and is made for enjoying seasonal menus and unwinding. There’s even a dedicated DJ booth furnished in a wooden finish and decked out with velvet wall curtains, and a disco ball, of course.

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2. Etta

Familiar with Gibran Baydoun’s Lucali BYGB, Proper Slice, and Corduroy Palace? The newest dining joint hot on the radar is Etta, designed as an ode to the restauranteur’s grandmother and muse, Ruth Etta Collins.

More than just a restaurant, Etta embodies creativity at its finest with its multi-purpose space and punctuation of post-modern style interiors that are equal parts cosy and charming. Situated in Kampong Bugis, the restaurant takes on a completely glamorous look that stands in contrast to the more rugged, industrial look of its neighbourhood; its interiors are designed by architect Jin Seow, who sought to create a stunning environment inspired by its very namesake (Etta translates as ruler of the home in Italian); this restaurant also marks Baydoun’s second collaboration with Seow.

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A playful and glamorous twist on rooms in a family abode, Etta sets the scene from the entrance with a floor-to-ceiling mirrored door that opens to the inviting interior.

The cosy interior is given a touch of magic with a vibrant array of artworks, designer chairs by Faye Toogood and Frank Lloyd Wright, along with bespoke choices which include Baydoun’s custom-made table that seats 12 to 32 guests, and a banquette with fabric that mimics cloth found in a vintage ‘80s car.

Etta is located at 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 7 | Tel: 8878 8018 |

3. Born

Born takes inspiration from a philosophy that resonates deeply with chef and owner Zor Tan—it's inspired by the Buddhist priniciple of the circle of life. Much like the cross-cultural fusion dishes that marry old and new, the restaurant conceived by global hospitality design firm Grey Matters similarly showcases a visual spectacle that celebrates this balance; its housed in the former Jinrikisha Station, which was first constructed in 1903. 

Heritage is embraced at Born, as noticed by the original building’s timeless facade and preserved architectural elements. Apart from the main dining hall, the ancillary features intimate spaces for dining guests that include two private dining rooms that can seat a group of four and the latter, a group of eight; as well as a private lounge and open lounge, which can seat between four to six guests.

Warm yet delicate monochromatic and neutral hues contrast with greens, reds, and yellows inspired by sea creatures that bring the space to life. The ambient lighting creates a radiant setting inside Born with multi-layered fixtures across skirting, steps, counters, shelvings, and arches. Precisely calibrated beams shine onto each tabletop to make for a dazzling dining experience.

Organic forms create a poetic atmosphere, from the wooden textures along the 4-seater bar to captivating artworks exclusively commissioned for Born. Some of these borrow contemporary and cultural influences, like Peter Gentenaar’s strikingly curvaceous paper sculpture and a calligraphy work by Tan’s childhood friend and artist, Kobe Sei.

Born is located at 1 Neil Road | Tel: 6223 3292 |

4. Offtrack

Conceptualised by co-founders of local music collectives Darker Than Wax and Ice Cream Sundays, Offtrack is the new kid on the block to visit for a groovy time while enjoying some Pan-Asian nibbles and cocktails.

A passion project that emerged out of the pandemic, Dean Chew was set on the mission of transforming the conservation shophouse that was once a KTV bar to a full-fledged music-centric bar. A founder of a local spatial design consultancy Drawn by day and a DJ by night, Chew’s in-depth knowledge and varied experiences are reflected throughout the venue. These range from the incorporation of bespoke dining tables to beautifully restored Kilpsch La Scala Speakers; the latter are heralded by audiophiles as the birth of modern-day club sound, and are often associated with David Mansuco’s loft parties in New York held back in the early ‘70s.

Retro design influences also play a big role in setting the mood of the venue from floor to ceiling. This includes the intentional use of natural plywood panels against vintage glass blocks, textured mustard yellow paint finishes that contrast against the rugged exposed steel beams, a music wall with vinyl records positioned on wooden peg boards as well as Japanese bar stools from a homegrown furniture showroom, Arts and Antiquities.  

Offtrack is located at 34 North Canal Road | Tel: 8748 0408 |

5. Path

New modern Asian restaurant Path aims to take you through executive chef Marvas Ng’s culinary journey by marrying his Asian upbringing with his experience in French fine dining restaurants to introduce reinvented flavours. The contemporary restaurant, launched in partnership with the 1855 F&B group, is designed accordingly by Cherin Tan of Laank—the dreamy interiors feature swirls with free-flowing curves and contours, bringing to mind the lines of a topographical map whilst referencing the layers and textures of the dishes served at the restaurant.

Large fluted columns with crawling vines further integrate nature into the space. The restaurant is sectioned into three areas: the main dining room, which features plush leather seats and brass accents; cosy private dining rooms that allow a sense of intimacy; and a hidden chef’s table inside the kitchen, where one can settle into an emerald booth seat and enjoy the front-row view of the action in the kitchen.

Path is located at 12 Marina Boulevard, Tower 3, #01-05/06 Marina Bay Financial Centre | Tel: 6443 0180 |

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6. Wakuda

Hot off the heels of his first restaurant Waku Ghin’s extensive renovations last year, acclaimed celebrity chef Tetsuya Wakuda is once again making a splash with his new restaurant at Marina Bay Sands. The eponymously-named restaurant dishes up modern Japanese offerings made from top-notch classic ingredients. The interiors, designed by award-winning architectural practice Rockwell Group, reflect this synergy of tradition and modernity by celebrating the beauty of nature and traditional craft with Tokyo’s edgy, urban energy.

At the entrance, the up-lit wood façade, crafted from the age-old Kumiki Japanese carpentry technique, makes for a memorable first impression. Inside, the generous use of warm wood and soft lighting in the main dining area emits an inviting ambience. The custom ceiling adds visual interest and draws the eye upwards, while floor-to-ceiling windows offer a glimpse at the tranquil outdoor garden that’s marked by a Japanese maple tree sitting on calming waters.

A private omakase room is decked in darker wood and lit by rice paper lanterns that hang above. Comfortable banquette booths within the space are separated with metal privacy screens that are set against oxidised nickel wall panels with cherry blossom motifs.

Wakuda is located at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Hotel Tower 2 | Tel: 6688 9992

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7. California Republic

Step back into the jazzy 1960s at California Republic, the latest restaurant concept launched by The Dandy Collection. Housed within a refurbished shophouse, the interiors of the 65-seater SoCal (Southern California) Italian restaurant by EDG Design whisks you back to simpler times with its nostalgic touches.

The cosy warren is split into four distinct areas that each has its own theme. Concrete walls offer one of the rooms a raw, industrial feel that’s enlivened by seats upholstered in colourful fabrics bearing funky patterns. Heading further into the restaurant, a different room features warm wooden walls that are adorned with vintage Hollywood posters and retro touches like a rotary dial phone and a transistor radio.

If you’re dining with a small group, journey past the room and you’ll enter a space with private booths dressed in eclectic upholstery. Here, each booth features little nooks that hold paraphernalia and old books that are frayed at the edges.

The last room at the end of the restaurant is no less impressive. Glossy emerald tiles are paired with black wooden panels, while leather seats and gold accents fill the space with chic glamour.

California Republic is located at 88 Amoy Street | Tel: 9784 9487 |

8. Goho Kaiseki & Bar

If you’re seeking a unique kaiseki experience in Singapore, Goho, the new kid on the block, is sure to impress. Launched by hospitality group Proper Concepts, Goho seeks to bend the rules of kaiseki—typically immersed in tradition with multiple courses that each showcase a particular cooking method based on a prescribed, seasonally-led menu—by adding a modern twist to both the menu and the space. 

Designed by Los Angeles-based OWIU studio, the 55-seat restaurant introduces a contemporary spin with  “a material palette that’s raw, desaturated, and industrially modern”. The space consists of a main dining area and an intimate mezzanine space for diners to lounge with cocktails before and after their meals.

The main dining area features an integrated 11m-long green marble bar that spans one end of the space. Custom-designed chairs made by local workshop Baremetalco offer cosy seating, allowing diners to interact with the chefs and bartenders behind the counter. A piece of salvaged chengal hardwood, preserved by using the traditional shou sugi ban Japanese technique, runs parallel to the bar and is used as a serving board where the dishes are introduced.

Behind the bar, towering custom-built shelves that extend up the double-volume space is filled with prized bottles of spirits alongside Japanese artefacts and other objets d'art. The shelves also draw the eye toward the ceiling, which features a neon light installation that’s in the shape of the restaurant’s logo, also designed by OWIU. The logo, which harks back to the restaurant’s name by featuring five petals that intersect together to represent the five ways of cooking Japanese cuisine, can also be found throughout the restaurant’s various surfaces.

Goho Kaiseki & Bar is located at 53A Duxton Road | 

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9. The Cellar at 665°F

665°F, Andaz Singapore’s famed steakhouse, has unveiled a new extension to the restaurant named The Cellar. The restaurant, which previously could only sit 30 patrons, can now accommodate almost double the number with the addition of the adjoined space.

The Cellar, formerly an engineering plant-room, is able to seat 20 diners in the main dining hall, while eight can be accommodated within its private dining room. The 1,300 sqft space is Hong Kong interior architect André Fu’s take on a modern day cellar that’s located 38 floors into the sky. Rich turquoise hues dominate the space, while the eye-catching arched ceiling as well as copper shelves framed by industrial rivets sets a dramatic backdrop. A combination of leather ribbed-back chairs and kidney-bean-shaped chairs accompany rounded tables in the main dining hall.

True to its name, the restaurant also boasts a modern cellar that holds 400 bottles of premium old and new world wine labels.

The Cellar is located at 5 Fraser Street, level 38, Andaz Singapore | Tel: 6408 1255

10. Rosemead

Rosemead is the latest dining concept by award-winning F&B group Jigger & Pony, and it certainly makes a stylish first impression. Named after executive chef David Tang’s hometown in California, the interiors have been transformed from striking glamour—courtesy of its previous tenant, Lo & Behold Group’s The Black Swan—into a warm and welcoming 80-seat dining hall that brings to mind modern Californian country homes.

Helming the interior’s striking refresh is Singapore-based practice Hui Designs. Neutral colours, wooden materials and soft furnishings dominate the space, while the lofty ceiling height and abundant natural light contribute to the inviting ambience. The open kitchen, built right in the middle of the restaurant, also offers diners a closer look at the culinary process.

Rosemead is located at 19 Cecil Street, The Quadrant | Tel: 9781 9084 |

11. 5 on 25

Named after the five taste senses and its prime location on level 25 of Andaz Singapore, 5 on 25 aims to present a gastronomic experience with modern Cantonese fare. The creative eye behind the restaurant’s interiors is none other than Hong Kong-based interior architect André Fu, who also led the interior design of the hotel. 

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To convey a theatrical mood that brings to mind the old-world charm of 1950s Singapore, Fu selected a rich colour palette consisting of ruby, dark chocolate and emerald green. Furniture and fittings, including the oak wall panels and the cut-glass chandeliers, are entirely bespoke. The two private dining suites within the restaurant also features light mint-green chandeliers, along with ceiling and wall panels with intricate lattice work that offer a touch of sophistication to the space.

5 on 25 is located at 5 Fraser Street, Level 25 of Andaz Singapore | Tel: 6408 1228 |

12. The Clubroom

Step into The Clubroom, the latest private dining concept from The Travis Masiero Restaurant Group, and you’ll feel instantly transported to the spirited and glamorous era of the Roaring Twenties. Designed by architect and interior designer Alessandro Perinelli of Perinelli Design, the sleek reservation-only restaurant boasts stylish art deco influences that convey a sense of luxury.

The restaurant’s distinctive leather-wrapped curved ceiling imbues the space with a sense of cosiness. A handsome mix of marble and wooden accents offers an elegant and contemporary aura, while the chequered flooring adds a rich layer to the space. The range of seating options, from the counter bar to plush banquette booths, beckons one to take a seat and bask in the alluring atmosphere.

The Clubroom is located at 115 Amoy Street |

13. French Fold Palais Renaissance

Located in Palais Renaissance, French Fold’s newest outlet presents a chic and cosy setting for digging into their popular galettes and crêpes. Situated next to sister brand Merci Marcel’s flagship outlet and boutique, the French specialty restaurant is warmly decorated with wood and rattan accents. Hui Designs layered the space with vintage pieces, including a handmade boxwood bead pearl fabric from 1909 Perle de Bois as well as a velvet sofa and antique chairs by the celebrated French designer and architect Philippe Starck.

Over at the al-fresco dining area, the space is decked with furnishings sourced from France and various other regions around Europe. In the evenings, the restaurant is transformed from a laid-back brunch spot into a casual date night spot with a romantic ambience. 

French Fold Palais Renaissance is located at 390 Orchard Road, #01-02 Palais Renaissance | Tel: 6908 3962 

14. Sol & Luna

Nestled amidst lush greenery in the Green Oasis, an open-air botanical promenade located within CapitaSpring, Sol & Luna by F&B and lifestyle group 1-Group is a sight for sore eyes. The Latin-European garden bistro draws cues from its surroundings with its use of natural materials and floral-inspired concept.

Full-height glass windows allow natural daylight to flood the open-plan space during the day; in the evenings, the restaurant comes alive with a warm glow courtesy of the ambient lighting. The intimate bar area features a counter with fluting details and a countertop that’s crafted from natural Silestone quartz, chosen for its eco-friendly qualities. A mosaic feature wall with floral designs gives the space a burst of energy, resonating with the honeycomb flooring and brass accents for a layered and eclectic look. 

Sol & Luna is located at 88 Market Street, #17-01 CapitaSpring | Tel: 8031 4316 |

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