Check out this new space which is home to the island’s largest selection of plant-based alternatives

In the past few years, many of us have become more conscious of the foods and drinks we put in our bodies, thus encouraging us to search for healthier, plant-based alternatives to lessen our meat intake. It is for this reason that Love Handle, which started out as plant-based burger joint under The Ebb & Flow Group, has expanded its business to launch Singapore’s first alternative meat butcher and deli.

“The new Love Handle is about delivering a flavour-packed experience,” explains chef and co-founder Addis Tan, which is why the new two-storey space in Ann Siang Hill is divided into a meatless butchery and deli on the first floor and a casual dining space serving ready-to-eat meals on the second level.

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The meatless butcher is divided into three sections—marinated items, frozen items, and ready-to-eat vegan cold cuts and condiments from popular brands such as Impossible Foods, Tindle and Green Rebel Foods. However, majority of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook vegan meats are developed in-house and have been expanded through years of research.

One of the latest offerings is the Love Handle Brisket, crafted from seitan, or the main protein found in wheat, and beautifully seasoned to achieve the big and smoky flavours as well as the unctuous texture that traditional briskets are known for. Love Handle has also created its own vegan mayo, which is a rich and smooth option to conventional ones; and plant-based ricotta cheese, a healthier but no less delicious option that is crafted with soy milk and lemon juice.

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More vegan products will be offered soon, as the culinary team is taking their time to ensure what they put out in the market is the best version. After all, Tan wants to offer “meat lovers a window into green eating, but first and foremost, I want people to eat our food because it tastes good.”

Love Handle, 8 Ann Siang Hill, S(069788), +65 8886 7112 

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