Meet the young leaders from the Gen.T community who made it onto Tatler’s latest list of 500 of the most prominent individuals in Asia

Tatler Asia has released the latest edition of its flagship Asia’s Most Influential 2022 list, featuring 500 individuals who have made a name for themselves as great leaders and contributors to society. 

From real estate titans to record-making professional athletes, these are leaders who have shaped their industry, driven change and brought prominence to their region through their work and achievements.

Among these 500 individuals are several honourees from the Gen.T List, which is the younger sibling of the Asia’s Most Influential list that identifies the Leaders of Tomorrow—the most promising entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals under age 40—who are shaping the region’s future.

Here are 15 of the Gen.T honourees who have made it onto this year’s Asia’s Most Influential 2022 list.

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Ramona Pascual

Tatler Asia
Above Photo: Affa Chan

Who Professional MMA fighter
Where Hong Kong

Ramona Pascual wrote herself into the history books in 2022 when she became the first woman from Hong Kong to fight in the UFC. In 2021, she moved to Las Vegas, the home of UFC, to take her career to the next level. The 2019 Gen.T honouree had previously been part of the UFC China Academy, training at the state-of-the-art Shanghai Performance Institute.

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Kevin Poon

Tatler Asia

Who Serial entrepreneur
Where Hong Kong

Kevin Poon is an entrepreneur and cultural influencer who is active in various roles, including curating, design and DJing. The Hong Kong-based creative, who was part of the first batch of Gen.T honourees in 2016, is also the co-founder of streetwear label Clot, retailer Juice, distributor District and gallery WoAW, and also has a collection of restaurants: Elephant Grounds, Morty’s, La Rambla, WagyuMafia, The Diplomat and Mashi no Mashi.

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Warren Chan

Tatler Asia
Photo: Bespoke Photographics
Above Photo: Bespoke Photographics

Who Co-founder and CEO, ParkEasy
Where Malaysia

Warren Chan's company ParkEasy is one of Malaysia's largest car park reservation services, allowing drivers to reserve their spots in busy shopping malls and bustling locations through an app. In June 2022, Shell Malaysia acquired a 50 percent stake in ParkEasy's parent company Pixelbyte. With this, many of ParkEasy’s bays are now equipped with electric vehicle chargers, allowing users to reserve parking and recharge their vehicles at the same time.

Tharma Pillai

Tatler Asia
Photo: Imran Sulaiman
Above Photo: Imran Sulaiman

Who Co-Founder and advocacy director, Undi 18
Where Malaysia

Millions of young Malaysians now have a stake in the country’s politics after Undi 18, the youth-led movement Tharma Pillai co-founded, helped to push through one of the nation’s most important democratic reforms, the Undi 18 Bill. Passed in December 2021, it lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. Beyond this, Tharma, a 2022 Gen.T honouree, also believes Undi 18 can play a significant role in promoting a youth-centric agenda and pushing for democratic reforms. 

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Karen Tan

Tatler Asia

Who Founder, The Projector
Where Singapore

Karen Tan is the founder of The Projector, an independent cinema which first opened at the Golden Mile Tower in 2014. The Projector brings together the best of films, versatile spaces, and dining and live entertainment. Tan, who is a 2018 Gen.T honouree, is also the founder of Pocket Projects, a creative development consultancy focused on the adaptive reuse of distressed urban areas and heritage buildings.

Jackson Aw

Tatler Asia
Photo: Darren Gabriel Leow
Above Photo: Darren Gabriel Leow

Who Founder and CEO, Mighty Jaxx
Where Singapore

Jackson Aw is the brains behind Mighty Jaxx, a technology-driven integrated future culture platform that designs and produces digital and phygital collectibles in collaboration with some of the greatest talents in the world. The company has worked with international brands such as Netflix, Formula One and Hasbro, shipping millions of phygital collectibles to more than 80 countries worldwide every year.

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Molly Chiang

Tatler Asia

Where Taiwan

Taiwanese social media influencer Molly Chiang has built a name for herself as a key opinion leader in fashion. The 2018 Gen.T honouree was hailed as one of the top faces of Milan Fashion Week 2022, as well as ranked among the top 10 global influencers for spring-summer 2023 with a total media impact value of US$1.2 million. She has near 800,000 followers on Instagram alone after only starting her brand four years ago.

Ee Soon Wei

Tatler Asia

Who CEO, Art Printing Works (APW)
Where Malaysia

Within the Unesco Heritage Site of Melaka sits The Royal Press, possibly the only living polyglot letterpress museum preserved so visitors can learn about a once essential craft that touched every single household. The man behind The Royal Press in its present state is Ee Soon Wei, who is also responsible for transforming Art Printing Works in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur into the creative/retail/F&B hub known as A Place Where by APW. The Royal Press was established by Ee’s grandparents in 1938.

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Chang Liang-Yi

Tatler Asia

Who Asia managing director, 350.ORG
Where Taiwan

A prolific advocate of sustainable development, Chang Liang-Yi is currently the Asia managing director of 350.ORG, a global climate movement founded in the United States in 2008. Today, it is an international group of collaborators, organizers, and volunteers fighting for a fossil-free future. Chang, who was a 2020 Gen.T honouree, is also a representative of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as well as the founder of the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition—the republic's first youth environmental NGO. 

Frances Chang

Tatler Asia

Who Founder, No Meating

In 2021, Frances Chang, who is the vice chairperson of her family's business Taiwan Farm Industry (T-HAM) and a 2019 Gen.T honouree, launched the plant-based meat brand No Meating. The brand uses an exclusive “myo-filament” technology to give plant proteins a fibrous, meat-like texture. In 2022, No Meating launched three new products tailored to the Taiwanese palate and partnered with Taiwan’s retail channel PX Mart to make the brand accessible to a wider audience.

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Kun-Ying Lin

Tatler Asia

Who Curator, Luxury Logico
Where Taiwan

Kun-Ying Lin is the co-founder and creative director of LuxuryLogico, an art collective known for creating cross-border works through various media including film, dance and architecture. Inspired by the natural environment, modern technology, and society, LuxuryLogico is best known for its “mechanical flame cauldron”, a reimagining of the traditional bamboo torch that they designed for Universiade 2017.

Joan Low

Tatler Asia

Who Founder and CEO, ThoughtFull
Where Malaysia

Joan Low's ThoughtFull app provides bite-sized counselling sessions with certified professionals and mental wellness programmes for corporate and educational organisations, as well as mood-tracking and journalling opportunities. Her vision is for seeking mental health to be as aspirational and habit-forming as seeking physical health is today.

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Jeffrey Wu

Tatler Asia

Who Founder and CEO, WeMo Scooter
Where Taiwan

A third-generation member of the family behind conglomerate Shin Kong Group, Jeffrey Wu started Taiwan's first shared electric scooter company WeMo in 2015. WeMo gained 70,000 users within two years and is collaborating with the local government to provide road, traffic and air quality data through onboard sensors.

Reza Razali

Tatler Asia

Who Founder, Terato Tech
Where Malaysia

Reza Razali's company Terato Tech is behind, which has connected more than 100,000 Malaysians to overcome the difficult times brought upon by the pandemic as well as floods. In March 2022, the peer-to-peer charity platform extended its features to also incorporate a job portal to aid those who lost their jobs over the course of the tough times.

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Sky Yen

Tatler Asia

Who Founder and CEO, LIS Education (Learning Is Science)
Where Taiwan

At 30 years old, Yen Tien-Hao has proven himself a true advocate of improved Taiwanese education. He founded LIS (Learning Is Science) Education, a non-profit that places high value on science literacy. The company redesigns science teaching materials for educators to encourage critical and creative thinking in young students, transforming the process of learning for more than 100,000 students in Taiwan. His materials, which are distributed for free, are also available in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Malaysia.

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