Frances Chang

Founder, No Meating


Third generation T-HAM Frances Chang goes meatless with new vegetarian brand

One of the advantages of a meat industry pioneer, should it ever venture into vegetarian food manufacturing, is its knowledge of what makes meat meaty. Frances Chang wielded this unique expertise, passed on to her by her grandfather, who founded Taiwan Farm Industry (T-HAM).

In 2021 Chang, who is also vice chairman of T-HAM, launched the plant-based meat brand No Meating, officially making T-HAM a major player in the vegetarian protein market. The brand uses an exclusive “myo-filament” technology to give plant proteins a fibrous, meat-like texture. The product uses science and data management to provide high-quality protein and dietary fiber, and has acquired multiple certifications and accreditations since.

Through crowdfunding platform Zeczec, No Meating raised over NT$598,192 by the end of 2021—exceeding their target sponsorships by 586 per cent. In 2022, it launched three new products tailored to the Taiwanese palate, and partnered with Taiwan’s retail channel PX Mart in making the brand accessible to a broader audience.


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