Origin Grill

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Mon – Sun 12:00-14:30

The progressive grill offers noteworthy vegetarian alternatives and plant-based dishes

Tatler Says

The stars here are the chef’s cuts—a bespoke selection of purebred Wagyu and Angus steaks, including grain-fed and grass-fed options from Japan, Australia and the US. Most notable is the olive craft Wagyu, which tastes like luxury on a plate. It’s produced only in Shikoku prefecture in Japan, where the cattle are raised on a diet of toasted olives. This results in well-marbled-meat with an intense and caramelised umami taste and astonishingly succulent texture. The quality continues with the seafood, which is wild and line caught. There’s also an outstanding wine list, with over 28 wines by the glass, wines divided by grape varietals and an intriguing selection of rare European wines to delight wine connoisseurs. Service is efficient and cordial.



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