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MMA fighter Ramona Pascual is the first woman from Hong Kong to compete in the UFC

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Ramona Pascual wrote herself into the history books in 2022 when she became the first woman from Hong Kong to fight in the UFC. She was defeated by Brazil’s Josiane Nunes in a featherweight fight at February’s UFC Vegas 49 event, but the experience fired her up for a new year of competition and training.

In 2021, she moved to Las Vegas, the home of UFC, to take her career to the next level. She had previously been part of the UFC China Academy, training at the state-of-the-art Shanghai Performance Institute, but the facility ended up closing temporarily due to the pandemic, so Pascual set her sights on the US. “I always felt that even though I want to compete at the highest level that’s over here in the States, I’m still going to be based in Asia and stay true to my roots. But with the pandemic, it made it increasingly difficult for me to make that work. This is where all the greatest fighters, coaches, gyms and promotions are,” she says.


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Pascual cut nearly 9kg in ten days to make the required weight for her UFC debut after taking on the fight on short notice as a late replacement

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