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Located among the greats in the Keong Saik district, Poisson cleverly holds its own with ethically-sourced produce and impeccable flavour combinations

Bukit Pasoh has a new kid on the block. Nestled amongst some of the greats such as Mandala Club and Restaurant Zén is Poisson, a marine-inspired sustainable seafood restaurant that is located in a meticulously restored heritage shophouse. 

Translated to mean fish in French, Poisson certainly has embraced its name both in terms of its decor and menu. Guests are immediately thrust into a marine-themed space complete with a deep-sea diver suit at the entrance and fishermen prints on the walls.

However, unlike typical seafood restaurants, Poisson has already set itself apart especially as the world moves towards more sustainable sources of seafood.

With its selection of some of the finest seasonal produce on hand, Poisson prides itself on sourcing its fish from sustainably certified fish farms and independent, international seafood suppliers. Essentially, the restaurant does the hard work of being environmentally responsible for its consumers.

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Helmed by executive chef Ma Yee Khang and conceptualised by leading restaurateurs Geoffrey Weckx and Pierre Bolly, Poisson boasts a simple but comprehensive menu. The menu is split into two sections with smaller plates in the Cold Stream section and more hearty mains in the Hot Stream. 

A perfect way to kick off the meal is with the Uno, which is part of the Cold Stream menu comprising eight mostly raw or cured seafood dishes that are meant for sharing. The chef’s signature dish features a delicate assembly of uni, smoked negitoro, salmon roe, tamago and seaweed, then served up on a homemade crispy cereal crunch bar.

Another wonderful option is the Ama, comprising locally farmed blue prawns cured in a delicate spring onion-infused oil, and topped with bafun uni and an opulent serving of Kaluga Queen Hybrid Caviar.

While many restaurants do a good prawn tartare dish such as this, what makes it different is the combination of salty and savoury flavours from the uni, caviar and spring onion-infused oil.

Moving on to the Hot Stream section of the menu is seamless, as Khang shows off his skills in transforming the impeccable seafood that arrives fresh in his kitchen daily. 

The Hot Stream certainly stands out as superior with hearty and rustic dishes being served up to guests. 

Begin with the baked turbot on the bone with perfectly charred skin. Known as the Maximus, the fish sits on a base of grey shrimp beurre blanc, roasted vegetables and a grilled bulb of garlic that guests are invited to squeeze over their fish. The flesh is sweet yet savoury, and falls off the bone easily. 

You’ll want to pair this rich turbot with its Toff dish, which features Bottarga twists, hand-peeled mangrove crab and Uni trofie. The unique pasta shape allows for the light sauce to cling delicately to it.

Another option is its grilled squid dish inspired by Netflix’s cult series, Squid Game. Named The Game, this dish is simple in execution but elevated in taste. It boasts grilled squid marinated in garlic and finished off with a tangy onion and tomato puree. 

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Desserts are a selection of sweet creations that complement the seafood dishes. Looking for something on the colder side? You will love the Green Iceberg, an assembly of apple sherbet paired with mixed berries and a reviseur Cognac. 

Another more classic dessert option is the Choco De Coco, a spread of dark chocolate, chestnut and vanilla ice cream—hearty, sweet and delicious. 

While Poisson is certainly competing amongst the greats in Singapore’s food district, it can definitely hold its own in terms of quality and skill. It is well worth a visit if you are craving seafood. 


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