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F&B ventures will always have a bigger carbon footprint, but these chefs are taking care of the planet by serving up delectable eco-conscious dishes on the menu

This story was originally published on July 7, 2022 and updated on September 13, 2022.

Global climate change is real, and recently, we have been experiencing its drastic effects as evidenced by increasing temperatures, flash floods and rising sea levels. If we don’t do something about it now, there will come a time when the repercussions will be irreversible.

In taking care of Mother Earth, Mallow chef-owner Christina Rasmussen believes in “strength in numbers”. She explains: “I am just one person, as are you and everyone else, and we can do a lot individually. But I think what’s even better is being able to have a platform that reaches more.”

It is for this reason that financial institutions like HSBC are moving the sustainability conversation forward by partnering with Hong Kong-based sustainability consultancy group, Food Made Good, to bring the One Planet Plate campaign to the island. The international campaign promotes a greener lifestyle through our food choices. Since it was launched in Singapore and the UK this year (with Hong Kong due to launch soon), 8,798 restaurants from 37 countries have shown their support with sustainable menus and recipe contributions to One Planet Plate.

In Singapore, HSBC aims to connect diners with delicious and sustainable food choices by partnering with chefs who offer eco-friendly dishes made with locally sourced ingredients (for less carbon footprint), responsibly sourced produce and sustainably farmed seafood. Bonus: HSBC card members who dine at their restaurants from July 1 to September 30 will receive exclusive offers.

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1. The Elephant Room

Sustainability is more than knowing where your food comes from. Head chef Niyati Rao shares that it’s also about knowing where your food comes from and reducing food wastage in the kitchen.

At The Elephant Room, Rao and his team source their vegetables and seafood from the Tekka Market and aim to use every part of the ingredient. With their new recycling project, whatever isn’t used is made into compost.

One of their signature dishes is the chickpea chaat salad, crafted with ingredients like cumin crisp, fresh coriander, red onion and pomegranate from Tekka Market. The dry chickpeas are cooked in a pressure cooker to get that desired texture before they are flavoured with a house-made spice mix.

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at The Elephant Room from September 1 to 31 will enjoy a discount for its signature dish, mussels and crab sothi*.

The Elephant Room, 20A Teck Lim Road, S(088391), 9111 5131

2. Poisson

This French-inspired seafood restaurant prides itself in using seafood sourced from sustainably sourced fish farms and international suppliers, and seasonal ingredients sourced locally. Executive chef Ma Yee Khang transforms them into delectable dishes, split into two sections—Cold Stream (comprising cold dishes) and Hot Stream (which are cooked dishes).

From the first section, you have Hamachi served raw, its oceanic freshness accented by the citrus vinaigrette and pomegranate sacs. As for the hot dishes, you have the crab cakes doused in a sweet-spicy Thai sauce, and crab pasta finished with bottarga shavings.

Tatler Tip: HSBC card members who dine at Poisson from September 1 to 30 will receive a complimentary salmon rillette served with a mixed bread basket.

Tatler Tip: HSBC card members who dine at Poisson from September 1 to 30 will receive a complimentary salmon rillette served with a mixed bread basket*.

Poisson, 48 Bukit Pasoh Road, S(089859), +65 6223 2131

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3. Kaarla and Oumi

Sharing a gorgeous space on the 51st floor of CapitaSpring are modern Australian restaurant Kaarla and contemporary Japanese restaurant Oumi. Guided by the sustainability principles of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the culinary teams maximise ingredients with a nose-to-tail cooking mindset and use responsibly sourced and ethically raised produce. In fact, some of these ingredients are harvested from the 10,000 sq ft Food Forest, an urban garden at CapitaSpring.

At Kaarla, executive chef John-Paul Fiechtner’s larder is well-stocked with ethically caught seafood, sustainably farmed livestock and produce, which he transforms into delightful ‘Coastal Australian’ dishes. Highlights include the Murray cod that is first steamed and given a smoky finish in the custom-made oven (built with sustainable materials, of course); and the salt-cured kangaroo topped with nutty black barley ancient grain from Western Australia and enriched with a bonito-based dressing.

At sister restaurant Oumi, head of Japanese Culinary Development and chef Lamley Chua’s Australian-inspired Japanese cooking showcases every part of the season’s best produce. Take, for example, the seasonal sayori or Japanese halfbeak presented as sashimi and placed atop steamed rice perfumed with mizuna. The fish bone is used two ways—deep-fried and crumbled atop the rice as garnish, and deep-fried and served whole alongside the sushi bowl.

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who opt for the Kaarla Market Menu and Oumi Omakase Menu from July 1 to August 31 will enjoy a 10 per cent discount*.

Kaarla and Oumi, 88 Market Street, 51-01, CapitaSpring, S(048948), +65 8518 3763

4. Labyrinth

“Sustainability is a big word in the F&B scene,” shares chef-owner Han Liguang, who has been dishing out his “New Singaporean” cuisine at Labyrinth since 2014. At the restaurant, they practice sustainability in two ways. First, they use quality ingredients that are sourced locally (to ensure that they have less carbon footprint) and grown responsibly. The second part is “cultural sustainability”, which is about preserving Singaporean flavours for the present and future generations.

Han’s menu presents hawker fare tweaked for the 21st century—‘Ang Moh’ chicken rice served which chilli and ginger sauce; and Rojak, a rendition of the local salad which he makes with 12 different herbs and spices, and local fermented honey to sweeten up the dish.

Tatler Offer: HSBC Visa Infinite card members who dine at Labyrinth from July 1 to August 31 will receive a complimentary welcome drink*. 


Marina Bay
$ $ $ $

5. Kausmo

Chef-founders Lisa Tang and Kuah Chew Shian established Kausmo with the aim of promoting thoughtful living and challenging food norms that result in unnecessary food wastage. “At Kausmo, we celebrate imperfections,” affirms restaurant manager Chew Shian, so they use premium ingredients from small farming communities, forgotten native ingredients and florals, and secondary meat cuts which are often overlooked.

These lesser-loved ingredients are put to good use in the six-course carte blanche menu, which draws cues from the team’s cultural roots. Look forward to sumptuous creations like the wild fish congee studded with java ginseng, coriander, and showered with preserved plum dressing; and banana cake served with a dollop of homemade crème fraiche and garnished with marigold and Mexican tarragon.

Since launching the restaurant in 2019, Tang has “learned the volatility of our ingredients, because Mother Nature is just as beautifully unpredictable”. It’s a challenge that the whole team welcomes because, as Tang puts it: “we better understand and appreciate our food sources and produce.”

Kausmo, 1 Scotts Road, 03-07, S(228208),+65 8126 8538

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Kausmo from July 1 to August 31 will enjoy a complimentary glass of kombucha*.

6. Mallow

The pocket bar concept by chef-owner Christina Rasmussen and bartender-owner Sasha Wijidessa encourages us to live a little more consciously by offering a plant-forward menu of tasty bites and cocktails. Tapping into her previous experience as a head forager for some of the world’s finest culinary institutions, Rasmussen has crafted a 100 per cent vegan and hyper-conscious menu using responsibly sourced local ingredients.

These are showcased in the latest tasting menu with the highlight being the ceviche made with tropical fruits, red onions and heart of palm, and tossed in a smoky dressing of calamansi, raw sugar and olive oil. “Usually, hearts of palm can be a bit controversial as it contributes to deforestation,” shares Rasmussen. But she notes that they have found a supplier that highlights their sustainable approach to growing palm trees, ensuring the trees aren’t injured when the leaves are harvested.

The delicious creations are matched by Wijidessa’s equally impressive cocktail programme. Off To The Races comprises a base of charred feta rum and green grapes, while Plum And Amakaze is a palatable concoction of plum kernel spirit and marigold kombucha.

Mallow, 1 Nanson Road, 02-07B, InterContinental Singapore, Robertson Quay, S(238909), +65 8399 0679

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Mallow from July 1 to August 31 will enjoy an exclusive drink, on the house*.

7. Origin Grill

Understanding the provenance of your food matters, that’s why Origin Grill traces its ‘origins’ by working with environmentally responsible artisan farmers in Singapore and beyond. Think free-range chickens raised without antibiotics; line-caught cod from the Canadian waters; and a variety of beef from Australia, Japan and Ireland which were raised in a healthy diet comprising grass, grains and corn.

Chef de cuisine Nathan Griffin helms the kitchen and dishes out an inspired menu, with highlights such as the delicately charred Albrolhos octopus with sweet tomato jam and textural eggplant caviar; and ‘sustainable catch of the day’ served with organic vegetables, ice plant and citrus chimichurri.

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Origin Grill from July 1 to August 31 will receive a complimentary dish*.

8. Brewerkz

Since Seow Tzi Qin became the group executive chef of homegrown brewery and restaurant Brewerkz in 2019, he has made it his life’s mission to offer a menu that is better for the planet. He does this by sourcing ingredients locally, where possible; utilising every part of the ingredient; and expanding the selection of plant-based and vegetarian dishes to reduce carbon footprint. 

Even discarded items used in beer-making are utilised in the preparation of his signature dishes, such as the 3 Cheese Truffle Foccacina. The foccacina—a hybrid of focaccia and pizza—dough incorporates the brewer’s spent grain (BSG), a byproduct of beer brewing. It is stuffed with truffle gouda, mozzarella cheese and porcini paste, and baked until crusty.

There are also no ‘ugly vegetables’ in Seow’s kitchen, as these are made into tasty dishes like the burratina gazpacho—a cold appetiser of tomato soup, chilled berries and balsamic reduction.

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Brewerkz (Orchard Rendezvous Hotel) from July 1 to August 31 will be able to order the exclusive sustainable dish, the burratina gazpacho, with a 10 per cent discount*.

9. Opus Grill & Bar

When Voco Orchard opened in the space of the former Hilton Singapore in Orchard, it also took over Opus Bar & Grill and continued its mission towards a more sustainable future. Thus, head chef Shannon Batten expanded the menu with new additions such as seared tuna carpaccio, saffron seafood risotto and Wagyu short ribs croquette—all prepared using quality beef and responsibly caught seafood, and garnished with herbs and flowers from Opus’ in-house vertical garden.

In a bid to reduce carbon footprint, Batten’s repertoire comprises more vegetarian-friendly options. Highlights include the Impossible beef skewers and Impossible chicken burger—cooked on the grill for a meaty, smoky finish.

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Opus Bar & Grill from July 1 to August 31 will receive a complimentary dessert with every order of their sustainable dishes*.

10. Café Iguana

Also under the Brewerkz Company is Mexican stalwart Café Iguana, who has revamped its menu under group executive chef Seow Tzi Qin. “It is important to incorporate sustainability every step of the way,” he shares, and that is why his expanded menu makes full use of locally sourced produce and non-aesthetically pleasing vegetables (which are usually discarded by retailers due to their ‘ugly’ look) that can be turned into tasty dishes.

This philosophy is evident in dishes like the Red Snapper Al Pastor 2 Ways, which uses fresh fish from homegrown fish farmer Ah Hua Kelong. This fish is served two ways— first is with a piquant mole verde made with pumpkin seeds, tomatillos, green chilli and cilantro, and the second is with a fiery red chilli sauce concocted with Mexican peppers.

Café Iguana, 30 Merchant Road, 01-03 Riverside Point, S(058282), +65 6236 1275

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Cafe Iguana (Riverside Point) will be able to order the exclusive sustainable dish, the Gaia Platter, with a 10 per cent discount*.

11. Cultivate Café

How do you cultivate your soul? For Elsa Van Der Nest, the head chef of vegan restaurant Cultivate Café at Maxwell Reserve Hotel, it is about feeding the body with healthy and flavourful dishes that are made with organic and GMO-free ingredients grown by sustainable farms across the globe. Thus, a meal here often starts with fresh-pressed juices and homemade kombucha using fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as coffee made with premium quality beans sourced directly from coffee farmers.

As for the menu, nature’s bounty takes centre stage with dishes like the organically farmed kale leaves, baked to a crisp and showered with a Maldon and chilli infused salt; and vegan burger, stacked with portobello mushroom, charred roasted peppers and tomato chilli jam.

Cultivate Café, 2 Cook Street, S(078857), +65 6914 1400

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who spend over $40 on their visit will receive one complimentary signature cold-pressed juice This offer is valid from July 1 to September 30*.

12. Caviar

Sustainability is at the core of this caviar-centric restaurant, which showcases up to eight types of responsibly farmed sturgeon roe on its tasting menu. “Our caviar varieties come from the finest purveyors around the world and are selected not only for their great taste and texture but also for the sustainable farming techniques used in producing what remains one of life’s great luxuries,” declares restaurant owner and caviar enthusiast Jason Ong.

Beluga, oscietra and the kaluga queen cross breed caviar serve as the piece de resistance of modern European dishes, which are also made following the restaurant’s zero-waste culinary philosophy. Take, for example, the monkish consommé made from fish bone and house-made garum, a fermented sauce made from the trimmings of the fish, and served with endives, fish liver (made into a pate) and Giaveri white sturgeon caviar.

Caviar, 390 Orchard Road, B1-07 Palais Renaissance, S(238871), +65 9888 1217

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at Caviar from July 1 to August 31 will receive a complimentary glass of champagne. To redeem this offer, please quote “HSBCxTatler” when making your reservation*.

13. Artemis Grill

When you dine at Artemis Grill, you’ll be served amazing views of the CBD alongside an inspired Mediterranean fare made from seasonal vegetables, ethically sourced seafood and grass-fed beef. At the helm is executive chef Oliver Hyde, whose signatures include sustainably wild-caught Fremantle octopus served with stracciatella, green olive, capers and basil; and line-caught roasted barramundi accompanied by bouillabaisse, Komachi rice and wild garlic velouté.

Artemis Grill

Marina District
$ $ $ $

14. Osteria Mozza

Sustainability is at the heart of Italian restaurant Osteria Mozza, which returned to the local dining scene with a new home at Hilton Singapore Orchard. Chef-owner Nancy Silverton shares that the Los Angeles outpost is one of the few restaurants recognised by the Michelin Guide for its active sustainability programme. “We pay great attention to waste and energy management, and how our products are sourced,” shares Silverton.

This DNA naturally extends to the Singapore outlet, where the culinary team only uses responsibly sourced ingredients and sustainably caught seafood. These are transformed into delicious dishes such as the Cencioni, a Singapore-exclusive dish that is made with handmade pasta, Dungeness crab and saffron. From the claws, meat to the belly, every part of the crab is used as stuffing or stock for pasta making. Another signature is the Cacciucco, a classic Tuscan fish stew made with locally sourced seafood like grouper, calamari, red prawns and missels. 

Osteria Mozza, 333 Orchard Rd, Level 5, Hilton Singapore Orchard, S(238867), 6831 6271

15. The Summerhouse

Occupying a gorgeous space in Seleter is The Summerhouse, a modern European restaurant that was opened with the farm-to-table dining concept in mind. “We want to encourage more local sourcing, where less fuel is consumed and less emissions are released in the process of getting the ingredients to the restaurant,” explains a spokesperson. It is better for the planet and for the guests, who’ll be able to enjoy dishes that taste “exceptionally better” and are packed “full of natural vitamins that promote better health”.

One of the sustainable dishes on the menu is the pan-seared sea bass; the fish comes from the restaurant’s kelong partner, Sea Culture, which grows the fish locally and with zero-waste farming methods. Delivered fresh, the sea bass is pan-seared until golden and crisp and served with fennel, cherry tomato and shellfish bisque. The bisque is made using the prawn heads that are often discarded.

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at The Summerhouse from September 1 to 30 will receive a complimentary appetiser*.

The Summerhouse

Other Areas
$ $ $ $

16. Yun Nans

The team at Yun Nans Chinese restaurant recognises the role of chefs and restaurateurs to feed the growing population while protecting our food sources and ensuring longevity. In order to do this, they work with local farmers in Yunnan to source organic ingredients from the Yunnan Highlands. They also try to source locally where possible.

“The sea bass we use comes from a local sustainable farm which uses filtered oxygen-rich ocean water with large swimming space,” shares COO Reuben Chua, who adds that the fish are raised with no hormones and antibiotics. This is used in their signatures like the grilled sea bass with lemongrass, where the fish is marinated in a secret blend of spices and grilled over charcoal to ensure a crisp skin and smoky finish.

Tatler Offer: HSBC card members who dine at any Yun Nans outlet from September 1 to 30 will enjoy a complimentary pomelo salad with osmanthus dressing*.

Yun Nans (multiple outlets), 78 Airport Boulevard, 02-217, Jewel Changi Airport, S(819666), 6908 3677

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