Warren Chan

Co-founder and CEO, ParkEasy


This tech entrepreneur solves today’s parking problems and supports the future of electric vehicles

Warren Chan
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The issue of insufficient parking is one that urban Malaysians know all too well, and Warren Chan is tackling it head-on. His company ParkEasy allows drivers to reserve their spots in busy shopping malls and bustling locations through an app, becoming the country’s largest car park reservation service.

The ParkEasy chief executive officer’s next frontier is electric vehicle charging bay management systems. “In the near future, I want to eliminate the question of ‘where to charge’ whenever someone thinks about transitioning to an EV,” he says. “The way to do this is to rapidly expand the number of EV stations within our network that approximates the ubiquity of petrol stations.”

In June 2022, Shell Malaysia acquired a 50 per cent stake in Pixelbyte, the company behind ParkEasy. With this being Shell’s first investment in a Malaysian tech startup, it is easily one of Chan’s proudest achievements in the last 18 months. With this collaboration, many of ParkEasy’s bays are now equipped with EV chargers, allowing users to reserve parking and recharge their vehicle at the same time.

“It doesn't take decades for people to change; we are changing constantly. I'm trying to note that more, and within that recognize that every breath is a new moment of infinite possibilities.”


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