The pork made from plants will be available in selected restaurants in Hong Kong from October 4, and Singapore in November

With our growing appetite for plant-based meats, Impossible Foods has expanded its repertoire with the launch of Impossible Pork. The alternative pork is made from ingredients such as soy, sunflower and coconut oils, and doesn’t contain gluten nor nitrates. Thus, it makes for a healthier and equally delicious substitute to the real meat thanks to its delicate savoury flavour and umami richness that isn’t gamey nor overpowering.

More than that, its production is better for the environment, and according to an ISO confirming Life Cycle assessment, uses 81 to 85 per cent less water, 66 to 82 per cent less land and generates 73 to 77 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions.

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Impossible Pork will debut on the menu of celebrity chef David Chang’s famed Momofuku Ssam Bar at Pier 17 in New York from today. One of its most popular dishes—the spicy rice cakes—has been updated with the use of Impossible Pork Ragu.

It’s scheduled to launch in Hong Kong on October 4, at more than 100 dining establishments serving a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese and Thai.

In Singapore, we need to wait a bit longer as it will only land on our shores in November. Some restaurants which will carry the Impossible Pork include Privé, PS.Cafe, Da Paolo and Moonbow Dempsey.

Tune in to Tatler Dining to find out what delicious dishes the restaurants will be serving up.

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